Double Jinx

Double Jinx

by Nancy Reddy

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Double Jinx follows the multiple transformations — both figurative and literal — that accompany adolescence and adulthood, particularly for young women. Drawing inspiration from sources as varied as Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the rewritten fairy tales in Anne Sexton’s Transformations, and the wild and shifting dreamscapes of Brigit Pegeen Kelly’s work, these poems track speakers attempting to construct identity.

A series of poems depict the character of Nancy Drew as she delves into an obsession with a doppelgänger. Cinderella wakes up to a pumpkin and a tattered dress after her prince grows tired of her. A young girl obsessed with fairy tales becomes fascinated with a copy of Grey’s Anatomy in which she finds a “pink girl pinned to the page as if in vivisection. Could she / be pink inside like that? No decent girl / would go around the world like that, uncooked.”

The collection culminates in an understanding of the ways we construct our selves, whether it be by way of imitation, performance, and/or transformation. And it looks forward as well, for in coming to understand our identities as essentially malleable, we are liberated. Or as the author writes, “we’ll be our own gods now.”

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ISBN-13: 9781571319388
Publisher: Milkweed Editions
Publication date: 09/15/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 96
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About the Author

Nancy Reddy's poems have been published in 32 Poems, Tupelo Quarterly, and Best New Poets of 2011 (selected by D.A. Powell), with poems forthcoming in Post Road and New Poetry from the Midwest. She holds an M.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin, where she is currently a doctoral candidate in composition and rhetoric. She lives in Madison, WI.

Table of Contents

1 Ex Machina 3

Divine and Mechanical Bodies 4

The Case of the Double Jinx 6

Understudy 10

Possible and Impossible Sentences 11

Little, Red 12

Girl-Terrarium 14

Lucy in Chrysalis 15

Big Valley's Last Surviving Beauty Queen 17

Cinderella Story 19

Before the Catalog of Boats 20

Why the McKean County Lifeguards Left Town 22

Paper Anniversary 23

A Theory of Disaster 24

2 My Girlhood Apothecary 27

Genealogy 28

Family Portrait with Rosary and Steak Knife 29

Genealogy 31

Portrait of my Father as a Young Man with a Bludgeon 32

In Language School My Father Learns to Pass for Dutch 33

My Father Flying Home From War, 1975 34

Genealogy 35

Games 36

Lent 37

3 Our Wilderness Period 41

Before and After, Botched 48

Still Life with Mannequin and Leg of Lamb 49

Fire Plan 50

Frontier Thesis 52

Rabbit Starvation 53

Inventing the Body 54

4 Bad Magic 61

We Won't Make it to the Talkies 62

Vigil 63

Friendly Letter 64

Horses Dream of Horses 65

All Good Girls Deserve 67

Fervent Missive 69

Revisionist Love Story 70

Birds Keep Nothing in Their Bones 72

Unsent Defense 74

Cutting Nature at the Joint 75

Come Fetch 76

The Secret Nancy 78

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