Down Life'S Trail

Down Life'S Trail

by D. Russell Walker

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For more years than most of todays population could possibly recall, I had been writing poems about my family, my own true adventure stories, and just about anything of interest to me, which has been just about anything! I had catalogued, shelved, boxed, and stored material throughout the years all the while that I had been experiencing the many facets of my more varied than some life. From the time that I was a little farm kid, the workings of nature and its wild faces had held intrigue to my mind. Consequently, by the time that I became old and bold enough to begin my own quest of adventure, I just plainly let it happen. Any opportunity to explore life and of things not yet known to me became open season for my whims. In those early years, I had managed to scribble down numerous discoveries that evolved as I waded through lifes happenings. Eventually, I had accumulated many written utterances and at first kept them in piles and eventually files. Through the urgings of family and friends, it has come to the point of sharing my writings of adventurous ramblings with others. But where should I start? The grab bag of writings that I have dealt from for this first widely published volume of mine, which I had decided to name Down Lifes Trail, for in many ways, it does reflect selections written by myself along the bumpy road of life. At the age of twenty-two, I had started out on my own after schooling for the profession as a photographer. This required traveling many miles, first within Maine then to other locations across the country, and involving aerial photos along with all others. I had recorded and kept records of many of the special locations that I had flown over or photographed, both in writings and photos. Now has come the time for me to pursue the publishing of some of my collections. I had promised to my local audience that had been reading my work over the years that I would indeed take a shot at publishing a book of poetry. My decision (right or wrong) is now to begin my offerings with this aptly named volume of Down Lifes Trail, for the following has been derived from short story poems written as I was tripping along lifes trail. Hopefully, you will read and enjoy the enclosed pages that have been randomly selected from the far reaching trail of my life.

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Publisher: Xlibris US
Publication date: 02/21/2015
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About the Author

D. Russell Walker was born raised at the family farm in Falmouth, Maine, and had attended schools in Falmouth and graduated from Falmouth High School and held several basic jobs thereafter until completing schooling in photography when in 1953, he began freelancing in portraiture and wedding coverage. He is an avid outdoorsman since childhood and has participated in all aspects of outdoor activities and adventures (hiking, fishing, hunting, and photographing wild lands and their inhabitants, etc.). Throughout his life, he has explored vast areas of the northern Maine wild lands, starting during the years when nearly 35 percent of the state remained near roadless and uninhabited (mid to late 1940s). Throughout his career, he has photographed in almost every city and town in Maine and traveled many of its wild land’s riches as well as canoeing and boating on numerous Maine pristine lakes, rivers, and ponds. In succeeding years, he had participated in outdoor exploratory float plane trips to Alaska and Northwestern Canada, as well as Northernmost Quebec and Labrador for over a period of thirty years; tented (several solo stays) in the Torngat Mountain area of Labrador on photo excursions, capturing striking views of the topography and its inhabitants (bear, caribou, wolves, foxes, etc.) while cataloguing written descriptions of daily events in story and poetic form. He had produced brochure work for outfitters, which had gained several first place awards in international competition, using his images and writings. Other photos and writings of places as far away as Southwest Africa have been recorded and filed in this repertoire of exciting events. He is still actively participating and writing life’s adventures and his family and their life’s happenings in general. There is no fiction involved in his work! Plans for a series of books featuring this and other editions of his experiences are now in progress.

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