Don't Waste Your Talent: The 8 Critical Steps To Discovering What You Do Best

Don't Waste Your Talent: The 8 Critical Steps To Discovering What You Do Best

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Don't Waste Your Talent: The 8 Critical Steps To Discovering What You Do Best by Bob McDonald, PH. D., Don E. Hutcheson

Revised Second Edition- Study after study reaches the same conclusion - in America today, it's not who you are but what you are. More and more CEO's are graduating from public universities instead of the Ivy League. But how do you know what you are? How do you know the talents you have? How do you determine what job or profession is right for you? Now, there's a book that gives you all the answers. Newly revised by Lazar Emanuel, lawyer and CEO of the Highlands Co., and Tom Tavantzis,Ed.D., Director of Organizational Psychology Studies at St. Joseph's University, this seminal work by Bob McDonald,Ph.D., and Don Hutcheson, tells you how to discover your hard-wired talents and move towards your ultimate goal - contentment, fulfillment and increased productivity.
Every one of us is born with the ability to be great at something. The secret lies in identifying that ability and using it. McDonald and Hutcheson asked hundreds of successful people: what made you successful? Everyone's story was different, but one answer was the same for all - all successful people create and are guided by a clear personal vision - an accurate and precise picture of the work that expresses their talents best. This remarkable book holds the key to success - identify your natural talents and work where you can use them. Long-term research shows that when people focus on their natural abilities and follow a strategic plan based on a strong personal vision, they experience the profound and lasting benefits of reduced stress, more overall balance, decreased burnout and greater satisfaction. Don't Waste Your Talent provides the link to your niche in life. It opens doors to a more productive career and to the satisfaction of knowing that you're using your talents to the fullest.

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ISBN-13: 9780975511237
Publisher: The Highlands Company
Publication date: 11/04/2005
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 253
Sales rank: 1,032,305
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About the Author

Don Hutcheson graduated from Emory University with a degree in Russian language and literature. He was a co-founder and first president of the company which is now known as the Highlands Company. Don developed a tool that would enable people to identify their abilities, combine them with seven other Personal Development Factors and form a Personal Vision leading to success and fulfillment. That tool was the Highlands Ability Battery. Don wrote DON’T WASTE YOUR TALENT with Bob McDonald to tell you how knowledge of your abilities can help you to build your Personal Vision.

Bob McDonald, Ph.D., received his M.A. and doctorate degrees from the University of Tennessee. Bob was co-founder of Highlands. After teaming up with Don Hutcheson, he looked into and tested every single service, test or process that claimed to help people at critical life-decision stages to make sound career-enhancing choices. Finally, he became convinced that no service tackled the Whole Person or integrated a person’s hard-wired abilities into a life-long Personal Vision. Using his broad background in life-stages consultation, Bob integrated several processes into a program designed to give people a reliable map for the future. That program is described in DON’T WASTE YOUR TALENT.

Lazar Emanuel, CEO and part-owner of the Highlands Company, is a graduate of Harvard Law School and one of the three founding partners of the major NY law firm now known as Cowan, Liebowitz and Latman. Since becoming CEO of Highlands, Lazar has introduced many innovations in abilities assessment, including the first on-line assessment of human abilities

Tom Tavantzis, Ed.D, a licensed psychologist, is Director of Organizational Development and Leadership Programs at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. He is president of Innovative Management Development (IMD), of PA, P.C., a coaching and consulting service in leadership and team coaching that Tom and his wife developed in 1986. He has devoted more than 28 years to facilitating executive and leadership roles at various psychological centers, and has held several faculty positions at American and Greek universities. As educator, consultant, coach, therapist and workshop leader, he has been described as “creative, insightful, challenging and supportive.” He conducts workshops in leadership, talent, conflict, feedback, and team effectiveness.

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