Down the Meanest Streets

Down the Meanest Streets

by Penman Thornwell
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Down the Meanest Streets by Penman Thornwell

Down the Meanest Streets, under the bright sky as the day at the dark covered the night, the heroin moved like a human monsters, moving undetected; leaving a gruesome tale of murder, deceit, and a dream for riches, to sense the worst. This story is about a deliberated campaign of to �Mr. Nobody�s� whose signatures would later offer precious clues to the deadly drug game that paralyzed the city of Detroit.

Ex-convict-turned-novelist, Penman Thornwell, has re-released his realistically gritty debut novel, Down the Meanest Streets, a well received crime thriller based on true events that�s slated for a film adaptation.

The story involves criminal evolution of Thornwell, a Detroit native who has been breaking the law since early childhood. In Thornwell�s mesmerizing autobiography, he chronicles his impoverished beginning, his rise in the drug culture, his later addiction, and of course, his imprisonment.

Down the Meanest Streets is a tell-all book with on intention of getting back at anyone who did him wrong. Fans of street-lit hood fiction should definitely respect Down the Meanest Streets, especially before the film drops.

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Publisher: Penman Thornwell
Publication date: 04/16/2011
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About the Author

When you are excited about a writer who is still in the start of his career; who is known but whose name is not yet a household word, whose third novel, The Best Friends Story, a trilogy.

Penman Thornwell was born in Detroit, Michigan. He has a P.H.D. from the streets of Detroit having hustled as a stick-up man to peddling dope and his marriage in 1977. His firs novel, Down the Meanest Streets (2008), was well received by critics and Whore Stroll (2011) is widely acclaimed. Though he was taken seriously by the critics-being compared to such established writhers as Donald Goines, Roy Glenn, and Terri Woods � his first truly popular success was Down the Meanest Streets. The eagerly awaited novel, The Best Friends Story will be published in 2012. Like all of his novels to date, The Best Friends Story is about the experience of young black American males throughout the inner cities-their history and mythology, their contemporary reality, morals, and methods of coping as a visible and exploited minority.

Down the Meanest Streets is also about Thornwell, as individual-black male, growing up in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan. It is also about Thornwell�s friend �Seal�-black male, growing up in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan. But as different from Thornwell, in the life he chooses and the values he holds as two people can be.

Just as Thornwell is the object of that novel, Down the Meanest Streets, and as it turns out, Thornwell is the subject also. So the author moves form subject to object and toward the end it is the author whose examined life we are closer to.
When an interviewer recently asked him to describe what is distinctive about his novels, Penman Thornwell replied, �The ability to use the language to tell stories, being a masterful story teller.� Down the Meanest Streets, his first and most famous work, a novel that has such extravagant, wide praise that to call it a masterpiece might be an understatement. The novel was wrote when the author was in the penitentiary

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Down the Meanest Streets 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
cb18 More than 1 year ago
I would love to purchase this book in paperback.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's honest, compelling and a absolutely true to life book.  It's a must read for all  teenagers, parents and prisoners. The book is so riveting  I couldn't read it fast  enough.   After spending 11 years behind bars myself, reading this book put hope   in my heart that I have a chance at a better life after going down the wrong path,  now I know I can make better choices for my life.  I hope Mr. Thornwell continues to write and make some movies!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book can be purchase in paperback by calling Jameela Publishing today at (904) 888-0418 or      (904) 525-5482.  Thank for your interest