Dr. Dan's Last Word on Babies and Other Humans

Dr. Dan's Last Word on Babies and Other Humans

by Nancy Heller
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Dr. Dan's Last Word on Babies and Other Humans by Nancy Heller


Several years ago, while I was rounding at one of the Brigham and Women's Hospital nurseries, a new father shared a funny story with me.

Early the previous morning, this new father went to the hospital lobby in search of coffee and bagels. While waiting in line at the coffee shop, the father noticed a man enter the lobby. He was struck by the odd appearance of this man. In the midst of a brutally cold New England winter, this man was dressed in a bicycle racing shirt, shorts, ski socks pulled up to his knobby knees, ankle weights, a hos- pital ID badge around his neck, and a propeller att- ached to the top of his bicycle helmet.

When he returned to his wife's hospital room, he told her about his experience. This new dad worked in the human services field and was very impressed that the hospital was so progressive as to hire such an obviously mentally challenged person.

About ten minutes passed when the new parents heard a loud knock on the hospital room door. To their surprise, shock, astonishment and horror, the same man walked into the room?complete with the propeller helmet, shorts, ski socks, ankle weights. Now the man had a stethoscope around his neck and was pushing a portable crib with their new baby! Greeting the shocked and befuddled new parents, the man proudly announced his arrival. "Hi, I'm Dr. Heller. I'm your pediatrician and am here to exam- ine your baby."

Dr. Dan was, without a doubt, the most unique, charismatic and outgoing individual who one will ever meet. As one mother remarked to me, 'You will always remember the first time you met Dr. Dan."

Bruce Bunnell, MD, Dr. Heller's partner of 15 years at Centre Pediatrics, told this story at a memorial sevice for Dr. Heller in 2005.

2nd FLAP: "Having Dr. Heller for a doctor was like having Mary Poppins for a nanny." -Parent, Sara B. "Dr. Dan was an original-that's the only way I know how to put it. He is such a huge part of our family history that memories keep flooding in. For example, when our daughter finally slept through the night after months of disturbing our sleep, my husband and I were not only shocked: as new parents, we were also worried that her brand new sleep pattern might signal a serious medical problem. Dr. Dan was on when I called, and I will never forget how he questioned me closely about symp- toms and listened very carefully to all I said. Then, as I hung on to every word of diagnosis he could provide for me, he slowly explained, 'That, Mrs. L, is what we in the medical profession refer to as ...a blessing!'" -Parent, Susan L.

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Dr Dan's Last Word On Babies And Other Humans 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chapter Three: A Uninvited Guest<br> <p>Shinx laid down, trembling and exhausted. He have been running for hours now from his home and his betraying friend, Pikachu, along with two other pokemon. His eyes gleamed in fear everytime he thinks of Pikachu; a murderer behind his cute reflection.<br> <p>What did Pikachu ever did to Shinx?<br> <p>Still, Shinx's mother is dead so he must live on his own. He gets back up and looks for a den on the open briar field, but found nothing. Sadly, Shinx padded forward.<br> <p>It's now sun-high and Shinx still didn't find a home. After walking out of the briar field, he found a den; a huge one on the side of the rock in a forest.<br> <p>Shinx ran inside, releived that he finally found a home. With one happy sigh, he laid down and clses his eyes.<br> <p>"Hey! Get out of my home!"<br> <p>Shinx's head shot up with very sleepy eyes. A female Eevee was at the entrance of the den, hissing with rage. Shinx jumped up and landed on four paws, hissing back without hesitating.<br> <p>"Who the heck are you?!" The Eevee hissed. "I'm Shinx!" Shinx answered proudly, but still hold his position. "What are you doing in my home?!" Eevee snarled. "Get out!!" Shinx gasped. "But you don't understand!" He yelled. "I understand perfectly, get out!" Eevee inturrupted. "No, I can't find a home!" Shinx cried out. "Well, you can't just come in here and take my home! Get out or I'll make you!" Eevee pointed out feircely. "Wait-" Shinx was about to say, but then Eevee's gaze burn against his pelt. "Why would a wandering kitten like you go far away from your parents?!" Eevee demanded. "I don't have parents! They're both dead!!!!!" Shinx choked out, tears coming out of his eyes.<br> <p>Eevee stiffened a gasp. "How?" She hissed. "Well, Luxray, my mother, told me that when I was very young, my father was killed by a Raichu. Then, Luxray was killed by..." a shiver went through Shinx as he remembered Pikachu's betrayal and the murder of Luxray. "...by starvation." Shinx lied.<br> <p>"My parents were too..." Eevee murmured, flattening her ears. "H-how?" Shinx gasped. "...A Arcanine. Somehow, a Torchic was there too."<br> <p>Shinx let the memories flow back; the Torchic, the Arcanine, the death of his mother... "Tell me how they did it." Shinx demanded.<br> <p>"Okay." Eevee sat down and began. "It was night-time. I was young when my parents were killed. My mother and father slept with my beside a tree, where we live. Then it happened. A Torchic came out of nowhere and stuck me to the ground with one of her talons. I struggled but I can't slip free. Then, a Arcanine came in and bite on my father's shoulder. I saw so much blood then I ever saw. My mother waked up instantly then Arcanine sank his fangs into her throat. Torchic grabbed me by the talons and threw me away painfully. I was forced to live by my own rules now..."<br> <p>"I get it now." Shinx meowed. "I'm Shinx. What's yours?"<br> <p>Alright, I want to continue, but I can't break the rules. I might be in third place because this isn't really my best story I ever did, but still pretty good. The story wil get better soon, I promise. Who knows, I might make the same story on the computer. :)<br> <p>Well, thanks for reading my story. I didn't work hard on it at all really. I might even continue it after the contest so I can work on it again! Yay! :D I don't really care for what place I am in. I is important is that I had fun!!!!! See ya!!<br> <p>-Jaysoar
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Should be required reading for ANYONE involved in the care of children. This volume is a long-needed commonsense guide to the wonders and challenges of childhood, certain to be enjoyed by both parents and professionals. As a practicing pediatrician in New York City for nearly 20 years, I can state unequivocally that this is the most useful, informative and throroughly enjoyable book related to the practice of pediatrics that I have ever read. Here's hoping it finds its way into every bookstore and every language possible - Dr. Dan Heller's wit, wisdom and good humor are a gift to be celebrated over and over again.