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Down to the Promised Land: 5 Years of Bloodshot Records

Down to the Promised Land: 5 Years of Bloodshot Records

"There's a little place up Chicago way/where country punk came alive/They birthed it, nursed it, turned it loose/and now Bloodshot's turning five." So begins Robbie Fulks's musing on the Bloodshot saga "Bloodshot's Turning 5," and he should know: Fulks appeared on the label's first release,


"There's a little place up Chicago way/where country punk came alive/They birthed it, nursed it, turned it loose/and now Bloodshot's turning five." So begins Robbie Fulks's musing on the Bloodshot saga "Bloodshot's Turning 5," and he should know: Fulks appeared on the label's first release, FOR A LIFE OF SIN: A COMPILATION OF INSURGENT CHICAGO COUNTRY, as did many of the artists on this essential compilation. DOWN TO THE PROMISED LAND celebrates the label's fifth anniversary with a bargain-priced double-disc set of 40 new tracks; it's a treat for fans and a perfect introduction for neophytes. Fulks, the Old 97's, and the Waco Brothers have defined the insurgent country/cow-punk side of the alt-country genre; they're each represented here, as is the rest of the beer-soaked, unpretentious, rollicking Bloodshot roster and some like-minded comrades such as Giant Sand, Johnny Dowd, and Whiskeytown's Ryan Adams and Caitlin Cary. The songs careen from revved-up country punk (the Meat Purveyors, Bare Jr.) to overdriven old-time bluegrass (Moonshine Willy, Split Lip Rayfield) to heart-stopping ballads (the wonderful Neko Case, Alejandro Escovedo, and Kelly Hogan) to warped country soul (Andre Williams duetting with Sally Timms on "Glue," which ends up spelled "G-L-E-U"). Several of the cover versions attest to Bloodshot's inveterate sense of humor: The Wacos convert the Who's "Baba O'Riley" into a cow-punk bash, while the Unholy Trio remake Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise" as a rockabilly travesty. DOWN TO THE PROMISED LAND is country-punk heaven. Happy anniversary, Bloodshot.

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All Music Guide - John Duffy
As independent record labels go, five years is a lifetime. Half a decade and over 70 releases after a late-night drunken tirade against the music industry gave it life, Chicago's Bloodshot Records has proven itself to be perhaps the most important Americana-no Depression-alt-country heap. The label has always prided itself in merging punk and country in the most unholy of matrimonies, and Down to the Promised Land proves the marriage works. Within the two-disc set's 40 tracks are excellent rock tunes from the likes of the Yahoos, the Waco Brothers (doing the Who's "Baba O'Riley"), aggressive cowpunk from the Roughnecks, and Trailer Bride, straight-up honky tonk from the Cornell Hurd Band and Nora O'Connor, and speedgrass from folks like the Meat Purveyors and Split Lip Rayfield. But the biggest moment? Without a doubt the Unholy Trio's low-fi cover of Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise," complete with strains of "Dixie" thrown in for good measure.

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Bloodshot Records


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bill Anderson   Guitar
Graham Parker   Vocals
Andre Williams   Vocals
Brian Wilson   Drums
Giant Sand   Track Performer
Chris Stamey   Hand Clapping
Cornell Hurd   Track Performer
Chip Taylor   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Dan Baird   Guitar,Vocals
Eric Ambel   Dulcimer,Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Drums,Keyboards,Vocals,Lap Steel Guitar
Joe Terry   Accordion
Paul K.   Guitar,Voices
Terry Anderson   Drums,Vocals
Dan Bolton   Guitar
Earl Carter   Upright Bass
Gerald Collier   Piano
Sean Dean   Bass
Alejandro Escovedo   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Steve Goulding   Guitar,Background Vocals
Kelly Hogan   Vocals,Background Vocals
Mike Ireland   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Duane Jarvis   Bass,Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
Jon Langford   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Lloyd Maines   Acoustic Guitar
John Platania   Electric Guitar
Ralph Power   Drums
Lorne Rall   Bass,Slide Whistle
Ian Spanic   Guitar
Tom Spanic   Background Vocals
Sally Timms   Vocals
Hugh Whitaker   Drums,Vocals
Texas Rubies   Track Performer
Damon Hennessey   Background Vocals
Hector Muñoz   Drums
David Perales   Violin
John Rice   Bazouki
John Convertino   Drums
Dancing Eagle   Cymbals,Drums
Eddie Spaghetti   Bass,Vocals
Old 97's   Track Performer
Waco Brothers   Track Performer
Eric Danheim   Rhythm Guitar
Frank X. Roeber   Bass
Paul Skelton   Guitar
Rico Bell   Accordion,Vocals
Lynn Blakey   Background Vocals
Mike Deming   Piano
Ron Heathman   Guitar
Joe Eddy Hines   Guitar
Mike Daly   Hand Clapping
Robbie Fulks   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Moonshine Willy   Track Performer
Rhett Miller   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Neko Case   Piano,Vocals,Guitar (Tenor),Vocal Harmony
Brett Sparks   Vocal Harmony
Darcie Deaville   Fiddle
Riptones   Track Performer
Jane Baxter-Miller   Vocals
Ken Sluiter   Background Vocals
Meat Purveyors   Track Performer
Johnny Dowd   Guitar,Vocals
Sadies   Track Performer
Cherilyn DiMond   Vocals,Standup Bass
Ryan Adams   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Deanna Varagona   Vocals
Bobby Bare   Track Performer,Guitar,Vocals
Murry Hammond   Bass Guitar,Background Vocals
Caitlin Cary   Violin,Vocals
Devil in a Woodpile   Track Performer
Yayhoos   Track Performer
Mike Reed   Vocals
Tracy Hackney   Dulcimer,Harmonica,Vocals
Phillip Brennan   Guitar,Vocals
Roddy Johnston   Fiddle,Vocals
Cody Nicolas   Piano
Ken Bethea   Electric Guitar
Jeff Eaton   Bass
Wayne Gottstine   Mandolin,Vocals
Eric Mardis   Banjo,Vocals
Kirk Rundstrom   Guitar,Vocals
Melissa Swingle   Guitar,Vocals,Saw
Kelly Kessler   Vocal Harmony
Celine   Fiddle
Jon Rauhouse   Pedal Steel Banjo
Jon Williams   Mandolin,Vocals
Keith Christopher   Bass,Vocals
Matt Weber   Pedal Steel Guitar
Daniel Henzerling   Guitar,Percussion,Vocals
Phil Lee   Drums,Tambourine
Deano   Guitar,Vocals
Jim DeWan   Banjo
Dan Massey   Drums
Gina Black   Banjo,Vocals,Upright Bass
James Emmenegger   Drums
Dallas Good   Organ,Banjo,Guitar
Travis Good   Fiddle,Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
Mike Barfield   Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Kim Sherwood-Caso   Vocals
Chris Grady   Bass
Earl C. Whitehead   Guitar,Vocals
Mickey Ferrell   Bass,Vocals
Tom Reiss   Guitar,Vocals
Tex Schmidt   Guitar
Amy Nelson   Vocals
Keith Brogdon   Percussion,Drums
Dean Tomasek   Bass Guitar
Anna Fermin   Vocals
Anna Fermin's Trigger Gospel   Track Performer
Snakehandlers   Track Performer
Nora O'Connor   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Misery Boys   Track Performer
Unholy Trinity   Track Performer
Steve Dorocke   Dobro,Mandolin,Accordion
Solomon Hofer   Pedal Steel Guitar
Robbie Jgersoe   Pedal Steel Guitar
Jonboy   Guitar,Vocals
Anne Tkach   Percussion,Drums,Vocals
Denny Dale   Bass Guitar,Vocal Harmony
Shawn Barton   Guitar,Percussion,Vocals
Marc Benning   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Mike Reed   Drums
Brian Standefer   Cello
Bill Curry   Bass,Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Kim Docter   Vocals
Tom V. Ray   Bass,Standup Bass
Rick "Cookin'" Sherry   Bass Drums,Vocals,Washboard
Brad Goolsby   Drums
Scott Goolsby   Guitar
Daryl White   Standup Bass
Justin "Trevor" Asher   Keyboards
Michael Krayniak   Upright Bass
Jamie Stirling   Drums
Jeb Bonansinga   Guitar,Vocals
Clay Merritt   Guitar
Mike Belitsky   Drums
Danny Black   Guitar,Vocals,Lap Steel Guitar

Technical Credits

Grievous Angels   Producer
Pete Townshend   Composer
Chris Stamey   Producer,Engineer
Peter Collins   Producer
Chip Taylor   Producer
Eric Ambel   Producer,Engineer
Supersuckers   Producer
George Bradfute   Engineer
Mike Ireland   Producer
Jon Langford   Producer,Cover Painting
Lloyd Maines   Producer
John Platania   Producer
Mark Richards   Engineer
Jerry Soto   Producer
Ian Spanic   Producer
Mark Creswell   Producer
Mycle Konopka   Engineer
Ominous Seapods   Composer
Old 97's   Producer
Casper Rawls   Producer
Rico Bell   Producer
Mike Deming   Producer
Mike Hagler   Producer,Engineer
Ed Rose   Producer
Teddy Harper   Engineer
Handsome Family   Producer
Trailer Bride   Producer
Neko Case   Producer
Rick Barnes   Engineer
Michael Bitterman   Engineer
Hollisters   Arranger
Alan Weatherhead   Producer
Brendan Burke   Producer,Engineer
Paul Burch   Composer
Johnny Dowd   Producer
Hazeldine   Producer
Nick Luca   Engineer
Dave Willingham   Engineer
Split Lip Rayfield   Producer
Deanna Varagona   Producer
Michael Krassner   Engineer
Rex Hobart   Producer
Colin Mahoney   Producer
Jon Rauhouse   Producer
Roughnecks   Producer
Moe Jacksch   Producer
Timothy Powell   Engineer
Misery Boys   Producer
Unholy Trinity   Producer
Marc Benning   Producer
Kevin McDonough   Producer
Matt Morano   Producer
E. Smith   Composer
Danny Black   Producer

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