Double Mirror

Double Mirror

by Stefano MalteseStefano Maltese

CD(Italian Import)

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Recorded live in 1995, Italian woodwind specialist Stefano Maltese along with fellow countryman, percussionist Antonio Moncada garner the services of modern jazz/improvising superstars pianist Keith Tippett and saxophonist Evan Parker for this engaging affair. Here, some of Italy's finest team with two musicians who respectively helped shape the oft-fabled British free jazz movement for two lengthy improvisational pieces consisting of spurious dialogue, turbulent reinvention, and placid themes. The main thrust of this recording resides within the vibrant four-way dialogue of the instrumentalists, namely on the 48 minute opus, titled "Enter Alloy: Exit Rust." On this piece, the listener is treated to Tippett's circular yet largely rhythmic chord voicings amid his keen implementations of plucking the piano strings, which serves as an additional voice for the often fluttering and contrasting lines turned in by Maltese and Parker. Basically, the lead soloists embark on a prismatic journey of sound and space, abetted by Moncada's polytonal patterns and tonal shadings. Throughout, these acute improvisers utilize the power of suggestion as a vehicle for lucid imagery and momentous climaxes as a disjointed sense of motion combined with fantastic aural vistas and passionate interaction instill a distinct sense of unaffected beauty and multidirectional latitude. Overall, Double Mirror presents an arresting viewpoint of what transpires when like minds who respectively possess superior technical skills and thoroughly original voices converge. However, it is all about intuitive improvisational speak, seizing the moment and implementing the dynamic.

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  1. Enter Alloy: Exit Rust
  2. Notturno

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