Double Her Pleasure

Double Her Pleasure

by Randi Alexander


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Double Her Pleasure by Randi Alexander

Megan Shore had spent a fantasy week in Chicago with two of the sexiest men she'd ever met. Now she's a guest on their ranch, and the McGatlin brothers, Trey and Garret, are heating up their ménage under the bright Texas sun. But when strange messages and mysterious gifts begin appearing, Megan fears the threat from her past has followed her from Canada.

Trey and Garret McGatlin decided they wanted Megan for more than just that mind-blowing week in Chicago. Now that she's with them on the Silver Spur, they're thinking long-term. But she's spooked by a past that won't leave her alone and by people's questions about their relationship. Will Megan bolt for home, or can they assure her she's safe as well as desired in their bed?

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ISBN-13: 9781496163158
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/05/2014
Pages: 174
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.37(d)

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Randi Alexander knows a modern woman dreams of an alpha cowboy who takes the reins, and guarantees they're rode hard and put up satisfied.

Published with Cleis Press, Wild Rose Press, and self-published, Randi writes smokin' hot romance with heroes who'll have you begging to ride off into the sunset with them. When she's not dreaming of, or writing about, rugged cowboys, Randi is biking trails along remote rivers, snorkeling the Gulf of Mexico, or practicing her drumming in hopes of someday forming a tropical rock-band.

Forever an adventurous spirit with a naughty imagination, Randi is also family oriented and married to the best guy in the world, her own cowboy, Kick. Give in to the allure of erotic passion, strong but vulnerable heroines, and irresistibly seductive cowboys, as Randi's emotional love stories sweep you off your feet and leave you breathless with passion.

Saddle up! And prepare yourself for the sexier side of happily ever after.

Randi Alexander loves to connect with her readers! Say "Howdy" at, sign up for her newsletter at, and fall head over spurs for her cowboys at

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Double Her Pleasure 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
JennieF More than 1 year ago
Oh…so….HOT…continued, Book 2 Double Her Pleasure This story is a continuation of Double Her Fantasy now will Trey and Garrett show Megan they can Double Her Pleasure??? Megan has never done anything like this and though she is attracted to both men she is not sure she can choose…..will taking her to their ranch in Texas give them more time to win her over or will signs start showing up that her stalker has found her???? ARC copy for honest review with no compensation, received the four books in this series and reviewing each separately.
MarySM More than 1 year ago
Double Her Pleasure by Randi Alexander does not disappoint. It’s the second book in the Double Seduction Series, and continues the story of the McGatlin brothers and Megan, and is just as hot, if not hotter, than the first book. There’s more back story on the danger to Megan and when it started. There’s also more insight into the characters, especially Trey and Garret, as Megan gets to see more similarities between the two with Trey’s passionate side and Garret does actually seem to have a sensitive side. I didn’t think I could like the two heroes any better after book one, but I do. The depth of their character and honor becomes more apparent with how they treat the danger to Megan. Trey and Garret are hotter than hot, and their chemistry with Megan is off the charts. New characters also enter as Patty and Derrick Sr., the brother’s parents, visit the ranch. The characters remain true to themselves and true to life. The relationship dynamic begins to change as the brothers develop deeper feelings for Megan, and her for both of them. The reader could stop with this book, but I can’t wait to read Double Her Temptation, book 3 in the series and find out how the parents all react to the news of their children’s complicated relationship, and if Megan’s stalker is caught. All in all, Double Her Pleasure is a fantastic read and I highly recommend it. I received a copy of this title for an honest review.
MeganRC More than 1 year ago
*THIS IS A REVIEW OF THE ENTIRE DOUBLE SEDUCTION SERIES* This was a great little story. It is definitely and erotica and full of hot ménage scenes that will get your blood pumping. The story line was great with some romance, some suspense, and some totally hot alpha males. Megan is a famous graphic artist with her own comic book series. She’s become of recluse over the years, only venturing out once a year for the annual comic book convention. Trey and Garret are brothers from a Texas farm but Garret is also a famous actor while Trey runs the farm back home. They run into Megan at the same hotel and it’s instant attraction. I loved how unique each character was however there were also similarities between the brothers. Megan seems to balance them out and bring out the best in each brother’s personality while they help her to shore up her confidence.  Even though most would consider this a very unusual relationship, it was fun to read about. The author did a wonderful job at not only giving the reader lots of hot scenes to dream about later, but also a relationship they have to work on and also outside issues to deal with. This was a fast series to read since all four books are short stories so I read the whole thing in a few hours. However, it was an awesome read and has definitely put this author on my to-read list for other titles of hers. 5 out of 5 stars!
MySecretBookSpot More than 1 year ago
Double Her Pleasure (Double Seduction #2) by Randi Alexander 5 of 5 Stars Here we have the second installment (which can be read as a standalone) of this friggin' hot series in which we get to know Megan and her two men, Garret and Trey, much better than we did in the first book. I just thought that their escapades were off-the-charts hot when they were in Chicago. Now they're on the Silver Spur ranch in Texas and not only has the level of hotness shot through the roof, there's an unexpected twist that has everyone's nerves in a tizzy. Seduction skills such as the ones possessed by Trey and Garret are worthy of being taught to the masses! These guys really know how to melt a lady to their wills... After Megan's initial trepidation in regards to joining the brothers in their unique "lifestyle" finally gives way to complete and utter passion as unbridled as the wild horses that roam the Spur, she discovers that she doesn't want to imagine her life without both men in it. Do you blame her? I sure as hell don't!!  I love that we get to see deeper into each character's personality and realize that there's definitely more than initially meets the eye with the McGatlin brothers. Trey shows a bit of anger and Garret allows his sensitive side to take the reins from time to time. Not only do our three lovebirds melt panties and hearts with their odd, yet successful, triangle, they show us that sometimes we'll never know what someone will think about a situation until we ask them. Sometimes, the answers may surprise us! Also, denial of emotions gets you NOWHERE, especially when it comes to the L word. I love that Megan has not only one, but TWO smart, sexy, and caring men to look after her when she needs it the most. Can I have a Trey with a side order of Garret??? Make those double portions, pretty please!! And I wouldn't mind having some of that casserole that Inez makes, while you're at it!!! Complimentary copy received in exchange for an honest review. Meagan, My Secret Book Spot
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the sequel to Double Her Fantasy and was even hotter! Not only was this book too hot to handle it continues to have a great story line. The story continues as Megan visits the brothers on their ranch Texas ranch. We get to see their relationship develop as they figure out their feeling for each other as well as boundaries or rules for their non-traditional relationship. As if that wasn’t enough, someone from Megan’s past comes back to threaten her and the brother’s parents come for a visit. How will they explain their relationship? This story ends in a cliffhanger and I cannot wait to read the next book. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow amazing ! Two hot alpha brothers and good plot and very sexy scenes !
Peachey04 More than 1 year ago
This is the sequel to Double Her Fantasy and just as great. Now on the ranch in Texas, the boundaries change regarding their relationship and they all try hard to adapt. The author brings lost of emotion to her characters and the plot is well written and the sex scens are phenomenally hot! Can't wait for more in this series by Randi Alexander. Received copy for review.
MamaElk More than 1 year ago
Double Her Pleasure was even better than Double Her Fantasy! Not only was this book too hot to handle it continues to have a great story line. The characters genuinely care for one another and we get to watch them go through the motions as their relationships begins to evolve into something strong and steadfast. Testing the waters as their non-traditional relationship takes form into something unexpected for all involved. The poor threesome have a lot more to worry about than just each other this time around though. They have meddling cooks, cowhands, and an unexpected visit from the PARENTS, as well as someone they weren't expecting and definitely not wanting. I was so engrossed in what was happening, my mouth dropped when I reached the end of the book. I was not ready for this to end and I can't wait for book three to be released. If you think that you can stand the heat come on in and join the ride! ~Oh, and I love the ranch so much that I want to live there too.
emilyk52281 More than 1 year ago
Double Her Pleasure is the second book in the Double Seduction Series. This is a terrific follow up to Double Her Fantasy. I'm anxiously awaiting the third book in this series. I can't wait to see what happens with Trey, Megan and Garret. I love this trio!
Dara_Brown More than 1 year ago
First off, let me state that I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Double her pleasure is the continuation of Double her Fantasy. I must say that I didn't think it could get much steamier than the first book. I was wrong. After spending a week together in Chicago, Garrett and Trey convinced Megan to return to Texas with them. She agreed. Things start getting fairly serious between the three of them, and they decide to move to a new level...the original agreement was that nothing sexual could occur unless they are all three together, and now, with a bit of reluctance from Garrett, they all agree that they need one on one time in pairs..... As things continue to progress in the right direction, a horror from Megan's past resurfaces. Megan wants to run, but Garrett, Trey, and their parents convince her to stay. I'm anxiously awaiting the next part, so that I can find out more!!
teebeePA More than 1 year ago
The story line in this story is amazing!! You can feel the strength and love between the three. Randi does an excellent job making you feel their love, strength and even fear. The interaction between the characters draws you right in and you won't want to put this book down. I can't wait for the 3rd book in this series...
Flowergirlzmom1SW More than 1 year ago
Megan is on the Ranch with Garret and Trey now and they are starting to take things to a new level much to Garrets displeasure. Sort of. Megan and Trey both feel that they all should have some one on one time. Garret is not sure how he feels about that. Until it starts to happen. Things are going well until things start to happen that indicate that Megan's stalker has found her at the Ranch. Not only that but now their parents have arrived. How will they handle their relationship around the guy's parents? Will they let them know or will they push her away? Will they be able to protect her from her stalker? Will Megan even let them try or will she run away? This is yet again another HOT steamy short! I loved it! There is a lot more packed into this one. More emotion. A more serious intent to the relationship. The danger aspect. And family dynamics. I love where the story ended and how I know that there will be another book and I can't wait for the next one. I would definitely recommend if you are an adventurous sort and like a book with a good ménage. There is some definite steam in this book.
clpetit56 More than 1 year ago
OMG! Words escape me... Randi Alexander's Double Her Pleasure is absolutely AMAZING!!! From the very first page to the very last, Ms. Alexander captivates her readers. And the sex scenes... intense, passionate and HOT! Can't wait to read the next book in the Double Seduction Series.