Dr. Mom's Guide to Breastfeeding

Dr. Mom's Guide to Breastfeeding

by Marianne R. Neifert
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Dr. Mom's Guide to Breastfeeding 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book covers the most topics we've seen with excellent, detailed information - no nonsense and so many practical, helpful hints to succeed and be smart about breast feeding. With our second infant we still refer to this book. We don't believe in "colick" and have been able to be good baby "detectives" to calm our little ones well on so many occasions. Another great book on babies = The Happiest Baby on the Block. Other helpful items we can't do without = soft, elevated sleep positioner, Lansinoh lanolin cream and Soothies in drug stores to ease the pain.

It's great to hear our family and friends marvel at how happy our babies are and how little they cry - they swore we were so lucky with the first and probably wouldn't have the same "luck" with the second but at 6 months he is even better than the first. I don't think "luck" has much to do with it, it's hard work, figuring out why they're crying and meeting the food, sleep or diaper changing needs - always with lots and lots of holding, almost constant holding until 3 months old. We always did diaper, feed, burp and rock/shake to sleep when fussy and watched the clock for patterns, then did the same before any fussiness and soon the little ones trust we'll take care of them before they ask = happy, cooing babies that are well fed with no red butts and slowly wean to sleeping alone on their backs and burping most by themselves by 4-6 months. That accomplishment is better than any success you can list in the workplace -- happy baby = peace and sanity and you can't put a price or percentage on that!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a comprehensive reference to breastfeeding issues, from common concerns such as latching on and weight gain to dealing with twins, premature babies and hopitalization. The author does not talk down to you - she explains the medical reasons why certain things such as jaundice occur, (if you understand it, you can prevent it!) then provides multiple suggestions for courses of action. I found the author's tone to be warm and calm, which provided me with some moral support to believe in what I was trying to do and persist with it, in the face of the ignorance of others. This book is not flashy (no color pictures) but it is something you should read cover-to-cover before the baby comes - you won't have time afterwards! I like to give this as a baby shower gift.