Dr. Sandy's Top to Bottom Guide to Your Newborn: Answers to the Questions Every New Parent Asks

Dr. Sandy's Top to Bottom Guide to Your Newborn: Answers to the Questions Every New Parent Asks


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Pediatrician Sandy Chung finds that new parents have so many questions during the first weeks of their baby's life. What's normal? Is my baby okay? Am I doing this right? Her book presents answers in an easy-to-read format, loaded with illustrations and photographs. Topics include how to give a sponge bath, using that huge nasal suction device from the hospital, rashes, birthmarks, and much more-all the issues that affect babies up to one month old.

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ISBN-13: 9781591811688
Publisher: Sentient Publications
Publication date: 04/16/2011
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements xi

Introduction xiii

Part I Newborn Basics

Chapter 1 Welcome, Baby! 3

Sleepless Nights, Here We Come! 3

Chapter 2 The First Day 8

What's First?-Tests, Medicines, Shots, and the Doctor Visit 8

Finding a Doctor for Your Baby 13

Chapter 3 Behavior 16

Hiccups, Sneezing, and Gas…Oh My! 16

How to Suction the Nose 20

Chapter 4 Staying Home, Going Out, and Traveling Safely 21

Staying Safe at Home 21

Smoking-A Good Reason to Quit! 24

Going Outside into the Big, Bad World 25

Travel Safety-Walking, Driving and Flying 27

Chapter 5 Getting Sick-When to Worry 32

Call Your Doctor If Any of the Following Occur with Your Newborn 33

Taking Rectal Temperatures: You want me to put that where? 34

Thermometers: Which One to Buy? 36

Chapter 6 Crying-What Does It Mean? 38

Baby Cry Translator 38

Chapter 7 Breastfeeding-Breast Is Best! 41

Breastfeeding 101 41

How do I hold the baby to breastfeed? 43

Supplementation-Do I need to do this? 46

How do I pump breast milk? 47

How to Finger/Syringe Feed 48

Can I take medicines while breastfeeding? 49

Vitamin D for Your Baby 50

Chapter 8 Bottle-feeding-The Essentials 51

Bottles, Bottles, Everywhere! 51

"Now I have the bottle…What do I put in it?" 53

Chapter 9 Feeding Amounts and Feeding Problems 56

Hungry All the Time! 56

Do You Have a Piggy or a Snacker? 57

Loss of Weight (For Your Baby, Not You!): When to Get Concerned 58

Wet Burps, Spit Up, Vomiting, and Projectile Vomiting: What's the Difference? 59

Chapter 10 Pee and Poop 62

What Goes In, Must Come Out… 62

Pee: The Sign of Hydration 63

Poop Happens 63

How to Change a Diaper: Step-by-Step Instructions 65

Chapter 11 Bathing 67

How to Give a Sponge Bath 68

How to Give a Regular Tub Bath 70

Chapter 12 Dressing 72

The Baby Layette-What Is It? 73

How to Swaddle Your Baby 74

Onesies, Twosies, Threesies…What Are These Things? 76

Clothing Safety 77

Chapter 13 Sleeping 79

Time to Sleep-But Where? 80

Monitors-I Can Hear You! 84

Chapter 14 Daycare or Childcare 87

What should I ask when looking for childcare? 90

Chapter 15 Developmental/Playing/Learning-Milestones for Growth 93

Developmental Milestones for Your Newborn 94

Recommended Learning Activities (or How to Get Your Child into the Super Bowl/Harvard/Hollywood) 95

Part II Guide to Your Newborn's Body from Head to Toe

Chapter 16 Hair and Head 99

Hair Color 99

Body Hair 99

Head-Shape, Bumps, and Soft Spots 100

Preventing a Flat Head 101

Chapter 17 Eyes 104

Color-Blue, Green, Brown? 104

Crossed Eyes 104

Vision-Can she see me? 105

Eye Goop or Drainage 105

Red Spots on the Eyeball 106

Chapter 18 Ears 107

Shape 107

Hearing 107

Extra Holes or Skin Around the Ears 108

Cleaning Ears/Ear Wax 109

Chapter 19 Nose 110

Aa-choo! Sneezing 110

Sniff, Snort! Congestion and Noisy Breathing 110

Chapter 20 Mouth 112

White Tongue-Milk or Thrush? 112

White Bumps-Does my baby have teeth already? 113

Peeling Lips-Are they chapped? 113

Chapter 21 Neck 114

Holding Up That Heavy Head-Can she get whiplash? 114

Tightness of the Neck 115

Chapter 22 Lungs and Chest 117

Breathing Fast and Shallowly 117

Chest Wall-Bumps Poking Out or Divots Poking In 117

Extra Nipples or Spots on the Chest 118

Breast Buds-She's not a teenager yet! 119

Chapter 23 Heart 120

Rapid Heart Beats 120

Heart Murmurs-The doctor said he had a murmur! 120

Chapter 24 Belly 122

Umbilical Cord 122

Belly Button-Innie or Outie? 123

Umbilical Hernia 123

What's That Noise? 125

His Belly is SO Big! 125

Chapter 25 Genitals (Boys) 126

Circumcision 126

Swollen Scrotum 127

What Is a Hernia? 127

Chapter 26 Genitals (Girls) 129

Vaginal Discharge (Mucus and Maybe Some Blood) 129

Labial Adhesions 130

Vaginal Skin Tags 130

Hernias 130

Chapter 27 Movements 131

Reflexes/Startle Response 131

Shaking or Jitteriness 132

Chapter 28 Arms and Legs 133

Funny Shapes of Hands, Feet, Fingers, and Toes 133

Nails-How to cut these nails? 134

Cold or Purple Hands and Feet 134

Clicks and Pops 134

Chapter 29 Skin 136

Spots and Rashes 136

Jaundice: Yellow Color to the Skin 137

Diaper Rashes 138

Peeling Skin and Dryness 139

Birthmarks 140


A Finding a Doctor-Interview Questions 145

B "Red Flag" List 148

C Baby's Input and Output Chart 149

D Checklist for Childcare/Daycare Interview 151

E Newborn Shopping List 154

F Web Resources 157

Index 159

About the Author 167

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