Double Miracles In Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

Double Miracles In Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

by Marlegrecy N'Ovec


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"Double miracles in any place, and in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong in particular, are marvelous events and incredible happenings." In her story, Marlegrecy takes us on a journey that is enriched by her personal encounter with our living God. It is a personal account of someone whose faith has been severely tested and how she persevered and held onto the precious and sure promises of God.

Through her near-death experience and survival from ruptured brain aneurysms, she introduces us to a God, who is good, faithful, and almighty. Her story offers hope and inspiration to all who are going through "the valley of the shadow of death."

Linus S. Lau,
Senior Pastor
Chinese Baptist Church of Coral Springs, Florida

Enjoy! Be blessed!

Marlegrecy N'Ovec, formerly Tmay Green-Linton-Dorsey, was born in Mandeville, Jamaica. She is a mother of three and Nana for Jordan, Miles and Micah. As a Doctor of Family and Community Education, an international Christian worker, seminarist, and writer, she has lived and worked in Jamaica, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and other countries. She currently serves in the Junior Church of the Chinese Baptist Church of Coral Springs, Florida, USA.

Her writings include: Adult-Daughter-Mother Relationships, Aspects of Special Education in Early Childhood Education in Jamaica; articles on Sudden Infant Death (SIDS); What is Kwanzaa? Who are our Children?

Unpublished and future titles: DOUBLE MIRACLES IN DISCOVERY BAY... Book 2: For My Journey

Children's Books: Math Tables Made Easy, Chicken Pox Tree; Double Talking Pebble; Adventures of Tilly The Toiler: A Jamaican Girl; My Baby Had Meningitis; TwiceGiven, Twice Blessed, Helper

Adult Books: Divine Power of Attorney; Portraits of Excellence; Bound Yet Free; "A Great While Before Dawn"; "You Again?"; Dead, Married and Alive; The Moon and Me; A Dream Shared; ELTOR (Excellent Life To Resume); Parents and children as Joint Heirs of The Promise; Women Extraordinaire

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Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 06/27/2008
Pages: 380
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