Dragon Lightning (Dragon Dreamer, #2)

Dragon Lightning (Dragon Dreamer, #2)

by J. S. Burke

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BN ID: 2940153516776
Publisher: Lind Press
Publication date: 10/13/2016
Series: Dragon Dreamer , #2
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 986,251
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Dragon Lightning (Dragon Dreamer, #2) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After the events of Dragon Dreamer, Arak and Scree travel north in search of the fabled ice dragons. On their journey, they meet Drakor, a young ice dragon with a talent for making lightning swords. After finding Drakor and hearing his tale, Scree dives into the abyss to check on their new friend's volcano. What she finds there may change the course of history in three realms. Will these three unlikely comrades be able to ward off disaster? You'll have to read to find out! Once again, Ms. Burke has created a wonderfully vivid story full of adventure, danger, and lessons for her characters. I loved how skillfully she wove so much of the natural sciences into her fantasy tale, and I also loved how, like in the first book, the characters grew during the course of the novel. As enlightening as the look at the world under the sea was, I think I liked the fact that readers are taken on a journey of personal growth just as much. The messages in this book -- those of friendship, loyalty, kindness, determination, cooperation, and learning to consider other people's perspectives -- are perfect for anyone from 9 to 99. And the delightful descriptions and entertaining dialog are sure to hold your attention. Five stars, and I very much hope there's a third installment in this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In this, the second in the series, we meet Drakor an ice dragon talked of in dragon lore. Lightning swords, dragons, octopuses and adventures are the order of the day. It's an edge of the seat, keep a tight hold on your tea/coffee and enjoy the ride. It's a good one!!!!!!!
ValerieLP More than 1 year ago
THE FEAST CONTINUES Settle in with your hot cocoa and embark on another quest on the high seas, undersea, and volcanos. Discover the new ice world with our intrepid explorers . . . old friends—Arak, Scree, Orm and Dorali as they find new adventures and friends. We meet Drakor, of the legendary ice dragons, explore the new world again and tangle with the giant squids. But my favorite surprise was the discovery that the fabled Sunset dragons may exist. We don’t get to see them, but there are definite signs that we might in the next book. Yes? Please! Arak and Scree are as fearless as ever, but Dorali comes into her own in this story and an unlikely love develops. The dragons still paint the sky and create beautiful ice patterns, and the Octopi underwater art is vivid. I loved the description of the Octopi dancing, though I think my favorite parts are the legends and stories about Dragon and Octopus culture that Ms. Burke weaves skillfully throughout the book. Her descriptions are lusciously vivid: for instance, when the Octopi applaud, they lift their arms above their heads, “changed to rainbow colors and wove words of praise through the sea.” Every word is carefully crafted to weave a sparkling and beautiful image. “Arak rose before dawn and strolled through a glass forest that glowed in the moonlight. Every twig was coated with ice, twinkling like earthbound stars.” Ms. Burke also does not shy away from using the many experiences the characters have as “life-lessons.” Without being preachy this story deals with many social issues that we face today, like climate and environment change, that everything is connected, and the significance of self-valuation—of not letting your peers affect your sense of self, of following your own potential, and the importance of understanding those who have different beliefs than ours. My favorite quote, “The seal of approval that matters is our own.” Once again, Ms. Burke has delivered a delightful, fun-filled and pertinent tale for all ages. She gives us a world we can use to escape this mundane plane, without ignoring the central issues we face everyday. I would love to see this book in school libraries. Thank you for sharing your world with us. I can’t wait for book III. Most Highly Recommended
snydert More than 1 year ago
I didn't think this author could get any more imaginative then when she paired up a dragon and an octopus in her first book, but darn if she didn't surprise me again. A festival of dancing octopus, a lightning dragon that seems to want to solve everything with fighting, giant squids on the attack, and the threat of erupting volcanoes are just a few of her surprises this time around. Don't miss out on this little pearl of a story.
bamauthor More than 1 year ago
If you read Book One in this series, you probably already love the complex communities of dragons, octopi and squid that you have encountered. These beautifully described creatures introduce their readers to unique habitats in a fantasy world explained in real scientific terms. Readers become immersed in adventures, while learning about real scientific phenomena like volcanoes, lightning and glaciers. Book Two introduces us to Drakor who is experiencing the red lightning from a volcanic eruption. He lands on a thin piece of ice. Arak, Taron and Dorali are traveling up north on a wooden skiff. They come upon the injured Drakor and rescue the ice dragon. He is mystified by these golden dragons as well as the octopi traveling with them. Each species will teach and learn from each other. The dragon communities are aware that their communities may face extinction. Their octopi friends under the sea fear underwater destruction. Readers learn about the “might makes right” society of the ice dragons and the democratic, healing ways of the golden dragons. The peaceful octopi must use force to defend themselves against the squid. Principles of science are interwoven with fantasy and philosophy. Smooth flowing prose accompanied by simple but elegant illustrations mark this tale as a winner for fans of science, fantasy and adventure. Widespread appeal for pre teens, teens and adult audiences. What adventures await the dragons in Book Three?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
J. S. Burke’s Dragon Lightning, the long-awaited sequel in the Dragon Dreamer series, is worth the wait. Arak has grown up some and now has family of his own. Scree, the sweet, accepting octopus, has expanded her talents and been charged with extra responsibility in her clan. The friendship between the dragons and the octopi has grown so they seem more like a family than neighbors in opposite worlds. They continue to come together to learn and benefit from each other. During a journey to explore new worlds in search of legends, Arak, Scree and friends save Drakor, a wounded ice dragon. Drakor’s gift of foresight has shown him that his island volcano will soon erupt. It will destroy his homeland and beyond. I like the way the characters have progressed naturally in this new series installment. I love the way the characters learn to appreciate differences and accept each other. Dragon Lightning has many threads that come together beautifully for a wonderful story. I couldn’t put it down. This is a must-read for all ages. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dragon Lightning by J. S. Burke is a beautiful continuation of the Dragon Dreamer series. It can be read as a stand-alone book, but I wholeheartedly recommend reading both books because the stories are so unique and incredible. Burke weaves a smart read and fun read into one amazing tale. In Dragon Lightning, Arak becomes more mature and comfortable with himself and no longer feels he is an oddball in his clan. The wise and marvelous Scree, the healer of her octopi pod with an adventurous and kind spirit, continues to advance her skills with the supplies she trades for with the dragon clan. While dragons and octopi travel together on an expedition, they rescue an injured ice dragon named Drakor. Concepts and plot threads are layered in to make this a fascinating and enthralling read. It’s impossible to put it down. Burke builds an amazing and beautiful world and realistic characters in this fantasy tale. I like the themes of family, accepting differences in others, helping others, and finding better ways to solve problems. The writing is superb and well-edited. I love this book and will be reading this series over and over. It is a fun read for all ages, certain to be an all-time favorite for generations.
anna_dragon More than 1 year ago
This is the second Dragon Dreamer book. If you haven't read the first one, you can still completely enjoy Dragon Lightning. If you have read the first one, you'll be happy to meet your favorite characters again when they return for a new adventure that introduces the legendary ice dragons. Drakor, an ice dragon, is the hero of this new story. Coming from a dragon culture where might makes right, he is burdened with foresight that a disaster awaits his island but no one will listen to him because he's not the strongest. Can he, with the help of his new friends and the new skills they share with him, help him to save his clan? This series has the most unique and fully-realized dragons. The world-building has scientific, instead of magical, underpinnings. The author creates complex cultures for her creatures in which all the details, from how dragon lightning is generated to how the intricate, beautiful dragon nests are created, are explained by physics, chemistry and biology. Also, the reader gets full immersion into the art, history, social norms and foods of several different cultures on a level that other books/series just don't match. How these cultures clash and come together in complicated ways is one of the author's favorite themes. But, the real question is if this is a good story? Yup. You'll be cheering for Drakor!
WriteWorld More than 1 year ago
It’s a delight to return to the unique fantasy world of the Dragon Dreamer series. Like the first in series book two, Dragon Lightning is so beautifully imagined that you immediately become immersed in an adventure involving dragons and octopuses. The author creates a breathtaking world with sounds and smells and colours of the sea, ice and fire. Besides the vividly imagined world, what I love about this series is the intriguing and imaginative science behind diverse fantasy such as dragon’s fire and healing. It makes the story so compelling and believable. The characters are also beautifully drawn. Scree, an heroic octopus, is philosophical, brave and decent and my favourite, with the tetchy ice-dragon, Drakor a close second. The blended community deals with a range of threats from aggressive giant squids to a life threatening volcanic eruption—intelligently and courageously. Dragon Lightning is a brilliant book and I haven’t read anything quite like it with its beauty, heart and creativity. I thoroughly recommend it.