Don't Read this Book Tails from the Red Fox

Don't Read this Book Tails from the Red Fox

by Throgmorton Aloysius Malthus


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Don't Read this Book Tails from the Red Fox is a humorous and satirical book encompassing a broad range of political and cultural issues, with an emphasis on the concealment of truth and wisdom. It is really a spoof, "he found humor where there was none. His humor was a constant irritant." A teacher, a retired military officer who runs a bar and restaurant, and a bookstore owner involved in espionage and a NYU student meet and discuss a wide range of issues while drinking fine wine and savoring international gourmet cooking. A trio, a master chessman playing a genetic botanist and his managing legal partner wife simultaneously, overhear the conversations and add their own commentaries after each dinner has finished. Sometimes they get drunk. The book covers a wide range of issues and and brings together a great deal of history and facts..... it is filled with half-truths and half-spoofs but it challenges the reader to participate in a wide variety of issues which he probably should have been involved in. It is meant to have fun.
Topics include Islamic concerns, the Palestinians, the Sunni/Shi'ite world, Tamerlane and Atatürk, the ACLU, discussions about great thinkers and quantum scientists, the new amoral society, the American government as a religion, the chains of Bureaucracy, think tanks, the fear of telling the truth, failure to understand cultures, the "Pleasure Trained Inertia," and much, much more, told in a quizzical and inquisitive manner. the London Paginator described it as, "a new literary genre. I did not find a single verifiable fact in the entire book. It defies all statistical probabilities." The Rock Spring Lariat had this to say, "a definitive book of nonsense. Send me-conscious, drunken drivel at its best."

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ISBN-13: 9781494407544
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/11/2013
Pages: 344
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About the Author

The author is a graduate of Harvard and NYU and his degreed in medicine and has been involved in the practice of psychiatry for forty years. He has experience in all areas including criminology. He has enjoyed being an antiquarian bookseller, a wine enthusiast and enjoys good international food. He is a flop at growing anything that is green but has enjoyed pushing snow with an International Harvester frontloader and building the shelving for 10,000 books. Some would consider him to be a bit of a "character," much like the characters in his book. He has reviewed cultural, political and economic issues which most people do not have time to do. The contrast between alleged goals and observed facts leads to a good deal of pathos and whimsical humor.

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