Don't Let Cryptic Crossword Clues Fool You: Intellectual stimulation and mental alertness guaranteed.

Don't Let Cryptic Crossword Clues Fool You: Intellectual stimulation and mental alertness guaranteed.

by John P.Stewart

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Cryptic crosswords are fun but most people are scared of them. The general opinion is “Oh, they are too hard.” Nothing could be further from the truth; once you learn the tricks they are essentially easier to do than the simple daily crosswords you struggle with every day in your daily newspaper. You don’t have to be a university graduate. A second grader can handle cryptic-solving with the proper guidance. You can too, just by following the lessons in this book. Cryptic crosswords are addictive. Once you become interested in them you are hooked. Alcohol, drugs and tobacco are also addictive but these metaphorically fry your brain and destroy your health. A cryptic crossword addiction is good for you. It stimulates your thoughts, sharpens your memory and keeps your mind active. It opens up mental doors to greater understanding of the written text and keeps you mentally alert well into the declining years of old age. Scientists agree that an old mind can learn new tricks and perform intriguing tasks as well as a young mind. Studies have shown that people who remain mentally active reading, writing and doing crossword puzzles tend to stay sharper longer and are less likely to get dementia than people who are less mentally active. A cryptic crossword is actually a simple puzzle set in code or in a form that seems complicated to the straightforward reader. Basically it is a skillful form of wordplay. The coded portion of the clue normally confirms the answer and makes it easier to solve for the connoisseur [you, when you complete all the lessons in this book]. Other E-Books by this author Sex and Hanky-Panky in the Old Folk's Home The 80 Year Old Virgin from Outer Space Loving words inspire inner peace When the tax man shows up at your door; counter attack. Tight fisted Business Ideas

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