Don't Trust the Cut

Don't Trust the Cut

by Kade Boehme



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ISBN-13: 9781623002862
Publisher: Loose Id
Publication date: 05/30/2014
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.49(d)

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Don't Trust the Cut 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This author continues to surprise me with his ability to write but with every book it just gets better and better!!!
PandoraEames1 More than 1 year ago
Don't Trust the Cut. I am afraid that this book has no positives that I can emphasize in a review. Instead, it is 208 slow-moving pages. Aside from two sex scenes that each span an entire chapter, the action is limited to the main characters meeting in restaurants and at house parties. They discuss their feelings or receive advise on their relationship from friends. The conflict is weak. It consists of a thirty year-old man staying in the closet to avoid his mother’s disapproval. Though his military career is already concluded, he keeps a fake girlfriend, who causes trouble. When that problem suddenly resolves, there are still fifty pages of heavy, suicidal, self-hating angst. This grows from a big misunderstanding. True, Tucker has mental health issues, but as written, his refusal to communicate comes across as a contrivance to prolong the plot. There is so much good m/m fiction for sale now that I have grown used to excellent writing. What surprises me here is the weakness of the plotting. Also the flimsiness of the edit, which failed to stop typos (see the third quote below). And there is the basic awkwardness of the writing: “When his honey brown eyes landed on Jesse’s stare…” “That didn’t stop him from descending on Tucker’s lips.” “…if he didn’t admitted it was because they’d slept together.” “He ground their hardnesses against each other again.” “Tucker accented his last words with a sharp tone that made Allison bristle visibly.” “Their tongues clashed and danced with each other.” “She opened the door and made a rather grand exit.” Overall, the book is not without hope, but it reads like an apprentice piece. There are better books to spend your time and money on. Probably it should have been put aside as a learning experience while the author tackled a new project with more to offer the reader. But this book reads as if not ready for publication. (Book received in exchange for an honest review. Review written for Dark Divas Reviews.)
h2olvr More than 1 year ago
bookshelves: grabs-my-heart, fav-authors, graphic-sex-violence, have-not-recovered-yet, m-m, made-me-angry, made-me-cry, made-me-smile, challenged-physically-mentally-mc Read from October 19 to 20, 2015 EMOTIONAL! Tucker has severe emotional problems and deep feelings of inadequacies due to being battered and rejected by prior lover and his father. He is open about being gay. His memories of his deceased mother are the only kindness of his childhood. He is fragile. His best friend is Allison. It was refreshing to have such a wonderful female character. We all could use a BFF like Allison. She is protective of Tucker. Jesse has just been discharged from the military after spending a year in the hospital recovering from war wounds. He misses the military. He has always hid that he is a gay man because he loved being in the military. He has had a beard for years, Miranda. She knows he is gay. Very little of their six years together have actually been spent in the same place. I had problems with his beard also being a sexual release. Miranda appears to be in her own world thinking that she and Jesse have a real relationship, but Jesse, a strong military type, not only doesn't stand up to her but goes along with her plan. I wanted to shake some sense into him. I just want to shake her. She was manipulative. If I had been Allison or Tucker I would have never let her in my home. I would never have gone to hers. There was no friendship there. It seemed strange that strong, protective Allison would have agreed to try this friendship. Other reviewers have dished this story because of cheating. Jesse has been true to his beard for years. He meets Tucker and then have a heated kiss. Technically cheating, I know, but I did not have a problem with it since the beard knew what she was. Jesse was an idiot. When he saw Tucker at a party, he was smitten (old word but appropriate). The man slowly scanned the crowd, and when his honey-brown eyes landed on Jesse's stare. Jesse couldn't look away. Pow! Crack! was all he could hear in his head as a flame started to ignite between them. He could see a light pink blush creep into the other man's face. How cute. Jesse felt a warmth spread throughout his body as they continued to look at each other. Miranda's sudden reappearance broke the spell. Jesse saw the other man's long, dark lashes flutter, and look away, clearly embarrassed at the sight of her nearly crawling into Jesse's lap. Jesse almost impulsively threw her off to go comfort the other man, who was now swallowed by more well-wishers. Jesse's and Tucker's relationship developed slowly. I liked that. I thought Tucker should have been under professional help from the beginning. When he did receive it, I question the counselor not allowing Jesse or Allison telling Tucker the truth about the things that disturbed him. There were no easy nor quick fixes to Tucker or Jesse. They struggled. It was uncertain if they could ever find the internal safe places that would allow them to be together. As I said at the beginning this was a very emotional book. The last third had me in tears. Kade Boehme can make me cry and make me laugh. This was worth the emotional roller coaster ride.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago