Double Stuffed (Rough Sex With Strangers, Double Penetration, Anal Sex)

Double Stuffed (Rough Sex With Strangers, Double Penetration, Anal Sex)

by N. S. Charles
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Double Stuffed (Rough Sex With Strangers, Double Penetration, Anal Sex) by N. S. Charles

When Eva's roommate steps out for a few hours, she decides that getting herself off is more important than studying for a test. Imagine her surprise when two big jocks disturb her mid-session only to claim that they're looking for her sexy roommate. With sex on the brain, Eva takes it upon herself to demand satisfaction and winds up between two aggressive guys in a wild, rough threesome.

Warning: this erotic short is for adults only and contains elements of rough sex. Prepare for a forced blowjob with two guys fighting over one mouth, a hard fingering, hair pulling, double penetration and a double-teaming that ends of with an explosive double anal situation!

“So why are you guys banging my—banging on my window?”


"Looking for Summer." V-Neck this time.


"We...uh, we've heard things."

"Oh? What kinds of things did you hear?"

Six-Four smirked at her. He tossed the football from one hand to the other. His bicep flexed. Maybe he'd done it on purpose.

"That she's a total slut," he said. "That if me and J--"

Eva cleared her throat. She shook her head, her chocolately, sideswept bangs swishing across her forehead.

"No names," she said, then sighed in a big showy huff. "Look, I was fingering myself and you interrupted me. Maybe if you help me out I'll tell Summer you stopped by."

V-Neck looked like he was going to blow his load just from hearing her say that. He nudged Six-Four with his elbow several times in a row until his bigger, meatier friend slapped his hand away.

Six-Four tossed the ball to V-Neck and stepped forward. His hand came up as he leaned in, snagging the unbuttoned waistband of her jeans and tugging.

Eva bit her lip, groaning under his heated touch. Her skin felt cool in comparison, dimpling under his rough knuckles. He brushed along her exposed skin, making her whimper. The thrum between her legs took her whole body now, her quim throbbing, aching for its forgotten release. She moaned involuntarily, a little mewling whisper that betrayed her.

V-Neck was the first to actually touch her. She stared up at him, his cute All-American smile spread wide over his face, stretching his good looks taut under crystalline blue eyes. His hands wandered up her torso, revealing inch after searing inch of creamy olive skin. He cupped her tits, his fingers thick and clumsy. They fumbled against her white demi-bra, his thumbs pressing into the thin, lacey thing from below.

"Nnh." It was little more than a sound in her throat.

Out of the corner of her eye, the ball was rolling away, forgotten.

Six-Four pushed her backward into her dorm. V-Neck’s hands fell away from her breasts, skimming the sides of her torso. She felt ablaze, each and every little touch winding her up.

“You’re a little slut too, aren’t you?” Six-Four said. He looked down at her from a foot above her head, grizzled and rough. One of his hands came up to clutch her face. He pulled her up into a sloppy kiss, the other palm groping at her bra.

“Nnnh,” she moaned, louder this time.

His tongue was everywhere, hiding little of his want. The warm, wide plane of his hand slipped across the fabric of her bra, pressing and squeezing at her tits. He was careless, too horny to be gentle. She could feel the straps digging into her soft skin.

The door slammed shut and another pair of hands grabbed at her. V-Neck was even less gentle, his fingers playing across her hips and swiveling her about. He was appraising her, checking her out like a piece of meat. Poking and prodding to get a feel of her ass.

“Unzip her pants.”

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Publisher: N. S. Charles
Publication date: 08/14/2012
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About the Author

N. S. Charles is more than a name. It's more than a gimmick. It's about stories, experiences, love and love, romance and action.

He is a lover of bass, pomegranate tea, scented oils and reading by Kindlelight. He's a dialogue lover, a feelings hound, a portrayer of poetry in body language and perpetrator of carnal sin.

He is a romance writer, a comedy scribbler, a poetic advocate. A foodie and artist, a human rights activist that believes in love for all, no matter what gender, creed or taste.

Of all aspirations, he hopes to wow you, whoo you, and tell you a tale that may or may not be entirely believable. He hopes you to enjoy the ride.

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Double Stuffed (Rough Sex With Strangers) 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really liked it. Nice reading some double anal. Though honestly for 1st time anal it's really unbelievable that it wouldn't be incredibly painful especially with double. Would definately like to read more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago