Dr. Earl Mindell's Unsafe at Any Meal: How to Avoid Hidden Toxins in Your Food / Edition 1

Dr. Earl Mindell's Unsafe at Any Meal: How to Avoid Hidden Toxins in Your Food / Edition 1

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McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing

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Dr. Earl Mindell's Unsafe at Any Meal: How to Avoid Hidden Toxins in Your Food / Edition 1

The ultimate health-defense guide for eating wisely and safely

Food manufacturers rely increasingly on the use of chemicals to produce larger crops and livestock and to extend the shelf lives of products. Foods once considered safe are being tagged as potential health hazards on a regular basis. Contaminated beef, orange juice carrying salmonella—the list continues to grow. The nearly 3,000 additives being concealed in food products can cause everything from asthma and headaches to heart problems, miscarriages, cancer, and more. Dr. Earl Mindell's Unsafe at Any Meal, a bestseller in its previous edition, is the consumer's best weapon against the hidden hazards in food, drink, herbs, and medicines.

Dr. Earl Mindell, one of America's leading nutrition experts, exposes the food industry's chemical cover-ups and provides crucial information on what to look out for when shopping, cooking, and taking medications. This thoroughly revised, updated edition includes coverage of genetically modified foods as well as foods designed to provide specific health benefits.

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ISBN-13: 9780658021152
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 06/28/2002
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.66(d)

Table of Contents

A Note to the Readerxiv
1The Lowdown on Labels1
1.Why You Still Can't Judge a Food by Its Label
2.Where Did Those Percentages Come From?
3.What Must Appear on a Food Label?
4.What's Allowed to Go Unmentioned Is Unforgivable
5."Labelese": How General Terms Can Be Particularly Confusing
6.Yes, What You Don't Know Can Harm You
7.Basic "Labelese" for Beginners in Search of Better Health
8.Label Highs and Lows at a Glance
9.How Fresh Is "Fresh"?
10.What Manufacturers Can Say and What They Mean
11.How Natural Is "Organic"?
12.Check Those Serving Sizes
13.How to Find Hidden Ingredients
14.Foods That Don't Have to Tell
15.Coping with Invisible Ingredients
16.What's in a Flavor?
17.Flavoring Labeling Translated
18.Those Mysterious "Spices"
19.Are You Getting the Right USDA Grades?
20.Secrets of the Pyramid Revealed
21.Any Questions About Chapter 1?
Food for Thought
2Those Unpronounceable Additives25
22.What Additives Are
23.Understanding the Myths
24.Unintentional Additives
25.The GRAS in Your Diet
26.Some Popular GRAS Additives You Might Want to Keep Off Your Shopping List
27.Why Are Additives in My Food?
28.What They Can Do to You: Symptom--Additive Connections
29.The Silent Additive
30.The Sinister Six Sulfites
31.Protecting Yourself Against Sulfites
32.Know Your Most Frequently Sulfited Foods
33.Vitamins Can Be Additives, Too
34.Any Questions About Chapter 2?
Food for Thought
3Genetically Modified Food Fright53
35.What Are Genetically Modified Foods?
36.Biotech Terms to Come to Terms With
37.Gee, GE Is Risky Business
38.How to Spot the Usual Unusual Suspects
39.Who Can You Trust?
40.Genetically Unmodified Facts
41.The Functions of Functional Foods
43.Misfunctional Foods
44.Any Questions About Chapter 3?
Food for Thought
4Is This Any Way to Start a Day?65
45.The Meal Most Likely to...
46.Breakfasts That Don't Make Your Day
47.Getting the Juice on Juice
48.Know Your Oranges
49.Hold the Bacon, Please!
50.Do Eggs Have a Sunny Side?
51.Cold Starters
52.What's Hot and What's Not
53.Breads You Might Not Propose to Toast
54.Choosing Your Morning Bread Spreads
55.Any Questions About Chapter 4?
Food for Thought
5Coffee, Tea, or Milk?91
56.That Not-So-Great Cup of Coffee
57.The Dangers of Decaffeination
58.Other Decaffeinators
59.Withdrawal Warning
60.Coffee Trade-Offs
61.Caffeine Comparisons to Keep in Mind
62.The Tea Alternatives
63.What Could Be Wrong with Milk?
64.Milk Trade-Offs
65.Never Trust a Nondairy Creamer
66.Any Questions About Chapter 5?
Food for Thought
6The Lunch Crunch107
67.Dying for Lunch?
68.Packing Lunch Boxes with Trouble
69.Sandwich Cautions
70.The Scoop on School Lunches
71.Simple Sandwiches for Superior Performance
72.Fast-Food Foolishness
73.Fast-Food Calorie Countdown
74.Some Fast-Food Fat Trade-Offs
75.Not-So-Hot Dogs
76.Any Questions About Chapter 6?
Food for Thought
7Scary Snacks117
77.The Unsweet Side of Sugar
78.A Table of Sugar Contents
79.Why Quick Pickups Let You Down
80.All Sugars Aren't the Same
81.Real Facts About Artificial Sweeteners
82.What Four Out of Five Dentists Don't Tell You About Sugarless Gum
83.The Sweet Treat That Ought to Be Behind Bars
84.The Candy-Candida Connection
85.Little Snacks Can Have Big Dangers
86.There's Nothing Bright About Artificial Colors
87.Assorted Unappetizing Snack Additives
88.Smarter Snack Trade-Offs
89.Any Questions About Chapter 7?
Food for Thought
8Think Before You Drink--Anything141
90.Rubbing in the Hard Facts About Alcohol
91.Beer Is Nothing to Cheer About
92.The Heavy Truth About Light Beers
93.Nonalcoholic Trade-Offs Pay Off
94.The Grapes of Wrath
95.The "French Paradox" Explained
96.Why Wine Coolers Are Not So Hot
97.Liquor Facts That Won't Raise Your Spirits
98.Taking the Fizz Out of Soft Drinks
99.The Unwatered-Down Truth About Water
100.How Safe Is Your Tap Water?
101.The Hazards of Home Water Filters
102.Hitting the Bottled Alternatives
103.Any Questions About Chapter 8?
Food for Thought
9For Whom the Dinner Bell Tolls157
104.The Big Supper Mistake
105.Meaty Problems
106.Mad Cow Disease
107.Resolving the Protein Predicament
108.Why Not a Low-Fat Chicken in Every Pot?
109.The Soy Alternative
110.Please Pass on the Salt
111.Are You Getting the Full Fish Story?
112.Yes, You Still Should Have Fish for Dinner
113.Pasta Pitfalls
114.Any Questions About Chapter 9?
Food for Thought
10The Hazards of "Health" and Healthy Foods173
115.All That's Fiber Isn't Fabulous
116.Know Your Fiber Before You Eat It
117.Dangers in Natural Foods
118.Healthy but Hazardous
119.Potentially Harmful Herbs, Teas, and Spices
120.Raw Foods That You Are Better Off Cooking
121.Some Other Advantages of Cooking
122.When Cooking Is Not So Hot
123.Cooking to Preserve Nutrients and Your Health
124.Vegetarian Vulnerabilities
125.The Big B12 Problem
126.The Amino Acid Balancing Act
127.An Apple Today Can't Keep Doctors Away
128.Crudites to Consume Cautiously
129.Half-Truths About Whole Grains
130.Finding Grains of Goodness
131.Getting Sour on Yogurt
132.What They Forgot to Tell You at the Health Food Store
133.Any Questions About Chapter 10?
Food for Thought
11Cautions a la Carte201
134.Food Poisoning Is Alive and Well
135.Protecting Yourself at Home and in Restaurants
136.Microwave Cooking Safety
137.Is That Still Okay to Eat?
138.Learn the Dating Game
139.Mind Those Molds
140.Possible Plastic Problems
141.How Long Will It Keep?
142.Portions of Cautions
143.International Cuisine Kudos and Cautions
144.A Not-for-Seniors Reminder
145.Do You Know the Foods That Supply Your Nutrients?
146.Any Questions About Chapter 11?
Food for Thought
12The Disease and Wellness Connection229
147.The Diet-Disease Link
148.Cancer Brewers
149.Foods That Can Fight Back
150.Food Mood Swingers
151.Eating Your Way to Depression
152.Depression and Stress Antidotes
153.Foods Can Be Sex Sinkers
154.Great Boosters for Better Sex
155.Aging Accelerators
156.Help for Holding Back Advancing Years
157.Immunity Underminers
158.Boosting Your Body's Defenses
159.Any Questions About Chapter 12?
Food for Thought
13May I Help You?243
160.How to Locate a Nutritionally Oriented Doctor
161.Free Calls for Fast Answers
Bibliography and Recommended Reading261

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