Don't Tell the Band [DVD Audio]

Don't Tell the Band [DVD Audio]

by Widespread Panic

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Don't Tell the Band [DVD Audio]

As the years roll by, Widespread Panic refine their artistry impervious to trend or fashion. On their seventh album, the veteran ensemble settles into a groove within the first few seconds and never lets up through 12 tracks that burn with roots rock, Latin, jazz fusion, grunge, melodic folk, and soul. Displaying more polish than previous releases, each musician shines on this collection that gives fans what they come to expect from one of the best jam bands to emerge after the demise of the Grateful Dead and the decline of the Allman Brothers Band. Up in the mix from start to finish, Dave Schools' irresistibly funky bass anchors "Big Wooly Mammoth" and "Imitation Leather Shoes" with staccato figures and crispy riffs. John Herman and Michael Houser solo with the delicate urgency of Bill Evans and Carlos Santana, respectively, especially on the opening cut, "Little Lilly." Domingo Ortiz and Todd Nance propel the tunes with polyrhythms and multiple percussive textures that subtly embellish each melody and chord change. Vocalist John Bell croons, growls, and raps while waxing poetic about personal relationships and astute observations of the world around him. The hooks on "Sometimes" recall the tunefulness of 1970s AM radio, while the country-blues of "Old Joe," the title track, and "Down" slip on like a comfortable pair of old cowboy boots. The members of Widespread Panic are pros and they reap the benefits of longevity with a jewel of an album. [Among the various versions of Don't Tell the Band was this DVD Audio set featuring five live bonus tracks.]

Product Details

Release Date: 06/01/2004
Label: Silverline
UPC: 0676628824092
catalogNumber: 288240


Disc 1

  1. Little Lilly
  2. Give
  3. Imitation Leather Shoes
  4. This Part of Town
  5. Sometimes
  6. Thought Sausage
  7. Down
  8. Big Wooly Mammoth/Tears of a Woman
  9. Casa del Grillo
  10. Old Joe
  11. Action Man
  12. Don't Tell the Band
  13. Action Man
  14. Chilly Water (Part 1)
  15. Please
  16. Chily Water (Part 2)
  17. C. Brown

Disc 2

  1. Action Man
  2. Chilly Water, Pt. 1
  3. Pleas
  4. Chilly Water, Pt. 2
  5. C. Brown

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Widespread Panic   Primary Artist
Randall Bramblett   Tenor Saxophone
John Hermann   Keyboards,Vocals,Group Member
Michael Houser   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
John Keane   Pedal Steel Guitar,Guitar Effects
Todd Nance   Drums,Vocals,Group Member
Domingo Ortiz   Percussion,Group Member
Dave Schools   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Jannelle Guillot   Voiceover

Technical Credits

Widespread Panic   Composer
John Keane   Producer,Engineer
John Trickett   Executive Producer
Doug Trantow   Producer,Engineer
Flournoy Holmes   Artwork
Bob Michaels   Executive Producer
Jeff Dean   Executive Producer
Chuck Ybarra   Graphic Design
Kristian Storli   Authoring
Kehni Davis   Quality Control
Ed Crawford   Composer

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