Dostoyevsky: A Life of Contradiction

Dostoyevsky: A Life of Contradiction

by Judith Gunn


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Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s life and literature are still potent today, nearly two hundred years after his birth. He is credited with writing some of the greatest novels of all time; a compatriot of Tolstoy and a contemporary of Dickens, his struggle for recognition was long and difficult. He suffered from severe epilepsy and an addiction to gambling, and in 1849 was only moments away from execution before he received a reprieve and was instead imprisoned in Siberia.In his writing he offended and delighted in equal measure, recounting his own experience of prison with dark humour and wit in The House of the Dead and never losing his fascination with real-life crime. His novels ranged from the gritty social realism of Crime and Punishment to the fantasy of The Double, as well as the world-renowned Brothers Karamazov.From revolutionary to reactionary, enemy of the state to tutor of the Tsar’s children, Dostoyevsky’s story is one of turbulent change and contradiction. This biography explores his life and work, recounting his personal struggles with deadlines, debt, marriage and memories, and revisiting and revitalising his outstanding contribution to literature and how his writing is reflected and translated in the media today.

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ISBN-13: 9781445658476
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2017
Pages: 296
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About the Author

Judith Gunn began her career working for BBC radio as a researcher, producer and writer. She has published biographies, a film novelisation, co-writes and has written film education books for Auteur. She attended Bristol University and lived in East Africa and Northern Australia before moving to north London, where she spent twenty years working, writing and raising children. She taught Media and English for fourteen years and now writes full time.

Table of Contents

Foreword 8

1 The Poorhouse 10

2 The Cycle of Violence 23

3 The Glimmer of Hope 33

4 Doppelgangers and Dreamers 49

5 Arrest 66

6 The Shadow of the Executioner 82

7 Reprieve 92

8 The Wives of Tobolsk 97

9 The 'Unfortunates' 104

10 Freedom in Exile 115

11 Love and Marriage 123

12 The Tower of Babel 132

13 Underground Man 141

14 Loss 155

15 The Raising of Raskolnikov 164

16 The Gambler 178

17 A Superfluous Man 187

18 Faith and Fascism 195

19 Possessed 202

20 Debts and Credit 219

21 The Dream 226

22 Expansion 236

23 The Dark Opinions 241

24 The Brothers 246

25 A Writer for Our Time 263

End Notes 270

Bibliography 281

Index 285

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