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Double Foul: 'The First Stone' and 'One By One'

Double Foul: 'The First Stone' and 'One By One'

by Michael James Stewart


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'Double Foul' contains the two latest murder-mystery-solving challenges of the exceedingly wealthy Faison Quay VI. In allowing these stories to be told, Faison Quay granted unlimited access to confidential files, recordings, family, friends and staff involved in those events.

'The First Stone', the fourth in the Faison Quay mystery series, is based on the files of the world famous Faison Quay's exploits solving crimes, which directly or indirectly involve friends, it is unlike any of the other Faison Quay murder mystery series because of its' uniquely 'dark' edge.
Faison Quay's friend, Detective Sergeant Gregor Ferguson, of the Toronto Police Service, is initially assigned to investigate the discovery of a man's body, which had been found in a City of Toronto garbage bin outside the Abbey of Perpetual Blessings. In spite of discovering the man had been missing for twenty-seven years, Gregor is ordered to stop the investigation when the Coroner announces the cause of death to be Cancer.
Not satisfied that he must abandon the case, but unable to officially continue investigating, Gregor asks Faison Quay if he will continue. Faison agrees and immediately involves the full force of one of his many companies, Key Security International, to assist.
Faison Quay quickly discovers a web of nefarious situations that only he can bring to bay.

'One By One', is the fifth in the Faison Quay mystery series. When a series of natural and accidental deaths causes the thirteenth Duke of Exeter to become a recluse and fear that he will be next to die. Each time he experiences chest pains, his doctor accuses him of imagining them or becoming a hypochondriac and his children are certain he is overreacting or, even worse, entering senility.

The arrival of his dear friends the world-famous Faison Quay, VI, and Dr. Stark Redfearne affords His Grace the opportunity to confide his fears to his guests and enlist their help in proving him correct.

Faison calls upon his wits and wealth to unravel the seemingly unrelated deaths and solve, before it is too late, why The Duke of Exeter's friends are dying One By One.

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ISBN-13: 9781461058540
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/22/2011
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Michael James Stewart was raised in an eclectic home; his father, a well-known doctor who loved being involved in politics and a number of assorted businesses, while his mother, an accomplished concert pianist, filled their home with Chopin and Liszt. Together, his parents introduced his two sisters and him, at a young age, to all branches of the arts, along with world travel; and, in the process, to fascinating people from all walks of life.

All of that is combined, by Michael, with his innate and eclectic disciplines in structural design, international finance, etiquette and manners consulting, motivational speaker and Cordon Bleu Chef, in each of his five iconic Faison Quay murder mysteries, newly published Clod To Suave Etiquette Training Manual and three stage comedies, Frozen In Time, Up The Down Escalator, and Elevator To Heaven.
Michael's wonderful characters have been embraced by his ever-growing base of dedicated readers from throughout the world, who also feel they are actually amid each of the stories. Hopefully you will feel the same.

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