Doorway of Darkness [the Axiom-man Saga, Book 2]: A Superhero Novel

Doorway of Darkness [the Axiom-man Saga, Book 2]: A Superhero Novel

by A. P. Fuchs


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Doorway of Darkness [the Axiom-man Saga, Book 2]: A Superhero Novel by A. P. Fuchs

Gabriel Garrison's secret identity has been compromised.

A mysterious anonymous letter promises to reveal he is Axiom-man unless he bows down to the sender's demands.

And the timing cannot have been worse.

Redsaw has become more powerful than when Axiom-man battled him on what has become known as Black Saturday, and he has determined to attain unstoppable power through the only means he knows how: murder.

Chaos ensues and as the air is saturated with the stench of blood, Axiom-man must find the means to stop Redsaw before the whole world is swallowed in a web of death.

Complicating matters, something strange is happening to Axiom-man's powers. The abilities he has put his faith in have changed.

As time runs out and city streets are overrun with carnage and fear, Axiom-man is pushed to his breaking point as he tries to stop the madman's reign of terror, while also trying to discover what is happening to his powers and how they tie into a supernatural event that took place over five hundred years before.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781897217696
Publisher: Coscom Entertainment
Publication date: 07/28/2007
Pages: 392
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.87(d)
Age Range: 14 Years

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Doorway of Darkness: A Superhero Novel [Axiom-man Saga Book 2] 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Runeby More than 1 year ago
Arch-nemesis, Redsaw, has dire plans for Winnipeg and the rest of the world, but his protagonist, Axiom-man, stands ready to defend. A.P. Fuchs ushers the reader on a nonstop thrill-ride, where the forces of light and darkness collide in epic proportions. This time round, Axiom-man will face his greatest foe, but will his greatest foe be too much to handle? Only one way to find out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I read the first two Axiom-man books, I wondered where the story could go from there. I wondered how expansive the world would become after several books and how brooding the atmosphere would be. I didn't have to wait long. Doorway to Darkness takes place literally days after the events in the first book, Axiom-man. We basically pick up around the time of a funeral and Gabriel Garrison loses his 'day job'. On top of that, someone has figured out his true identity and is blackmailing him into doing a good deed. On the flip side of the coin, Oscar Owen is dealing with a brewing entity inside him that instructs him to don the Redsaw suit and commit horrific acts of murder. The more murders committed, the closer he becomes to opening the mysterious Doorway to Darkness. Now, on top of the two central plots, you have several other things going on. Valerie is dating an old flame that broke her years ago, and Jack Gunn is trying to pull strings to develop a task force to deal with the new super-powered threat. There are even flashbacks to 200 years ago and telling the tale of superpowered beginnings. What A.P. Fuchs has done is created an entire mythology around Axiom-man that spans centuries. From telling origin stories from hundreds of years ago thus setting up events in the future, Fuchs has created his own legacy with Axiom-man. The difference between Doorway of Darkness and the previous two installments is that this truly feels like the beginning. The other two stories are great and needed to set things up, but Doorway really feels like the beginning of a much bigger journey. The writing style has changed from the previous books and seems much more mature and darker in tone. That's not a knock against the previous installments, because they were absolutely great. It's simply a change of tone or pace for the series, because things get dark and brooding very fast. There is also a 'grand scale' feeling to the story that seems to open up page by page. The book is filled with violent imagery and Fuchs has truly set up a menacing world in which to test his character and push him to the limits. From gristly and horrific murders committed by Redsaw to the contents of the Doorway of Darkness, Axiom-man is truly in over his head. That's the appealing part of Axiom-man: as the reader, you basically learn with him. As he discovers his powers and strengths, we learn how he's able to do them through his own discoveries. We feel the emotional struggle as to love a girl and can't have her and the turmoil of constantly trying to do what's right. Gabriel as Axiom-man is truly the classic broken down character that we all can relate to. He deals with everyday issues that single guys around the world deal with daily, but he also deals with managing a secret superpowered identity. It is in these struggles that Gabriel draws his strength, which is a true testament to this character. No matter what he goes through, he nevers gives in to the temptation to quit, and he always remains true to who he is. We all can take a lesson from this character. Doorway of Darkness is truly a magnificent read and you won't be disappointed when you do. The only downside is that in order to understand and enjoy Doorway, you need to pick up the first two installments. That's not a bad problem, because they're excellent books. It's just that if you're ready to jump in to where it all takes off, you can't because you need the setup installments. However, once you get to Doorway, you'll be glad you read the first two. They set up the wonderful characters that you really come to appreciate in Doorway and give you understanding as to why everything is happening to whom. By reading the first two books, you'll only appreciate Doorway of Darkness that much more. All in all, I was extremely pleased with Doorway of Darkness and can't wait until the next Axiom-man installment. The Axiom-man saga has definately won me over and I'm eagerly awaiting mor