Down Deep

Down Deep

by Kimberly Kincaid

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Down Deep by Kimberly Kincaid

Ian Gamble has a past he'd rather forget--which is exactly what he's doing at The Crooked Angel Bar and Grill when the place catches fire. Between his active duty in the Marines and his experience as a firefighter, his instincts get him and hot, headstrong bar manager, Kennedy Matthews, to safety. But those same instincts kick into high gear when the fire is ruled an arson, and he discovers Kennedy's got secrets of her own.

The only thing that matters more to Kennedy than her bar is her brother. When she finds out he's in over his head with a dangerous arsonist, she'll do anything to keep him safe--even if it means teaming up with Gamble, who's too sharp-eyed and hard-bodied for his own good. With every step, their attraction flares hotter and the risks grow more dangerous. Can Gamble and Kennedy face their fears--and their secrets--to catch a terrifying enemy? Or will they go down in flames?

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BN ID: 2940159086334
Publisher: Kimberly Kincaid Romance
Publication date: 06/18/2018
Series: Station Seventeen , #4
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Format: NOOK Book
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Down Deep 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
froggy29532DC 3 months ago
"Down Deep" is the fourth book in the Station Seventeen series and this series just keeps getting better. Ian Gamble is the Lieutenant for Engine 17, and a former marine, who has a past that he would rather forget, instead once a year he lets himself get blitzed on a certain date. Kennedy Matthews is the manager of the Crooked Angel Bar and even though her life started out hard, she has tried to move beyond that. Ian's drunken night doesn't happen the way he planned this year when the bar catches fire, but with his training and instincts he manages to get himself and Kennedy out safely. When the fire is ruled arson, Ian knows that Kennedy is hiding something important, but regardless he swears to keep her safe. Don't miss this one, Ian and Kennedy are both independent, headstrong people and the chemistry between them is crackling hot. This one is a page turner for sure and will keep you wondering what will happen next!!
DaneWeimMama 8 months ago
Down Deep is a great read!! I love the stories of Station Seventeen & have been waiting for Ian's story. It didn't disappoint. The chemistry between Ian & Kennedy jumps off the page & the story is very well written. This is a series but each book can be read as a stand alone. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 8 months ago
3.5 stars--DOWN DEEP is the fourth full-length and eighth instalment in Kimberly Kincaid’s contemporary, adult STATION SEVENTEEN romantic, suspense series focusing on the men and women who work at Station Seventeen. This is fire fighter and US Marine Ian Gamble, and bartender Kennedy Matthews’ story line. DOWN DEEP can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary but I recommend reading the series in order for back story and cohesion as there is a continuing theme throughout. Told from several third person perspectives including Ian and Kennedy DOWN DEEP follows the building relationship between fire fighter and former Marine Ian Gamble, and bartender Kennedy Matthews following an arson fire at The Crooked Angel Bar and Grill-a hang out for the local fire fighters and police. From the outset a brooding Ian suspects Kennedy of keeping secrets about the potential arsonist, an arsonist who is close to Kennedy’s heart. What ensues is the building relationship between Kennedy and Ian as our couple begin a behind the scenes investigation, going rogue in an effort to find out the truth, before the authorities begin to piece together the cues and information. Ian Gamble suffers and struggles with survivor’s guilt and remorse in the wake of loosing the men in his Force Marine Recon unit years before. As the sole survivor Ian’s yearly ‘salute’ to his men involves a night of drinking to forgive and forget. Kennedy Matthews grew up on the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ but she continues to focus on the brother with whom she had hoped to reconnect. DOWN DEEP focuses on the search for an arsonist whose identity is revealed early on but an arsonist with a sadistic side who isn’t above hurting those who’ve done him wrong. For me, the suspense is limited due in part to the early reveal; the conflict focuses on the relationship struggles between Kennedy and Ian, and the take down of the people responsible for the arson fires. The colorful secondary and supporting characters are numerous including several members of law enforcement and Station Seventeen. The relationship between Kennedy and Ian is slow to build; the sexual attraction is palpable and hot but the jump from lust to love is questionable and as a direct result of events and circumstance that brings the couple together. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. DOWN DEEP is a intriguing and entertaining story line. The premise is well paced and engaging; the romance is seductive; the characters are dynamic and spirited. DOWN DEEP is worth the price of admission-check it out and enjoy.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Kennedy who came from the bad part of town manages a bar The Crooked Angel . Ian Gamble who was in the Marines and has a horrible event from then that haunts him is in the bar the night a serial firebug set fire to a dumpster that is outside the bar. Ian is a smoking hot firefighter that is attracted to Kennedy . A must read !!
B2BKristina 9 months ago
This book was so action packed, it was most definitely a page turner. I loved Kennedy. She may not have come from the best side of the tracks, but she worked hard to make her life a better one, all while trying to look out for her brother. She's a tough cookie, has a big guarded heart, and it's not until she meets Gamble, that she starts to follow her heart and let some walls down. Gamble is a big beast of a man. I loved him! One of those, keeps to himself kind of guys that has a heartbreaking and tramatic past he doesn't like to share with others. I was so happy when he finally dropped his walls for Kennedy and confided in her. They did it together and the two made some pretty steamy scenes! This book had a great storyline, and while I enjoyed it, there were some parts that kind of dragged a little for me and I had a hard time focusing and would have to set the book down and come back to it. That said, there were some parts I couldn't read fast enough and practically devoured. It was kind of a mix of emotions for me. Some parts a little slow and others brimming with action. All in all great read, filled with a hot couple, a bit of family drama and then some, and lots of interesting side characters to boot. The ending kind of just ended though, if that makes sense. I guess I was hoping for a bit more, maybe an epilogue, but enjoyed the book nonetheless. #B2BKRISTINA
Anonymous 9 months ago
Once again Kimberly Kincaid does not disappoint her readers and followers of this series.
ReadingInPajamas 9 months ago
Review: DOWN DEEP: Station Seventeen by Kimberly Kincaid Publication Date: June 18, 2018 Genre: Romantic Suspense Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna Rated 5 Stars I truly enjoyed this pulse-pumping romantic suspense. Gamble and Kennedy were both people I could relate to, even if the danger swirling around them was not – but that’s what makes it fun. Kennedy is a tough woman with a tender heart, and ghosts from Gamble’s past give him the perfect depth to make theirs a good match. The smoking hot romance was not forced and progressed nicely through all the dangerous twists and turns. Making it an exciting, sexy read. I can’t wait for the next installment. *Review copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. ~*~*~*~
Anonymous 10 months ago
Love this installment of the Station 17 crew. Lt Gamble has been a strong-but-silent mystery through the series. Kennedy is around the edges with the crowd as they hang out at The Crooked Angel. Kincaid does a great job pulling these 2 from their supporting roles into main characters. They are complicated, but real and honest. Her character depth builds throughout the series to a fantastic conclusion with this book. It is helpful to connect with this book if you have read the previous ones in the series, but not absolutely necessary to understand the story.
LynnB888 10 months ago
Dangerous, exciting and oh so sexy! With the next installment in Kimberly Kincaid's ever-hot Station Seventeen series, we get sexy Lieutenant Gamble's story! I knew when I saw that he was getting mixed up with the sassy Kennedy that it would be a spicy, fun read ... and it did not disappoint! This entire series has been a really enjoyable read with close-knit characters, danger and intrigue at the forefront and hot romantic connections galore! Firefighter Ian Gamble is busy drinking the past off his mind at the station's favorite hangout, The Crooked Angel when the place catches fire. His experience with fire and danger allows him to lead the way to safety for feisty bar manager Kennedy Matthews. When an investigation leads to an arson call, Gamble is determined to get to the bottom of who is messing with his territory ... especially when Kennedy starts acting shifty! Kennedy Matthews comes from a hard background, and the one person that she would do anything for is her little brother. When she catches sight of the fact that he's somehow mixed up with a dangerous arsonist, she's determined to find a way to help him, no matter what. Gamble doesn't want her putting herself into danger, so he insists on riding shotgun on her adventure ... and you know close proximity between two firecrackers like that is going to lead to sparks that will more than sizzle!
Alwaysahappyeverafter 10 months ago
Ian Gamble has seen enough loss to last a lifetime. So much so he stands on the sidelines now, then he doesn’t become too attached. But Kennedy starts to breach those walls and he can't help to step up. A great story with intrigue and hot sex scenes.
Anonymous 10 months ago
The book wasn't that bad, but was different than I expected from the discription. I had a hard time staying interested in it. The plot was OK but it just didn't grab me.
BetweenMyBookendz 10 months ago
There are plenty of things smoking in Kimberly Kincaid’s Deep Down. A serial arsonist is torching buildings in town, threatening not only property and lives but bar manager Kennedy Matthews’ brother Zander. But those fires cannot compete with the sparks between Kennedy and Fire Lieutenant Ian Gamble that are igniting into a four-alarm blaze of passion! Station Seventeen’s Lieutenant Ian Gamble is the definition of tall, dark and handsome, although his darkness emanates not just from his dark eyes and hair but from deep within. In the prior books, you just knew the stoic, dependable and unreadable Gamble had one hell of a backstory. As manager of the popular watering hole The Crooked Angel, Kennedy Matthews too seems stoic and dependable, with a steely demeanor and core under her eyebrow piercing and tattoo. But when a fire outside “her” bar draws Kennedy into danger with a link to Station Seventeen, Gamble and his protective instincts are spurred to action... Ms. Kincaid’s fourth book in her Station Seventeen presents us with a plot filled with suspense, even though the reader knows early on just who the bad guy is. And this villain is just so creepy, so evil, so immoral, that the fiend will burrow into your subconscious and give you nightmares. As for the romance side - well, this author certainly ratchets things up by giving us a very steamy ( that’s underlined and in caps!), very passionate yet sweet and at times tender romance between two characters who do not do “sweet and tender.” It is that contrast that makes Kennedy and Gamble stand out for me. Additionally, I was so surprised at just how “superhero” Kennedy and Gamble were! Although they were not perfect people, their flaws, their strength and their worldview made them stellar in my eyes. These were two very well-developed and impeccably drawn characters that I could not help but love. Everytime this author releases a new book, I think it is my favorite. But with “Deep Down,” I truly have found my book soulmate! The mix of the elements coupled with two protagonists I just fell madly in love with as a couple has made this book my hands, and hearts, down favorite!
BananaTricky 10 months ago
Our hero, Ian Gamble, is a lieutenant at Remington's Station Seventeen fire station. A former Marine, he is drinking alone at the The Crooked Angel Bar and Grill, the hangout for the fire station, to commemorate the anniversary of the deaths of his team-mates on his last mission. The last thing he needs to be distracted by is the hot bar manager with the intriguing tattoo and piercings. Kennedy Matthews has dragged herself out of North Point's worst neighbourhood by her finger nails to have a career, an apartment and a life she is proud of, but she hasn't forgotten the survival skills she honed from growing up in an area rife with crime, drugs and prostitution. When Kennedy and Gamble are alone in the bar late at night someone sets off a fire in the dumpster behind the bar, Gamble thinks it could be a disgruntled customer that Kennedy forcibly ejected from the bar but something about the way Kennedy reacts to the car they see speeding away from the scene. Soon Kennedy and Gamble are embroiled in investigating an arsonist who plans to detonate explosions in several buildings across Remington. So, I've decided that this series is a sub-genre I like to call sexy-suspense. The books are a pretty good mash-up of a sexy contemporary fire-fighter romance and a romantic thriller. So you get some quite graphic and scary descriptions of fire-starting and the seedier side of life, together with loads of smokin' hot sex (pun intended). I thoroughly enjoyed this, the plot was engaging and fast-paced, the villains were suitably dastardly and the smexy times were steamy. Even better? Kennedy avoided the classic TSTL mistakes of other heroines so kudo for that. Recommended for those who like more plot with their romance, more sex with their thriller and two tough characters who fall in love naturally without any manufactured angst. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
Linda Carlson 10 months ago
Fantastic! I love this series! The fictional Station Seventeen has all of the elements that a great story needs. I love how this author creates story lines and characters that meld together perfectly. It hits all required senses in regards to reading and remembering a great book. There is mystery, drama and great anticipation, as well as danger and bravery from different situations. Gamble and Kennedy become personally aware of each other on a night that is a very emotional anniversary of Gamble’s. He wants anonymity and she feels his emotional darkness. This beginning is so good. It sucks you in and keeps you hooked and completely engaged for the entire story. Gamble is one of the hardest nuts to crack with his quiet intenseness and being a very large, muscular man, compounds his presence. Kennedy is just as intense in her way, with her tough, don’t mess with me attitude, born from living on the “wrong side of town”, living and surviving within that rough neighborhood. I would definitely want her at my back if there was ever any trouble! Together, Gamble and Kennedy are a perfect fit. They just want to feel like they are part of a family and to be happy. Their hot, sexy chemistry makes for a volatile relationship when each has their own way of doing things. I love this mixture of self confidence and the ability to carry it through. Trust is hard to earn but these two earn it for each other quickly. I loved this story from beginning to end. I could have kept on reading about this couple, their future, and more of their happenings at Station Seventeen, but then all great things must have an ending. This is a Best Seller for sure! Excellent job!
AuroraDawn5 10 months ago
I absolutely LOVED this Station 17 story. It's more of a thriller than some of Kincaid's earlier stories but while a former Force Recon marine, a bartender from the wrong side of the tracks and her brother are forced to deal with an arsonist who is is terrorizing Remington, there's plenty of heat in the bedroom too. The book stands well on it's own but, those who have followed the series will love the cameos from the Station 17 staff and the chance to get reacquainted the intelligence unit from the RPD who have played such an important role in previous novels. Down Deep is a heart stopping, mile a minute barn burner (no pun intended) that deals with the bonds of family, both those that are blood and those we accept into our lives that will throw surprise after surprise at you, right down to the final pages. If you love hot firemen, great suspense smart, tough heroines who give as good as they get, this book needs to go on the very top of your TBR.
Jenafyre21 10 months ago
WOW! I think I need to sit down and take a breath after reading this amazing installment of the Station Seventeen series by Kimberly Kincaid. I have always wondered about the sexy Lieutenant Ian Gamble, and I could not wait to get my hands on him.....or his book! What I love the most about the Station Seventeen stories, is that they can be read stand alone, yet each book kind of builds on the next. There are no cliff hangers, however, you will see that things that happened in previous books pop up again in each story and the characters, the situations that they face are all in a way interconnected. With that said, the reader will never feel lost in the story. Kennedy and Gamble dance around the attraction that they feel for each other, but they both have baggage, they both have a past that makes each of them tough. But when they are the victims of a arson at the bar that Kennedy runs, and find themselves chasing and arsonist with connections to a bomb that was planted at Station Seventeen, Gamble will do whatever it takes to protect Kennedy. Kennedy and Gamble have such a strong connection, when they let their guards down and let the other in it is magical. I love the way that Gamble tries to protect Kennedy's brother. Helping him, standing with him to bring down the arsonist, and teaming up with him to protect the woman that they both love in different ways. I love that we get to see the characters from the previous stories, and I cannot wait to see what will happen in the future. Another amazing 5 alarm book that will keep the reader hooked from the first page to the last.
judyrudy 10 months ago
Down Deep is the fourth book in Kimberly Kincaid’s Station Seventeen series. Both Ian Gamble and Kennedy Matthews have pasts that hunt them. Ian was a Marine while Kennedy’s life growing up wasn’t easy. She’s done the best making a life for herself outside of the neighborhood where she grew up. Her brother is extremely important to her. Ian is a firefighter and ex-Marine who is still trying to overcome the repercussions for his last mission. One night a year, he salutes his fellow comrades and as he’s getting ready to leave the Crooked Angel Bar a fire breaks out. Immediately he recognizes the danger and assists Kennedy to safety; however, little do they realize the fire is just the beginning to their problems. Down Deep is a fast paced book that is filled with suspense. It was fun catching up with some of the characters from past books in the series. This is definitely a standalone book, but I suggest reading the prior books so you can get to know the secondary characters. I received an advanced copy which I voluntarily chose to read. This is my true and honest review.
nelriv 10 months ago
Rcvd an ARC at no cost to authors..I enjoyed this book and even though I had not read the previous books in this series (sigh) I didn't feel lost, I however will read the previous 3 because I did enjoy this one. I always enjoy heroines who are strong-not bitchy but strong, and I felt we had that with Kennedy. Then we have Gamble an arson investigator who is also seriously attracted to Kennedy but she was holding info back from him. Why? and who is she protecting? Good story and you also like the secondary characters and I know this is weird but I even liked the villain (yeah I know crazy) but this proves to show that this author did good..Enjoy!
EileenAW 10 months ago
WOW!! I do mean WOW!! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book!!! Kimberly Kincaid once again burns up the pages with Down Deep, the fourth book in her Station Seventeen series. Ian Gamble wants nothing but to forget his past while at The Crooked Angel Bar and Grill when the place catches fire. With his experience as a firefighter and while in the Marines, his instincts get him and hot, headstrong bar manager, Kennedy Matthews, to safety. But those same feelings rev up when the fire is ruled an arson. Kennedy brother means the world to her and she knows he is involved and in over his head with this arsonist. She will do anything to keep him safe, which is how she ends up teaming up with the sharp-eyed and hard-bodied Gamble. The more time Gamble and Kennedy spend together, the more attracted they become to each other. Their chemistry sizzles and Ms. Kincaid is incredible in her descriptions of the sexy time shared between these two. As the passion between Gamble and Kennedy flares hotter and hotter, from attraction to all out sizzle, they need to be careful as they try to outwit and locate this dangerous arsonist who grows more dangerous. I totally loved reading this book. Ms. Kincaid did a fantastic job creating her characters, making them realistic, keeping the story interesting, making me forget the world around me and not letting me go until I turned the last page, wanting more. Ms. Kincaid kept this reader mesmerized with the need to see how Kennedy and Gamble would find and capture this guy and whether or not her brother would survive the torture the arsonist had in store for him. I highly recommend this book to other readers and I for one look forward to the next book in this series. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
JaneN17 10 months ago
Worth the wait!! This book is sooooo good! Gamble and Kennedy's story is intense, suspenseful, steamy and exciting! I loved how the story unfolded! Nothing was rushed and getting to know Gamble & Kennedy's backgrounds was so interesting! I couldn't get enough of this story! From the first page to the last it never disappointed!!
sbart84 10 months ago
Loved this book! The romance and suspense were scorching as I turned the pages until the end. This is a book that I could not put down. Gamble and Kennedy both have undesirable pasts. Gamble is a firefighter at Station Seventeen and Kennedy is the bar manager at the Crooked Angel Bar and Grill. When Kennedy finds her brother is in a mess, she teams up with Gamble to find the arsonist. But soon they can't fight the sexual chemistry that they share. Loved, loved this story. Shows the true brotherhood of firefighters and what you do for family. This book is part of series but can be read as a stand alone.
Bette313 10 months ago
Once again Kimberly Kincaid has brought us a story from Station Seventeen filled with heat, heart, and passion. In this fourth book in the series we get the story of Ian Gamble and Kennedy Mathews. As with all the books you can read this one standalone but do yourself a favor and read this entire series. There is a wonderful twist of romance and suspense that will keep you turning page after page. Gamble is a firefighter at Station Seventeen who is looking for one night to drown his sorrows and memories. All of that comes to an end when a fire breaks out at the bar Kennedy Mathews manages and Gamble is currently occupying. Gamble gets them out safely but the real trouble starts when the fire is determined to be the work of an arson and Kennedy is not being as truthful as she should be. Caught in the middle Gamble works with arson investigators and Kennedy to get to the truth about what happened that night all while fighting the attraction that is smoldering between him and Kennedy. Can they get to the truth without getting burned? I highly recommend this one.
MoniqueD 10 months ago
Ian Gamble had every intention of getting royally drunk, as he did every year on that particular day. And he was well on his way to oblivion – and home – when coming out of the bathroom, he heard a commotion. He had spent a good part of his evening lusting after the bartender, the luscious Kennedy Matthews, who was being harassed by a customer. He knew Kennedy was no wilting flower, but he did not expect her to handle the customer all by herself! And Gamble’s lust – and other things – rose even higher. Kennedy had also been eyeing Gamble all evening, and after her ordeal in the bar, things were about to get steamy, when Gamble smelled smoke … Once again, Kimberly Kincaid has written a carefully plotted romantic suspense, and as always her vivid descriptions of fire and firefighting had my stomach in knots. Kennedy and Gamble are both very engaging and complex characters, and I loved reading their backstories. Kennedy’s brother Xander is at the heart of the intrigue; he’s a pretty wonderful character himself, although it seemed to me as if he were eighteen instead of twenty three, this compounded by how Kennedy treated him. The arson plot has been an ongoing on, but it’s not necessary to have read the previous books to understand what’s going on. DOWN DEEP features a most fascinating villain, and it was enlightening and scary to peek inside the mind of an arsonist; that horrible man nearly stole the show, and this is what you need to make a compelling suspense novel. Apart from an overuse of “yeah” in the narrative, and to some extent in the snappy dialogues, the writing is smooth, dynamic – dare I say explosive! – as Ms. Kincaid gets all the tension across without missing a beat. Gamble, a man of action, but also a man of few words, and sometimes this sort of character can come across as a bit flat, but the author worked her way around it beautifully: Gamble is an active listener, and it makes all the difference in the world. Kennedy is a tough cookie, but never comes across as abrasive or defensive. The romance progresses organically, and as quick as it happens, I believed in it: both Kennedy and Gamble are straightforward, passionate people who don’t beat around the bush. And wasn’t that refreshing! Now, this is something I seldom do, but I give Ms. Kincaid bonus points for not having an obvious trope, and for Kennedy behaving like a rational human being when she could have done the stupid thing (and also for not being the damsel in distress!).
ytcruz 10 months ago
Once again , this talented author gives us a story that is not only engaging, but whose characters are complex and interesting. This book belongs to Ian Gamble and Kennedy Matthews. Ian is a former Marine whose last mission still causes him anguish .He is currently an engine lieutenant of Station Seventeen. Kennedy is the bar manager of the bar the station members frequent. Her one weakness is her brother. Both have secrets and both have had heartbreaks. When a fire occurs at the bar, the action begins as well as the attraction. Will they be able to uncover the truths and in doing so, will they go their separate ways or will they give trust and love a chance? Another great addition to this series. I was entrusted this copy by Netgalley. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
PennieM 10 months ago
Ian Gamble and Kennedy Matthews are the perfect couple! Gamble was all set to get drunk and try to forget for a while but all that came to a halt when he and Kennedy were caught in a fire at the Crooked Angel. It turned out to be suspicious and when Kennedy starts keeping secrets Gamble has to unearth they become embroiled in an ongoing arson investigation involving her brother. Will they survive without getting burned? Oh, this story was full of suspense and so much sexy banter along with so much sexy, sexy, steamy, ... , oh yeah, these two are explosive together! This can be read as a standalone but this entire series is so good I recommend each and every book. **Received this ARC to review from the publisher via NetGalley**