Dr Nirdosh's Anti-Ageing Secrets: Discover How Celebrities Stay Looking So Young

Dr Nirdosh's Anti-Ageing Secrets: Discover How Celebrities Stay Looking So Young

by Dr. Neetu Nirdosh

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ISBN-13: 9781843585503
Publisher: John Blake Publishing, Limited
Publication date: 08/01/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Dr Neetu Nirdosh is a Director of the renowned Dr Nirdosh anti-ageing clinic and a founder of DrNirdosh.com, the exclusive online health, beauty and anti-ageing store. She has combined modern science with new technologies and has integrated ten years of clinical research to formulate an elite range of leading anti-ageing skin treatments. Dr Nirdosh regularly instructs the media, coaches magazine editors, directs beauty houses and advises celebrities. Her anti-ageing treatments are prescribed to many A-listers as part of their anti-ageing skincare routine.

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Dr Nirdosh's Anti-Ageing Secrets

By Neetu Nirdosh

John Blake Publishing Ltd

Copyright © 2010 Dr Neetu Nirdosh
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-84358-552-7


Dr Nirdosh Prescribes Everlasting Youth

MANY OF YOU may already be ageing faster than you thought possible and perhaps you fear that the ageing process is taking control of you. But forget that fear: you have in your hands the only anti-ageing medical book that can put you back in control. Follow the Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing Plan and you'll discover how to make your face look younger and achieve the ultimate youthful body.

Many A-list celebrities and socialites are secretly using my plan on a daily basis to turn back the clock. This unique prescription is a needle-free solution to bring stunning results in just a few weeks for anyone, of any age. Instead of cursing yet another facial wrinkle as you look in the mirror each day, being on the plan ensures that you will relish waking up – you'll learn to love your face as your wrinkles soften and become less apparent.

As your face starts to look decades younger, your body will simultaneously be transformed. When you look at yourself naked in that mirror, no longer will you see horrid fatty rolls and sagging skin staring back at you. Instead, your dream body will soon begin to take shape right in front of your very eyes. You'll see a lean, fat-free and perfectly formed physique so defined and sexy that it definitely demands a second look. At the same time, your whole body will unravel the ageing process still more with the return of your sex drive. Your libido levels will go through the roof as you discover a sex drive you never knew existed or rediscover the one of yesteryear.

My powerful anti-ageing plan works directly on the major concerns, such as thinning skin, lines, wrinkles, a sagging neck and weight gain, plus invisible internal damage – much of it easily missed by the naked eye. This includes deterioration of lean muscle, accumulation of fat, bone weakening, as well as serious medical conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and impaired brain acuity.

There are two ways to age: the first gives a youthful face and body, sex appeal, longevity and confidence; with the second come age-related illnesses that make you feel and look old. You never had the option before, but with the Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing Plan you do now, and I urge you to choose it!


Meticulously developed over a decade to provide the body with the necessary components to defy and counteract ageing, for the first time ever the Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing Plan gives users – both male and female – a realistic, revolutionary needle- and knife-free face- and body-lift. In just six weeks, the whole body can be transformed, internally and externally. My plan targets the core areas responsible for keeping your body young and that's why it's more successful than any other.

The principle is simple: the Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing Plan refuses to allow the body to age. As anti-ageing hormone levels decline internally, the plan kicks into action to ensure your body tops them right up again to fight back. So, how is this possible? These hormones are the key components we need to stay looking young. With age, they decline, but, through reigniting waning levels of this extraordinary age-defying chemical, the face and body can be trained to win the battle against ageing.

The principal anti-ageing hormone is the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), the superpower of anti-ageing hormones, and one which I will go on to talk about throughout the book. Other anti-ageing hormones enhanced on my plan are:

• Dehydroepiandrosterone – this functions both as an anti-ageing hormone and also as a precursor to make other hormones

• Thyroid Hormone – a metabolic hormone

• Oestrogen – female sex hormone

• Progesterone – female sex hormone

• Testosterone – male sex hormone also present in females (see chapter 11)

• Melatonin – sleep hormone

• Endorphins – feelgood hormones

Through the powers of body manipulation alone, without injections or surgery, anti-ageing hormones may be naturally reinjected into the face and body with my four-step plan of unique exercise techniques, diet, anti-ageing supplements and skincare treatments. In turn, your body will be freed from an accelerated state of ageing, instantly positioning it in a regenerative age-defiant state as it quickly starts to refuel itself with the lost anti-ageing hormones necessary to produce a natural, needle-free lift. The benefits of the plan, as detailed below, are truly astonishing.

The Natural Anti-Ageing Face-Lift will give you:

• A natural, younger-looking and more uplifted face

• Thicker, plumper facial skin

• Fewer fine lines and wrinkles

• Diminished crow's feet and eye bags

• Tighter neck and jowls; also tighter facial skin with less sag

• Radiant, glowing skin

• Finally, stronger, more tactile skin – quite simply, a whole new you!

The Natural Anti-Ageing Body-Lift provides:

• A beautiful, lean, and fat-free body that looks decades younger

• Slender, more defined thighs and hips

• Cellulite-free legs without lumpy, orange-peel skin

• A washboard stomach

• Shapely arms with muscle definition

• A gorgeously uplifted, pert bottom

• Finally, a higher-lifted bust and deeper cleavage line – in all, a sexy, curvaceous, tauter frame.

So, follow my plan to reverse the ageing process and reap these advantages:

• The body is encouraged to live up to two decades longer

• Improved heart function, so lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease

• Enhanced muscle tissue in the whole body, producing a firmer frame

• Elevated brain function, encouraging a better memory and sharper cognitive actions

• A halt to bone demineralisation and osteoporosis

• Confidence is boosted and depression wiped clean away

• Amplified libido – feel your sex drive skyrocket!

• Immunity is reinforced to fend off illnesses better.


During my years studying medicine at university, I was fascinated to discover that the body can resist the process of ageing. This developed into a passion for greater knowledge of the process and led me to discover the real cause of ageing. My enthusiasm went back as far as the days when I toured the UK as a professional dancer in my youth. From the age of four, I was performing tap and ballet.

In those days, little information existed on how to maintain stamina, youthfulness and general good health, so I had to teach myself the right foods for optimum wellbeing. My mother had always insisted on feeding us fresh and nutritious foods and our meals at home were very healthy, with the kitchen being the hub of family life. My mother taught me that eating fruit and vegetables (especially in their raw state), low-fat milk and nuts rich in special oils would protect my skin and prevent lines and wrinkles from developing. She drummed into me that what I ate early on in life would benefit me in years to come. Indeed, I was the only girl at school in my class who shunned crisps and chocolate, instead opting for a daily lunch of six tomatoes, half a cucumber, a raw carrot and a pint of milk. Although the other pupils laughed at me, I knew they were eating foods that would slow down their performance and make them fat and lethargic. Even in kids, the body must work hard to break down the sugary calories contained in junk food. In the long term, their health would suffer because the foods they were eating conflicted with the body's balance and so it reacted in turn by releasing insulin and cortisol, the bad ageing hormones linked to unhealthy foods.

So, what exactly causes ageing? At university, I questioned this further and started to unravel the major contributory factors in destroying youth. Most importantly, I established that ageing is a disease but it can be treated: it is a multi-faceted, chronic process that causes our organs, tissues and cells to progressively lose function. Eventually, this leads to numerous illnesses, among them heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, infections, loss of agility, postural problems and deterioration of the brain.

External age damage becomes apparent in the face with the onset of wrinkles, thin, drooping skin, crow's feet and age spots. Internally, however, something far more serious occurs: muscle tissue deterioration, loss of body tone and facial firmness. The key culprits are hormones. Throughout life, the body experiences a massive change in hormonal activity. Good anti-ageing hormones are already present in our bodies, but levels diminish rapidly, thanks to everyday lifestyle choices such as a poor diet, late nights, smoking, excessive alcohol, lack of exercise, dehydration and stress. All these trigger the release of bad ageing hormones, thus causing a series of negative catabolic breakdown reactions that leave the body in a progressively more fragile state as the bad hormones override the good ones. Prolonged bouts of such a negative cycle are responsible for your current health, body shape and facial structure. This is the ageing process at its rawest.

Just a quick word about the link between stress and ageing. Stress causes anti-ageing hormones to diminish and instead instigates a surge of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone normally released during the 'fight and flight' reaction, placing the body in a high state of alert. It increases the heart rate, enhances brain-to-muscle co-ordination, stimulates the mind, raises blood pressure and generally has catabolic breakdown effects. In small doses it is protective but chronic release can cause insulin resistance and predisposition to obesity by enhancing fat storage.

Often, we do nothing and accept ageing as a normal transition in life that we must experience. Having learned as a child that if you take care of your body then it has the tools it needs to implement positive changes, I have never accepted this. Indeed, if we block the age-inflicting hormones, this negative reaction cannot occur. Research has led me to conclude that the way to fight the ageing process is to send a surge of powerful, anti-ageing hormones back into the body to overrule the ageing ones. If you do this, you can slow down – and even reverse – the ageing process.

The real test happened when I became a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and started my clinical rotations in NHS hospitals. Non-stop, ninety-hour weeks as a junior doctor really took their toll and bad habits quickly became the norm as I ate processed snacks, sugary rubbish and fat-laden foods. During this time, I never drank water, exercise was a thing of the past and I gained a horrid, podgy stomach. Frequently, I had to do late nights and suffered sleep deprivation, with many of my shifts way beyond the call of duty. I had fallen into a trap and was experiencing firsthand premature, rapid ageing.

Fine lines were fast developing around my face, I had puffy, swollen baggy eyes and dry and scaly eczematous skin, plus the excess weight had covered my legs with cellulite. In my late twenties, I had already started to see grey hairs. This had to change!

From my research, I understood that ageing is a disease that can be treated and so I decided that now was the time to put my age-reversal plan into action. I wanted to restore a younger body and line-free face and I knew that I could achieve this by introducing anti-ageing hormones into my body to end the ageing process.

Using scientific research and medical expertise, plus my life experiences and passion, I created the revolutionary Dr Nirdosh Four-Step Plan – a foolproof system to give anyone a younger face and body. In order to harness the body's ability to manufacture anti-ageing hormones and resist further ageing, four doctor-developed disciplines are needed:

• Hormone-inducing exercises

• Eating plans

• Skincare treatments

• Anti-ageing supplements.

Once I introduced the plan into my life, the results were mind-blowing. Instantly, my face started to look less haggard, the lines and bags under my eyes disappeared. My body looked so different and – dare I say it – sexy, as I lost all the fat and couldn't wait to show off my new bikini body. The facial skin became far more lifted and I looked much younger.

My colleagues had never seen such a drastic change in just six weeks. While they stayed looking the same or even slightly older, I was looking younger. They asked if I'd had cosmetic surgery on my face and my body. By then, I had lost nearly three stone and the squidgy, soft body and bulging belly I once had were now replaced by a tight, sexy, muscular frame. The doctors I worked with asked me to reveal my plan so they could take it up and reverse their own ageing problems.

What they hadn't realised was that the anti-ageing hormones manufactured by me in my own body from the Four-Step Plan were counteracting ageing to make me look young again. Through the plan, I had replenished these hormones and not allowed my body to age. After that I continued with the plan without stopping and today I am regularly mistaken for a girl in her early twenties, even though I am actually in my late thirties!


On the Four-Step Plan, we help the body reproduce anti-ageing hormones and replenish declining levels to make it look young and beautiful again as follows:

• My exclusive exercises work by releasing anti-ageing hormones back into the body. Amazingly, the workouts last just 20 minutes each, but transform your body by unleashing a surge of hormones through a series of special movements.

• These hormones flood your body with the chemicals necessary to instigate regrowth, redevelopment, youth and beauty. This switches you back into a regenerative mode rather than a dangerous, degenerative one.

• The body no longer accepts that it is ageing and instead uses the new top-up hormones to reverse damage, thus healing and enabling it to remain ageless.

• My plan teaches you to eat yourself younger. The right foods include youth-enhancing nutrients and activate a special gene that helps to block ageing. Correct nutrition can help trigger the anti-ageing hormones.

• The next step is a skincare prescription of anti-ageing treatments. Using dedicated treatments for your exact skin type and age profile makes your face look much younger, allowing a full course of age-defying nutrients to repair the outer layer of skin that displays the signs of ageing.

• A prescription of specialised anti-ageing supplements is the final step. You will consume vital anti-ageing supplements – or, as I term them, youth pills – so age damage to the inner layer of skin is treated head-on. This provides your face and body with what they need to become youthful again and prevent the external signs of ageing.

Without dangerous chemicals or risky cosmetic surgery, we will reinject anti-ageing hormones into the body. In fact, surgery is probably the worst way to tackle ageing – outwardly, you may appear young, but, inside, you still age at the same rate.


Most people believe we are conditioned to age and as such should accept it as the inevitable. This preconception is currently going through a dramatic change, however, and is now the view of the minority. The world no longer obsesses purely about health and all aspects related to the ageing process, such as heart disease, strokes, obesity and diabetes; today youth and beauty are almost as important, vanity more relevant than ever. In adopting the anti-ageing lifestyle revealed within these pages, you really can determine your ageing destiny. I'll provide you with the tools to evolve and adapt youthfully.

Celebrities have taken stock. Let me mention a few names: Madonna, Sigourney Weaver, Susan Sarandon and Sharon Stone. What if I were to tell you that the one thing these iconic women have in common is their age? They are all over 50 and they don't look it, let alone act it. None of these stars shows any sign of slowing down, quite the opposite, in fact. Most are in the prime of their careers with lovers or husbands half their age so life can begin at 50, but only for those who take action.


Excerpted from Dr Nirdosh's Anti-Ageing Secrets by Neetu Nirdosh. Copyright © 2010 Dr Neetu Nirdosh. Excerpted by permission of John Blake Publishing Ltd.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Title page,
1 Dr Nirdosh Prescribes Everlasting Youth,
2 The Ageing Process,
3 The Magic Bullet to Youth: Anti-Ageing Hormones,
4 The Revelation Unveiled,
5 The Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing Body Plan,
6 The Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing Nutrition Plan,
7 The Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing Skincare Plan,
8 The Dr Nirdosh Anti-Ageing Supplements Plan,
9 Sleeping Beauty,
10 Endorphins – The Anti-Ageing High,
11 A Provocative Plan for a Provocative Woman,
12 The New You is Waiting in the Wings!,
Glossary of Terms,
About the Author,

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