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Dr. Abravanel's Anti-Craving Weight Loss Diet: Based on the 8-Week Skinny School Program

Dr. Abravanel's Anti-Craving Weight Loss Diet: Based on the 8-Week Skinny School Program

by Elliott D. Abravanel, Elliot D. Abravanel

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With a thesis that the intense cravings which some people have for particular types of foods (i.e., sweets and starches, or greasy and salty foods) cause weight-loss diets to fail, Abravanel contends that curing the cravings will end the problem. He states that cravings are linked to the feeling of inner peace and tranquility which the foods provide and that this inner peace can be obtained without the foods. He then provides specific diets to control the two craving types and recommends a course of dietary mineral, vitamin, and amino acid supplements. Following the same basic dietary theory as Abravanel, Davis urges and provides a low-calorie diet while suggesting the use of amino acids to suppress the appetite. Both of these books need to be carefully examined in light of the new evidence linking the amino acid supplement L. tryptophan to the blood disorder eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome. Neither book can be recommended because they both suggest the use of tryptophan supplements. Sinaikin presents a program of diet modification for those who have experienced radical weight loss using liquid protein diets. He suggests a specific plan for weaning the dieter away from liquid meals by increasing specific foods and solid foods on a gradual basis. While this information may be valuable, especially given the recent publicity about liquid diets, the bulk of the book is standard advice about eating a low-fat, low-sugar, high-complex carbohydrate and fiber diet and getting enough exercise to maintain weight loss and feel good about yourself. There is not enough new information here to recommend Sinaikin's new book. Abravanel's book was previewed in Prepub Alert, LJ 9/1/89, under a different title: Dr. Abravanel's Skinny School Program. --Ed.-- Susan E. Holmer, Peninsula Lib. System, San Mateo, Cal.

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