Double Practitioner Thai Massage- 2nd edition: four handed/four footed

Double Practitioner Thai Massage- 2nd edition: four handed/four footed

by Ariela Grodner LMT


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In Traditional Thai Massage, one aligns the body through stretching the entire structure and working the lines and points, according to the individuals needs. The session works physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually, bringing balance to the whole being. The nature of Thai Massage is to BALANCE the energy bodies. If you are tired, it will awaken you and if you are nervous, it will calm you.

Four Handed/Footed -Double Practitioner Thai massage is founded on the same principles as Traditional Thai, but it is inspired by its Ayurvedic cousin, Abhyangha Massage, which is performed by two partitioners. It has been my experience, that when receiving Thai Massage by two practitioners at the same time there is a sense of losing control and total surrender.

In This book we will learn a Sequence that was developed by Ariela. It holds the foundation of the classic sequence but is synchronized to function with duality. The two practitioners work in harmony, mindfully and attentive to the breath as the inward/ outward stretches are congruently done in a harmonious mindful union.

Students will learn to give an hour-long sequence, learning both parts, (Upper and Lower body) and will have the confidence to offer a Sensational Double Practitioner Session.

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