Down Home Blues Classics, 1943-1954

Down Home Blues Classics, 1943-1954


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Down Home Blues Classics, 1943-1954

Searching for a blues collection that covers a lot of ground? You might want to opt for Down Home Blues Classics, a 100-track post-WWII anthology released in 2004 by Boulevard Vintage. Given the high percentage of urban blues in this collection, the phrase "down home" could be misleading, unless you take into account the musicians' home turf, and the producers seem to have done exactly that by starting out in Texas, moving the focus up to the Great Lakes region (Chicago and Detroit), then downriver toward the Mississippi Delta. The lineup is wonderfully diverse because each selection is performed by a different artist, and only about 25-percent of these people are really well-known to casual blues followers. Examples of individuals from this set who deserve wider recognition are Thunder Smith (an early colleague of Lightnin' Hopkins); Dr. Hepcat, also known as Albert Lavada Hurst, who was the first African American DJ in Texas; Rattlesnake Cooper, Big Charlie Bradix, Rocky Fuller, Morris Pejoe, Little Hudson & His Red Devil Trio, Silver Cooks & the Gondoliers; Stick Horse Hammond, Lost John Hunter & His Blind Bats; Seth Richard, who recorded as Skoodle-Dum-Doo; Doug Quattlebaum, Square Walton, and Lazy Slim Jim. That list barely scratches the surface of this amazing stash of blues recordings dating from the years 1943-1953.

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Release Date: 12/11/2015
Label: Secret Records
UPC: 5036436097920
catalogNumber: 1033


Disc 1

  1. Little Mama Boogie (Big Mama Jump)
  2. Cross Country Blues
  3. Hobo
  4. Hole in the Wall
  5. Rock Island Blues
  6. Alley Special
  7. Quinsella
  8. Hattie Green
  9. Angel Chile
  10. Back to Santa Fe
  11. Rattlesnake Blues
  12. Mistreated Blues
  13. No One to Love Me
  14. Too Many Woman
  15. Locked in Jail Blues
  16. Wee Wee Hours
  17. Forgive Me Blues
  18. Black Snake Blues
  19. Neglected Woman
  20. Gambling Blues
  21. Throw a Little Boogie
  22. Give Me Central 209 (Hello Central)
  23. Western Rider Blues
  24. Take It Easy
  25. Sittin' Here Wonderin'

Disc 2

  1. Boogie
  2. Hard Times
  3. Stop Messing Around
  4. Cadillac Woman
  5. Big City Blues
  6. Please Don't Think I'm Nosey
  7. Notoriety Woman
  8. Rollin' Stone
  9. Cut That Out
  10. Crawlin' King Snake
  11. Crying Won't Help You
  12. Soon One Morning
  13. Mean Old World
  14. Tired of Crying Over You
  15. It Was a Dream
  16. The Last Time
  17. Sad Story
  18. Little School Girl
  19. Something's Wrong with My Little Machine
  20. Brutal Hearted Woman
  21. I'll Die Trying
  22. I'm Looking for a Woman
  23. I'm the Boogie Man
  24. She Fool Me
  25. High and Lonesome

Disc 3

  1. She's a Married Woman
  2. How Many More Years
  3. Build Myself a Cave
  4. Mr. Ticket Agent
  5. Creole Gal Blues
  6. Too Late Baby
  7. Country Boy
  8. Ardelle
  9. Cadillac Blues
  10. Schoolboy Lost
  11. Eyesight to the Blind
  12. 1951 Blues
  13. New Arrival
  14. Dust My Broom
  15. Catfish Blues
  16. Goin' Back to Mama
  17. Highway 80 Blues
  18. Western Union Man
  19. After Awhile
  20. Sweet Angel
  21. Seventy Four Blues
  22. Easy
  23. Take a Little Chance
  24. Make a Little Love
  25. Goin' to New Orleans

Disc 4

  1. Broome Street Blues
  2. Black Jack Blues
  3. Worried Man Blues
  4. Income Tax Blues
  5. Poor Little Angel
  6. Broke Down Engine Blues
  7. Applejack Boogie
  8. Number Writer
  9. She's Gone
  10. Your Sweet Man Blues
  11. Blues Mixture
  12. Shackles Round My Body
  13. Ticket Agent
  14. I Got What My Daddy Likes
  15. Blinds Blues
  16. Keep You Hands Off 'Er
  17. Awful Shame
  18. Lizzie Lou
  19. Rub a Little Boogie
  20. So Much Trouble
  21. Wine Head Baby
  22. Baby Let's Have Some Fun
  23. Rumors About My Baby
  24. Gimme Your Bankroll
  25. Shake Baby Shake

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Boogie Woogie Red   Piano
Willie Dixon   Bass
Champion Jack Dupree   Piano,Vocals
Henry Gray   Piano
Earl Hooker   Guitar
Big Walter Horton   Harmonica
Eddie Kirkland   Guitar
Little Walter   Harmonica
Joe Hill Louis   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Willie Love   Piano
Blind Willie McTell   Guitar
Louis Myers   Guitar
Tommy Ridgley   Piano
Roosevelt Sykes   Piano
Louis Hayes   Guitar
Tampa Red   Guitar
Mickey Baker   Guitar
Johnny Jones   Piano
Jody Williams   Guitar
Lazy Bill Lucas   Piano
Robert C. Smith   Bass
Snooky Pryor   Violin
Gene Ramey   Bass
Fred Below   Drums
Edgar Blanchard   Guitar
John Brim   Harmonica,Vocals
Brownie McGhee   Guitar
Bob Call   Piano
Milton Campbell   Guitar
Donald Cooks   Bass
Jimmy DeBerry   Guitar
Wilbert Ellis   Piano
Leroy Foster   Drums
A.J. Gladney   Drums
T.J. Green   Bass
Lightnin' Hopkins   Guitar
Percy Huff   Guitar
Ike Turner   Piano
Elmore James   Guitar
Willie Jones   Drums
Moody Jones   Guitar
Albert King   Drums
Frank Kirkland   Drums
Ransom Knowling   Bass
Sticks McGhee   Guitar
Iverson Minter   Guitar,Vocals
Frock O'Dell   Drums
Buster Pickens   Piano
Henry Reed   Bass
Guitar Slim   Guitar,Vocals
Sunnyland Slim   Piano
Fletcher Smith   Piano
Sonny Terry   Harmonica
Willie Steel   Drums
Alfred Wallace   Drums
Leonard Ware   Bass,Harmonica
Morris Wilkerson   Drums
Joe Willie Wilkins   Guitar
Sonny Boy Williamson   Harmonica
Marty Wilson   Drums
Bob Woodfork   Guitar
Sonny Boy Davis   Piano
Louis Pitts   Bass
Doc Bagby   Organ
Malron Jett   Piano
Claude Smith   Guitar,Vocals
Ike Smith   Drums
Johnny Williams   Bass
John Thorn   Piano
Melvin Merritt   Drums
Dave Myers   Bass,Guitar
Joe Dyson   Drums
James Harris   Bass
Fred Holland   Guitar
Andrew "Smokey" Hogg   Guitar
Robert Richard   Harmonica
James Bannister   Drums
Walter Mitchell   Harmonica
Junior Blackmon   Drums
Silver Cooks   Drums
Willie Nettles   Drums
Dumas Ransom   Bass
Seth Richard   Guitar,Vocals
John Sheffield   Guitar,Harmonica
David Wylie   Guitar,Vocals
Bob Harris   Bass
Armand Jump Jackson   Drums
Charley Mills   Piano
John T. Smith   Guitar
Lavada Durst   Piano,Vocals
Papa Lightfoot   Harmonica
Luther Stoneham   Guitar
David Edwards   Guitar,Vocals
Huey Smith   Piano
Edward Harris   Guitar,Vocals
Tommy Lee   Guitar,Vocals
Sam Davis   Harmonica
Odie Payne   Drums
Willie Johnson   Guitar,Piano

Technical Credits

Champion Jack Dupree   Composer
John Lee Hooker   Composer
Floyd Jones   Composer
J.B. Lenoir   Composer
Little Walter   Composer
Willie Love   Composer
Blind Willie McTell   Composer
Robert Nighthawk   Composer
Jimmy Reed   Composer
Junior Wells   Composer
Big Joe Williams   Composer
Ralph Willis   Composer
Willie Baker   Composer
Bernard Besman   Composer
John Brim   Composer
Brownie McGhee   Composer
Howlin' Wolf   Composer
Fats Domino   Composer
Leroy Ervin   Composer
Luther Huff   Composer
Lee Hunter   Composer
Elmore James   Composer
Iverson Minter   Composer
Muddy Waters   Composer
Jimmy Rogers   Composer
Johnny Shines   Composer
Frankie Lee Sims   Composer
Neil Slaven   Sleeve Notes
Sonny Terry   Composer
Baby Boy Warren   Composer
L.C. Williams   Composer
Sonny Boy Williamson   Composer
Sonny Boy Williamson [II]   Composer
Rattlesnake Cooper   Composer
Tony Hollins   Composer
Willie Lane   Composer
Little Sammy Davis   Composer
Gabriel Brown   Composer
Dennis Lewis   Cover Photo
Nathaniel Terry   Composer
Wright Holmes   Composer
Sonny Boy Johnson   Composer
Charles Bradix   Composer
Eddie Jones   Composer
Robert Richard   Composer
J.D. Horton   Composer
Lockwood   Composer
Big Boy Ellis   Composer
Stick Horse Hammond   Composer
Soldier Boy Houston   Composer
Clarence London   Composer
David "Pete" Mckinley   Composer
Manny Nichols   Composer
McCollum   Composer
Whittaker   Composer
Showers   Composer

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