Don't Read This Book

Don't Read This Book

by Michael Luketich

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Finally a book that you can feel good about not reading.

Book lovers know the mixture of emotions that comes from a large collection of books. While wonderful to look at, sometimes a full bookshelf can feel as overwhelming as a full inbox. After all, there are so many good books competing for your attention: each book's cover professionally designed to suggest the rewards that could be realized if only you would find the time to read them. It can be exhausting.

While the answer to this conundrum could be buried in yet another book, doing so would only add one more book to your shelf demanding to be read. That's where Don't Read This Book comes in. You get the joy of buying and shelving a new book, with none of the regrets if you never actually get around to reading it. Don't Read This Book does not demand to be read: in fact, it demands not to be read. Imagine how refreshing it would be if an e-mail in your inbox said, "Don't read this e-mail. Ignore it. Read something more important." That same feeling can be yours with Don't Read This Book. Buy the book that can provide the reassurance that comes with knowing that not every book needs to be read and that it's okay to let a book just sit on your bookshelf..

Of course, if curiosity ever gets the better of you and you start reading the book, there are words. Lots of words, all of which are designed to remind you that sometimes the best thing to do is not read a book.

Give it to a friend who could use a reminder that not every book needs to be read. Or leave it on your desk or shelf as a conversation piece.

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ISBN-13: 9781984284778
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/29/2018
Pages: 342
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.71(d)

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Don't Read This Book 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Michael_Taylor More than 1 year ago
Don’t Read this Review Especially if you have not read the book, because you shouldn’t. Especially, especially if you have read the book, because why are you reading even more about the book? Especially, especially, especially if you are the author of the book, because … of reasons. “Hold my beer.” That was my first thought when this book challenged me not to read it. I wish I had my beer back, because after reading the book, I need it. If you are looking for a hard copy of this Book-That-Should-Not-Be-Read, your local book store is unlikely to have a shelf category of books that should not be read. What book store would do that? Instead, this book will probably be filed under humor, which is definitely where it belongs. This book will make you laugh. But so will other books in the humor section, which should all definitely be read before this one. I have heard it said that a million monkeys on a million typewriters in million years will eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. But in the meantime, they will probably produce a lot of questionable material. I think this author has found the hidden warehouse where those monkeys are kept. What a brilliant idea he had to start self-publishing and selling the monkey’s by-products. I want in on that action. Please contact me. I will be your editor. BY. THE. WAY. CHAPTER. L. WAS. A. DIRTY. TRICK. HERE. ARE. THE. CAPITALS. AND. PERIODS. YOU. FORGOT. -------------- In all seriousness, you should buy and read this book. It is hilarious and despite the author’s bests efforts, I did find some meaning in the book. The comments above are intended to get you to buy the book and to spur the author on to write more. When I was reading the book, I kept thinking that this was something that could have been written by Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett. If you know who those guys are, read this book. If you don’t, read something they wrote and if you liked their work, then come back and get this book. But definitely don’t read this book first. Or at all.