by Jonathan Gould

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BN ID: 2940011200267
Publisher: Jonathan Gould
Publication date: 02/06/2011
Series: Adventures of Neville Lansdowne
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Jonathan Gould is a Melbourne-based writer and doodler. He calls his stories "dag-lit" because they're the sort of stories that don't easily fit into the standard genres. Some might think of them as comic fantasies, or modern fairytales for the young and the young-at-heart. Over the years, his writing has been compared to Douglas Adams, Monty Python, A.A. Milne, Lewis Carroll, the Goons, Dr Seuss and even Enid Blyton (in a good way).

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Doodling 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Katya_Sozaeva More than 1 year ago
On its surface, "Doodling" is a surreal and rather silly story about a man named Neville who, upon losing his grip on the ever-more-rapidly spinning Earth, falls off and winds up in an asteroid field. After meeting several very strange people on different asteroids - and a failed attempt to set up his own country, which he calls Bolivia, on his own asteroid with the large rock 27 meters to his right as president - he stumbles across the lovely Helen. Helen has created a garden on her asteroid, which she tends constantly in order to maintain it against the effects of outer space. She also warns him that the Earth, which continues to increase its insane pace, is about to snap free of gravity and will go through the asteroid field like a bowling ball through pins - but with a much more serious effect, since the Earth will disintegrate everything in its path. Neville must come up with a way to stop this disaster. I said "on its surface," because underneath, "Doodling" is anything but silly - there are deeper meanings here. There are messages about the dangers of the ever-increasing pace of life; about the need to cease the sort of divisiveness that currently has caused so many wars based upon ridiculous things like who has the better deity; about how the need to constantly win brings nothing but wheel-spinning; about the need for people to learn to put aside their differences, embrace the unique abilities of others, and work together for the common good. And Mr. Gould has squeezed all of these ideas into a very entertaining and well-written novella. My hat is off to this most talented writer, and I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone - if you like to read, you will love this book. BUY IT - NOW! You will not regret your decision.
ABookVacation More than 1 year ago
This short novella has many aspects that make it utterly absurd, an aspect that I believe middle grade readers, and even the younger end of young adult readers, will really enjoy. I, myself, am not really a lover of the absurd or fantastical, however, I understand its appeal for those who just want to read something interesting and not have to find deep meaning behind every single book they pick up. The English teacher in me, of course, wants to discuss how this novella is actually a clever metaphor for the world in which we live, with our fast-paced lives and ridiculous “first world” problems, but I will refrain because I can just see my students cringing as I launch into it, them telling me to just enjoy the story and stop picking it apart… just know it’s there, and going into the reading knowing that makes it much more fun for readers like me. Overall, this is a very well written novella (with a deep-rooted meaning) and, as I said previously, I believe that younger readers will really enjoy the fantastical aspect of it all.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This game is spectacular
bonnie_lamer_blogspot_com More than 1 year ago
When the world is going so fast you can no longer keep up with it, you sometimes have to simply let go. That’s what Neville did. He let go. Floating out into space to an asteroid field, Neville finds others who for whatever reason had also let go or had fallen off. There he might find a place for himself. If he can just stop the impending destruction of it all. Can the concept of religion be reduced to the worship of kitchen appliances? Can self-centered, oblivious people be led towards caring about the greater good? Can those who only want to float through life experiencing the happy moments and ignoring the bad be convinced to look at the bigger picture? According to Jonathan Gould, all of these things can happen. In Doodlings, Jonathan Gould creates the story of a man who just wants to live a simple life. He wants to be able to enjoy the small joys and stop having to run all the time. People are so busy trying to keep up with the world that the little things in life are all but lost. But as much as Neville wants this simple life, he has trouble finding his place amongst the asteroids. All that changes when the unthinkable is about to happen and he is driven to prevent it. He convinces those with differences in how they worship and who or what they worship to work together. He helps some of the characters see past themselves. Others, he must accept the fact that they are simply incapable of being helpful on their own and figure out how to make that work for the greater good. As for himself, he figures out there is more to him than he once thought. He may have not been born to lead, but he proves that when there is a need, he knows how to step up to the challenge and save the day. In a Douglas Adams style where the absurd can happen and does, Doodlings is a short story about hope. Maybe there is hope that one day, despite our differences, we can slow the world down and work together to solve its problems. I would certainly like to see that happen. I thank the author for a review copy and I give the book 4 stars.
MollyzReviewz More than 1 year ago
Okay. Let's be honest here. Books called Doodling and Flidderbugs? Seriously? That's what I thought in the beginning. But, sitting down to read these fast reads, well, I quickly changed my opinion on them. I'm super glad that I had the chance to partake in this blog tour for Mr. Gould's delightful reads! Neville and Kriffle are both characters that will take you on an adventurous, humorous journey into a fantasy world. Readers young and old will enjoy these reads, and quite frankly, be excited to see if Mr. Gould will write another like them (or at least this reader is excited!). In Doodling, the reader is introduced to Neville....a character who has fallen off the world, or as Mr. Gould put it, simply let go of the world and is now traveling through the universe, making new friends with interesting people, learning new ways to look at life. It's definitely a fantasy universe and often, it's very humorous. It's a wonderful fast read,especially for those of us who are always running ragged and never stopping to simply take a moment to breath. It's a delightful story! In Flidderbugs, we meet Kriffle. Gould dubs this book a political satire, or modern fable, and I would have to honestly agree with him. It's a story bugs that do battle in a tree (think a little bit of Dr. Suess here....). Children and adults will both enjoy this story of coming to terms with what is obvious. It's a battle of political rights and wrongs, a battle of yes or nos. Is this tribe of bugs right about their side of the tree, or that tribe of bugs the correct party on their side of the tree. It was definitely interesting to see how the story turned out and the great buggy characters are uniquely charming! I can definitely say that these books are highly recommend with 4 Book ratings. I am glad to have had the chance to read them, and I look forward to seeing if Mr. Gould makes more like this. They aren't long reads, less than 75 pages a piece, and would be great for that settling in for the night read, or an interesting new bed time story to tell your children. Great job, Mr. Gould! This review originated at Reviews By Molly in part with a blog tour.
Reviews-ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Author Anna del C. Dye. for Readers Favorite This is a really creative and cool book for children and all those who like books like ¿The Little Lame Prince.¿ It is divided into small chapters and written especially for kids under twelve. It relates a whimsical type of tale that will enthrall young ones during reading time. It is well done and keeps the right level throughout its pages. This tale will become a favorite of many children, teachers, and parents alike. Neville Lansdowne is just a pre-teen boy who falls off his world as the planet becomes so fast paced that he can¿t hold on anymore. Because the twirling of the world becomes faster and faster, many people have done the same, and, like him, have slid off and made their homes in the nearby asteroid corridor. Neville decides to make one of the asteroids his home too and goes exploring each one. In them he finds many people who are quite different both mentally and ideologically from him. This perplexes young Neville immensely. All his dreams of a quiet home for himself come to an end when he realizes that the world¿s twirling would snap the planet from its orbit to make it crash into the asteroids, killing the people who live there. Now he has to do something, but what? I enjoyed this tale full of metaphors that jumps from one thing to another with a great appeal. This kind of writing may appear strange to some readers, yet they will enjoy the feel of it and will soon love it. This story is clean and fun. I recommend it for good readers from eight-years-old up.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beeshon More than 1 year ago
This is one of those short stories you read from start to finish with a big smile across your was quirky, funny, imaginative, oddball and ingenious. What do you do when everything in life is going too quickly for you? The world seems to be making you run too fast and you just want to shout, 'Stop the world, I want to get off'? You do exactly what Neville did. You just get off. Yes, you read correctly, you just get off the world, it couldn't be simpler. Indeed there are minor details to attend to - you have to find somewhere to live and goodness me, there are some jolly strange asteroids out there with all sorts of bizarre and eccentric people on them. Not only that, while you are asteroid-hunting, you certainly don't suddenly want to find yourself having to find a way to stop with the world escaping its orbit and hurtling into the asteroid field. There are so many delightful elements to this short story, if I explained them all it would give far too much away. I will say, though, that it's uplifting and entertaining, and it's a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours in the company of toasterless inhabitants of an asteroid (have you any idea what it's like to live without a toaster?), a young lady who wants a book but can't read and I'm still wondering when I can go and celebrate the unmissable Venezuelan Alpaca Milking festival. Not only that, I'd love to put my finger on Everest's tip and give the world a gentle nudge. This is probably beginning to sound like I've had a glass too many of the red find out whether this makes any sense, I advise you to be magically entertained for an hour or two with Neville and his asteroid-resident friends. You will love it.
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Neville is struggling to get through the fast paced world when he is suddenly thrown off. When he realizes what happens, he makes his was to an asteroid field. He wants to claim one of the asteroids as his new home. On the first asteroid, he draws out the border of his little world and names it. But then he realizes that someone is going to have to run his world since he doesn't want to be in a position of power. After appointing a rock as the leader, he leaves the asteroid and starts wandering around the asteroid belt. He meets a group of people that worship a toaster. Then he meets a lady on a strange asteroid that goes everywhere but in a straight line. When he stumbles upon a little paradise run by an astophysist, he learns that the world is spinning so fast that it is going to fall off it's orbit and go straight through the asteroid belt. Now Neville has to find some way to stop that from happening. This was a cute little story. I loved the different people that Neville meets and what keeps them entertained. It shows how everything is going by so fast that sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses. Neville, the reluctant leader, even steps up. I'm going to keep my eyes out for more stories from Jonathan Gould. I received this book for free from the author.
Coreena More than 1 year ago
I loved this story! It was fun, well written and imaginative. Doodling is a short book of 36 pages about a man named Neville who finds the world is moving too fast and he cannot keep up any more, so he jumps off into an asteroid belt where he meets a variety of different characters. This is a type of cautionary tale, with the silly, funny story of Neville roaming through the asteroid belt trying to figure out a way to stop the world from crashing into them. Then there is the allegorical story, with its deeper meaning and engaging questions about human beings and their priorities. Gould questions in a simple way why and how we do things, but is not preachy or judgemental. I found his writing to be observant, witty and engaging. Doodling is well worth the read, especially if you want something different and thoughtful, as well as a good laugh. It will entertain and get you to think at the same time.
Icecream18 More than 1 year ago
This novel may sounds silly, but it really holds plenty deeper meanings in the form of allusions, metaphors, and similes. Neville is the main character, he falls into an asteroid field and proceeds to attempt to create his own country, Bolivia, and meet a pretty girl gardening on her asteroid, Helen. The novel is both slow in some "deeper" areas and fast in the necessary parts. The author cleverly inserts little lessons for his reader. He writes of the fast-paced, no-nonsense and no-smelling-the-roses life style that affects so many today, he speaks of how unknown deities inadvertently cause wars, etc... This book is recommended for readers who enjoy novels containing life lessons.