Dragonfire (Dark Kings Series #14)

Dragonfire (Dark Kings Series #14)

by Donna Grant

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ISBN-13: 9781250182883
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 10/30/2018
Series: Dark Kings Series , #14
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 3,129
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has been praised for her “totally addictive” and “unique and sensual” stories. She’s written more than thirty novels spanning multiple genres of romance including the bestselling Dark King stories, Dark Craving, Night’s Awakening, and Dawn’s Desire. Her acclaimed series, Dark Warriors, feature a thrilling combination of Druids, primeval gods, and immortal Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her two children, a dog, and four cats in Texas.

"Dark, sexy, magical. When I want to indulge in a sizzling fantasy adventure, I read Donna Grant."

--Allison Brennan, New York Times Bestselling Author

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Dreagan March

The sun blazed fiercely as it crested the mountains and poured its light into the valley and straight into Roman's workshop.

He paused and closed his eyes as he soaked up the rays. In his mind, he was flying high in the sky, his wings slicing through clouds as the warmth of the sun wrapped around his body.

Roman allowed himself just a few more minutes of the memory before he opened his eyes and took a deep breath. Then his gaze returned to the two-foot-tall metal dragon he'd made. He ran his hands over the silver scales. It was to be a gift for Ulrik.

Now that the King of Silvers had returned to Dreagan where he belonged, it was time the Dragon Kings got down to business. First up was V. His friend had suffered long enough.

Roman placed the sculpture in a box filled with tissue paper and closed the lid before taking it and striding toward the manor. On his way to the great house, Roman saw V standing outside, his gaze directed eastward.

Roman placed the gift outside of Ulrik and Eilish's room before he made his way to V. They stood side by side for several quiet moments, each lost in thought.

While every Dragon King had suffered in some way, the betrayal V bore hit Roman hard. None knew why someone had taken V's sword and hidden it. Sadly, they hadn't had much time to search for it after the theft because they were at war with the humans and then they sent the dragons away.

After that, each of the Kings found their mountains and slept away centuries. They woke in turns, but Roman knew Constantine, the King of Dragon Kings, had always kept a lookout for any weapon that even came close to matching the description of V's sword. Many of those were in the armory because Con sent the Dragon Kings to retrieve the weapons — either by buying, bargaining, or stealing — to see if any were V's.

All the while, V remained asleep in his mountain on Dreagan. The few times V woke, his need to search for his weapon overruled everything else. And the outcome was always disastrous for mortals. Which was why Con made sure that V remained asleep.

Until there was no choice but to wake all the Kings to fight a foe bent on revealing them to the humans.

"You doona have to do this," V stated without looking at him.

Roman shook his head. "Same old V."

Piercing blue eyes swung to him. V's gaze narrowed. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that you still doona understand. All these thousands of eons, and you still believe that you have to do this on your own."

"It's my sword."

Roman glanced at the ground and tried again. "Aye, old friend. It was your weapon that was taken, but how many times have you gone searching alone?"

A muscle ticked in V's jaw.

"How many of those times resulted in catastrophic events?" "I didna set the fire in Rome," V argued.

Roman held up his hands. "No one said you did."

"Nor did I cause the Black Plague. Or —"

"None of it happened until after you woke and went looking for your sword," Roman interrupted. "I'm no' blaming you. I'm simply stating facts."

V stared at him for a long moment. "I lost my sword. I should be the one to find it."

"I agree, but there's no harm in having help."

"You control metal, Roman. It's Kellan who can find it. If any King can help, it would be Kellan."

Roman cocked a brow. "I'll try no' to be offended."

V ran a hand down his face. "That wasna my intention."

"You've spent most of our countless centuries asleep. You've no' interacted with the humans. Or anyone, for that matter."

"So you doona trust me alone?"

"We all want you to find your sword. It's time. And I'm going to make sure that happens."

V looked off into the distance once more. "I can no' remember where I lost it."

"That doesna matter. It's probably long gone from there anyway."

His head jerked to Roman. "You know where I lost it."

Roman held his gaze for a long moment, hesitating just a heartbeat before nodding. "Aye."

"Do the others?"

Fuck. This was so not how Roman wanted this conversation to go. V was unpredictable without his sword, and each time he had gone searching for it, horrible things happened to everyone around him.

"Roman," V growled dangerously.

"After the last time you woke from the dragon sleep, I went looking."

V's eyes blazed with fury as he faced him. "You've known."

"I told Con the next time you woke, that I was going to help you. We would've left sooner if no' for the whole Mikkel issue. I know you're angry, and I'm sorry for that. But let me help."

"I can no' remember anything of that day. I had my sword, then I woke and I didna. Only because I refuse to go any longer without it will I accept your help."

"Good. No' that you could've stopped me from going," Roman said with a grin. "I'll let Lily know so she can get the helicopter ready."

V let out a loud snort. "Nay. We're going ourselves."

Roman opened his mouth to argue the danger, but no words came out.

One side of V's mouth lifted in a smile. "I didna think you'd mind. I've already asked Arian for some help."

Roman looked up at the clear, blue sky but dark clouds were fast approaching Dreagan from off in the distance. "Con's no' going to be happy."

"No human will see us," V stated. "Arian will make sure of that."

After a brief period where no dragon was allowed to fly around the sixty thousand acres of Dreagan, Con had finally lifted the ban. The magic barrier around Dreagan kept most mortals away, and anytime someone crossed it, the Kings were immediately alerted.

Years of being private had been shattered in one night when the Dark Fae released a video showing the Dragon Kings in battle, shifting in and out of dragon form while battling the Dark. Now, everyone wanted to know if real dragons existed on Dreagan.

A part of Roman wanted the humans to know the truth. Though there was little doubt that history would repeat itself and there would be another war between humans and dragons. Except this time, the Kings wouldn't turn the other cheek. If there were another war, the outcome wouldn't be the Dragon Kings hiding in their mountains for centuries.

A whistle above them had Roman and V turning toward the manor to see Arian leaning out the window of his chamber with his mate, Grace, by his side.

"Well?" Arian asked.

V gave a nod. But Roman watched as Arian's champagne-colored gaze shifted to him. After a brief hesitation, Roman also gave a nod.

"Where are you two headed?" Arian asked.

V swiveled his head to Roman and waited.

Roman looked at the sky, already itching to shift and spread his wings to fly. "Romania."

His advanced hearing caught the sound of Grace's gasp, but he paid no attention. Arian would fill her in on all the details.

"We own homes in every major city around the world," Roman told V. "There's one in Bucharest, but we also have another in Timisoara, which is nearer the mountains."

"Of course you do," V said with a shake of his head while wearing a smile. "And I suppose there is a closet full of clothes for each of us."

Roman grinned. "Con doesna do anything halfway."

"He has always looked out for us, thinking of details few of us ever would."

The clouds were nearly upon them, rolling into each other and growing darker by the second. Excitement rushed through Roman. He wanted to fly, yes, but it was more than that. Almost as if he awaited something.

Or something awaited him.

With every second the clouds took to reach them, Roman's skin grew tighter. He yearned to be in his true form, to inhale and feel the fire rumbling in his chest.

To soar into the sky until the ground below was nothing more than a speck.

"And I thought I was the one with secrets."

V's words caused Roman to look his way. But he didn't deny anything. What good would it do?

With a sad smile, V nodded and took off his black boots. Roman waited for him to remove the rest of his clothes, but V casually set the boots aside away from him.

Roman raised a brow. "Just the boots?"

"I like them. Shara bought them for me," V explained.

Roman hid his smile. Shara was not only a Light Fae, but also mated to Kiril. She'd been one of the first mates to approach V, and she did it with the designer boots.

"What about you?" V asked.

Roman looked down at his clothes. He shrugged and quickly removed them. Unlike V, he tossed his boots toward the manor before wadding up his jeans and shirt and lobbing them near his shoes.

V rolled his eyes with an irritated shake of his head. "You couldna fold them?"

"Why?" Roman asked as a crack of thunder pierced the air.

Roman shot V a smile before he shifted and immediately launched himself into the air. The moment his wings spread and he caught a current, he drew in an easy breath. This was where he was meant to be, not stuck on the ground in a form not his own.

Shifting had made it easy to talk to the humans when they arrived, but he would always prefer being in dragon form. Everything felt ... right.

The air smelled sweeter. He could feel the electricity from the lightning crackling in the atmosphere. And the rain ... ah, the scent was divine. He loved how the drops hit his scales and rolled down his body toward his tail.

He glanced down as V came alongside him and spotted Con standing at the backside of Dreagan Mountain.

"Well," V said via the mental link all dragons shared. "He's no' yelling at us."

Roman studied Constantine for a long minute. "He's different now that Ulrik is back."

"Ulrik is where he was always meant to be," V said. "Everyone knew that. Even Con."

Roman flew higher into the clouds and shifted his direction southeast toward Romania. He glanced over and caught the sight of copper scales meandering through the clouds.

They might be on an important mission, but V was enjoying himself. It was such a change from the other instances when V had woken from sleep and left his mountain. Perhaps this time would end differently than the others, as well.

Maybe this time when V returned to Dreagan, he would have his sword with him.

Roman glided upon the air currents and, for just a moment, he allowed himself to believe that the mortals had never come to the realm to settle. That at any moment, his pale blue dragons would join him.

It was a dream he only allowed himself once every few days. And, frankly, it was getting harder and harder to remember what his old life had been like.

"Perhaps you should've slept more," V said.

Roman glanced to his right to find his friend. "Meaning?"

"I see the far-off look in your gaze, but more than that, I see the misery."

"I feel like memories of our other life are fading. I can no' hold onto something I can no' remember."

"Maybe it's better if you doona," V said.

Roman's head snapped to him. "You doona think the dragons will ever return."


Roman searched his mind and realized that he didn't either. "We will be hiding for eternity."

"Give the humans long enough, and they'll destroy themselves. Look what they're doing to this planet. I give them another two hundred years."

"Before they die out?"

V chuckled. "Before they leave. They're looking for another planet. I'm ready to point them in the right direction to hasten their departure."

"No' all will leave."

V's lips peeled back to show his long teeth. "Then we help them."

Roman had to admit, he liked the idea. If only the Dragon Kings hadn't sworn to protect the mortals. On a realm filled with magic, the humans didn't fit in.

The Kings had felt sorry for them and gave them a place to live. After a couple of generations, a select few mortals were born with magic. They weren't nearly as powerful as the dragons or even the Fae, but they could still do magic.

There was a time when some humans revered the Druids, but those without magic, who wanted a taste of that kind of power, grew jealous and soured the others until the Druids finally gathered in a safe place.

Roman hadn't been to the Isle of Skye in ages, but the Druids survived there even now. Their numbers were dwindling, but they clung to the old ways and their magic.

Just as the Dragon Kings did.



Something kept pulling her gaze out the window, an unknown, inescapable force. Sabina slowly set aside the jewelry she was making and rose from the chair. A strange, puzzling feeling churned in her stomach as she made her way outside.

Standing in the sunlight, her gaze moved upward. She frowned at the dark clouds in the distance. There was something at work here, of that she was sure. She didn't know how she knew it, only that she did.

Your Sight.

She inwardly snorted to herself. She hadn't tried to use her gift for years, nor had she felt anything that would give her any impression that it was the Sight.

So why now?

More importantly, why did she get the feeling that the storm she watched was heralding something?

A shiver raced through her. She rubbed her hands up and down her arms to warm herself, but it didn't dispel the tumultuous thoughts rushing through her head as fast as river currents.


She turned at her brother's voice and gave him a reassuring smile as he stood in the doorway of the back door. She didn't want him to know that anything was wrong. "Everything's fine."

"No," Camlo said, frowning. Wind ruffled his too-long, dark hair into his eyes. He wiped the strands away, his dark brown gaze never leaving her. "I saw your face."

She walked to her brother and tilted her head back to look up at him. He was a big man, tall and muscular, but he had the mind of a child. Yet, no kinder, sweeter individual lived on Earth than Camlo.

Sabina put her hands on his arms and pulled him down to kiss his cheek. "I was just looking at the weather."

"It turned. It wasn't supposed to." His eyes lifted to the storm.

"The weather is fickle. You know that." She raised her brows until he looked at her and reluctantly nodded. "How are the animals?"

If there was one thing she could always count on, it was Camlo's love of animals. He cared for them like a mother would her own children.

His face split into a smile as he named off each cow, sheep, chicken, duck, goose, pig, and rabbit they had, telling her if they'd slept well and how they were eating.

She didn't really want such an in-depth update, but because it mattered to him, she stood and listened to it all, nodding and asking questions. Her world revolved around Camlo. It had ever since their parents died.

While there might be some who would resent their brother for keeping them tied to the farm, that wasn't her. She didn't particularly like people, and people didn't like being around Camlo. It was a situation that suited her perfectly.

No one was there to bother her while she made the jewelry that supported them. Thank goodness so many people bought things online now. She had orders from all over the world. Since every piece was handmade, she charged extra, and customers still bought it. It kept her busy. In fact, she had nearly ten orders waiting to be filled.

The only downside was when she had to go into town to mail the packages.

Camlo, still talking, turned and wandered back to the barn. Sabina watched him for a few minutes. From the moment he came into the world, she had wanted to protect him. Camlo was a gentle soul, but many were fearful of his height.

And the men ... well, Camlo's size and mental handicap made him a target. The men of the village mercilessly teased him or tried to get him to fight.

After finding her brother beaten and bloody a few years ago, Sabina had nearly packed their belongings and gone off to find their Romani family. The only thing that kept her from doing it was that she had no idea where they were.

When her mother took her from the Romani, it was the last Sabina had seen of them. If the family ever came close to Brasov, she didn't know it.

Sabina couldn't say she'd had a bad life. Within a year of moving to the area, her mother had met and fallen in love with Petre Negru. Nine months later, Camlo was born. Petre was good to Sabina and loved her mother dearly. Perhaps it was because of the happiness in the home that Sabina had been able to adjust so easily to remaining in one place after a childhood of wandering.

Most likely, it was because the house was situated in a valley next to the mountains that offered a willful child an overabundance of places to play.

Sabina looked over at her brother. Camlo lifted a rabbit from the pen and held it in his arms, stroking the furas he began to sing to it. Sabina smiled while watching him, but in the back of her mind was always the nagging worry about the future.


Excerpted from "Dragonfire"
by .
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Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
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Dragonfire: A Dark Kings Novel 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Outstanding serise by Grant can't wait for the next book releas. Roman and Vald set out in sreach of Vald's sword that was taken form him a thousand and thousand of year ago. They have a new enemy (the others) more information comes to light and how far they are willing to go to destory the Dragon Kings. They met Camlo and Sabina bother and siste. camlo the can camunacate
Anonymous 4 months ago
Another great entry in her Dragon King series
Anonymous 4 months ago
These are so much fun to read cant wait for the next one.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Donna Grant never Ceases to amaze me. With every new story I find myself transported into the Dragon Kings’s world. Just when I think I have something figured out, I’m shocked by a new development. I never wanna stop reading but am always sad when I get to the end. Can’t wait for the next one.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Anonymous 11 months ago
Anonymous 11 months ago
Roman and Sabine's story will keep you on the edge of your seat, and up late into the night. Will V finally get his sword? Loved this read. More clues are coming in, and the fae/druid enemy strikes again. Donna Grant' s Dragon Kings is a must read. She has created a world of Dragons, Fae, Druids, Reapers, Humans, magic, adventure, family, friendship, loyalty and betrayal, and of course love. The vision she creates makes you want to open the door and run in.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I love all your books and can’t wait for the next one I love that there’s a new twist and turn.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I love this series. Cant wait for the next one. Her writting puts you right there with the chacters. Read the dark warriors first, as she intertwines them with dragon kings. Great books.
Anonymous 12 months ago
This story did not disappoint. Loved the way it continues from the last book. Looking forward to the next one.
Anonymous 12 months ago
You are sucked into the story and spellbound to keep reading till its finished then saddened because you want more! Loved it as much as the other books in this series! Donna Grant makes you see dragons and wish they were real
Anonymous 12 months ago
The books keep getting better and better cant wait for con's story
Anonymous 12 months ago
I love love love this series. So we'll written! This book ensures there will be many more. Love Roman and Sabina! Ulrik and Eilish! V! Rhi is the bomb! Can't wait for the next!
Anonymous 12 months ago
I'm so in live with this series! Every book is amazi ngly written! I just can't get enough.
Ranting_Reading_Addict 12 months ago
The Dark Kings series is one I've been following for awhile now and I love those dragons. I was seriously curious as to what we were going to focus on as a story arc now that Ulrick's story had been told. We still have the Fae, led by Balladyn causing chaos. However, Balladyn seems to be more focused on Rhi. We also have the Light Queen, Usaeil. She's definitely a problem for the Kings now. But the big storyline is the wooden dragon found by Dmitri and the spell it is wrapped in that is steeped in both Druid and Fae magic. Vlad has been looking for his sword every time he wakes. It is his main focus. Roman decides he is going to make the trip to Vlad's homeland and help V look for it. There they meet Sabina and her brother who both happen to be descendants of gypsies from the area. There was very little preamble with the Kings pretending to be human. They were pretty much outed right away, and Sabina and her brother already knew about Dragon Kings so that part was easy. Ironically, as the story unfolds, the path of the sword takes them to Iceland, Roman's homeland. However, their path has been pre-destined. There are major forces at work. V finds that he is getting better along the way, thanks to Camlo, but that doesn't mean the magic is gone. It just changes targets. I really enjoyed the characters in Dragonfire. Sabina was a great heroine. She was human with great determination and an instant attraction to Roman. This kind of surprised me because knowing this book was about V's sword, I thought the love story would be V's. I think that the romance between Roman and Sabina was sweet. Don't get me wrong, the sex scene was hot. But the romance itself was good. The path to the sword kind of reminded me of an Indiana Jones adventure. The trek through the tunnels for Roman and Sabina, with it's trials and tricks had me on my toes. Sabina comes to a point where she has to face her greatest fear for her love. I have a same fear and I could completely understand how much it took for her to do what she did. Also, the completion of one of the prophesies was surprising for me because I didn't anticipate it going the way it did. There was one issue I had that maybe other readers of this series can help me with. I've never seen the other Dragon Kings use magic the way that Roman and V did. Creating balls of light, magically dressing themselves, etc. In previous books, someone has always been handy with a pair of jeans for shifting, but V and Roman were both able to dress themselves. For some reason, that drove me nuts. They did it a couple of times, but then another situation had one King providing jeans for another. It was kind of confusing for me. I knew each King had a power or certain magic, but what the Kings were doing in Dragonfire was beyond just their specific power. So, the consistency with the previous books had me somewhat confused. In Dragonfire, we learn bit by bit how powerful this force of the Fae & Druid (Others) power is. We even get treated to a bit of an introduction to the Others so we can start to put names to the enemy. Also, the hope that finding V's sword brings to the Kings appears to have a problem. AND the next pairing gets introduced I think. It left openings for the next book with the only completion being the HEA. I was definitely left wanting more. No cliffhangers, just a desire to continue on with each the storylines. Despite having some consistency issues, I really enjoyed the adventure our characters had. I
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
DRAGONFIRE is the fourteenth full-length instalment in Donna Grant’s contemporary, adult DARK KINGS paranormal/fantasy romance series focusing on the Dragon Kings and the women they love. This is Light Blue Dragon King Roman, and jewellery maker /Romani gypsy Sabina Gabor. DRAGONFIRE should not be read as a stand alone as the current story lines continue to follow an ongoing series arc. SOME BACKGROUND: The DARK KINGS is a spinoff from Donna Grant’s DARK WARRIOR series which in turn is a spin off from Donna’s DARK SWORD series- all set in the Highlands of Scotland. The Dark Fae and their King Taraeth, along with the Silver Dragon Mikkel have declared war on the Dragon Kings by exposing the dragon’s existence to humankind. The last wars between man and the world of the paranormal saw a great loss of life on all sides but someone or something is determined to push the Dragons back into another war: Queen Usaeil of the Light Fae has set her sights on claiming King Constantine as her mate, and the Dark Fae want the Dragon’s hidden weapon in order to rule Scotland and the rest of the world. With the recent introduction of the Fae executioners known as the Reapers, the number of interconnected series continues to expand. Told from several third person perspectives including Sabina and Roman, DRAGONFIRE follows Light Blue Dragon King Roman, and Dragon King Vlad aka V, as they go in search of Vlad’s missing sword, stolen thousands of year earlier while V slept in the Carpathian Mountains. Drawn to Romania in search of Vlad’s past, Roman will come face to face with his future-Romani gypsy and jewellery designer Sabina Gabor. What ensues is the slow building relationship between Roman and Sabina, and the fall-out as their search for the sword reveals past events linking Sabina’s family and Vlad, and the powerful magic meant to destroy them all. DRAGONFIRE is a detailed and revealing story of magic, betrayal, vengeance and hope. With each instalment Donna Grant reveals a little more backstory and slowly exposes the conspiracy surrounding the fate of the Dragons, and the potential for war with the Fae, the Druids, and mankind. The gradual but deliberately slow, evolving series continues to expand, introducing new players and potential dangers as it meanders numerous paths taking the reader along for the ride. Light Fae Rhi continues to lament the rejection of the Dragon King she will always love; and Balladyn, now King of the Dark Fae, is determined to make Rhi his queen. The Dark King series matures and expands with each subsequent addition. For followers of the series Ulrik and Con have made amends forcing the series to venture into another direction as the Dragon Kings face an old enemy that is determined to control them all. The romance takes a back seat to the increasing prospect of another Fae/Dragon war-a war of which the world may not survive.
Shadowplay4u More than 1 year ago
Dragonfire is a heatedly passionate and wickedly mysterious work of pure bliss and utter beauty! I can’t express just how much I love delving a little deeper into the world of the Dragon Kings. There is no end to the breathless mystery, sizzling passion, and cunning danger that lies in wait for all who dare to enter. Falling into this exquisite world of stunning adventure and endless danger is an absolute dream come true for fantasy lovers! Roman will do whatever is takes to help his friend V reclaim what was stolen from him. He has watched his friend suffer for long enough, and he is ready to finally take the necessary steps to bring it to an end. Not knowing what is in store for them heightens Roman’s anxiety along with an impending feeling of danger along with so much more than he ever dreamed possible. Sabina has settled into a comfortable life with her younger brother Camlo. She does not fear what life will bring their way, so why does her heart skip a beat whenever she thinks of the future? When Roman and V cross her path, she is entranced and left reeling by their quiet yet intense encounter. Will the heritage that she has carefully tucked away be the only thing that saves her when unknown forces conspire to destroy everything that she has come to love? Will this latest fight of the Dragon Kings pull another helpless human under the devastating waves of this debilitating storm, or will the impossible happen and prove to us without a doubt that love truly does conquer all? Roman and Sabina are sure to steal your heart as they the very breath from your lungs. You will revel in the quiet defender and sassy gypsy as they leave you smiling and gasping as each step in their journey brings your mind and heart to life. What grows between them and knits their hearts together will touch the deepest part of your very soul. Love will awaken the dead and send their senses reeling for more. It will shake the foundation of your world to its very core and show you that it doesn’t destroy but instead transforms. This latest couple will prove that love is the greatest thing that we can ever share and it is the very thing that keeps us alive. Nothing is quite as refreshing and reinvigorating as experiencing another brilliant story in the Dragon Kinds series. Watching how the dissecting lines within Grant’s other series cross and merge with this one so effortlessly never fail to leave me in breathless awe as to her creative power and beautiful complexity. Even though I haven’t been able to read all of the books in this series, I have had no problem reentering at any time within incredible series. I love that you can gather any important previous information with little effort since the author highlights it as past memory. It makes the story that much richer and satisfying. If you are looking for a fast-faced, naturally transforming, and highly intelligent storyline then look no further than this magnificent series! Grant will delight your senses and challenge you every step of the way. You will find yourself an active participant in a deliciously addictive and highly creative adventure.
ZR1000 More than 1 year ago
Gypsies, Dragon Kings, New and old villains and the legend of Dracula... This is the fourteenth book in the Dark Kings series. Before the dragon kings took to their sleep inside the mountains on Dreagan, V, Dragon King of the Coppers had his enchanted sword stolen and it is time it was found, this sword has relevance to all of the dragon kings. V has no memory of the time his weapon was stolen and it will be learned that magic is to blame. But whose magic is strong enough to alter the memories of a dragon king and also hide them from Kellan, the keeper of their history? One dragon king can hear the calling of metals from deep within the earth as beautiful melodic music and it is this ability that makes Roman, Dragon King of the Pale Blues, the perfect person to assist V in his search. Their journey begins in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, V’s former home before the war with the humans and will lead to Iceland, Roman’s former home where long-buried memories will assail him. A plan, an elaborate trap, that was set in motion ages past is about to unfold with possible dire consequences. This enemy that the dragon kings face has an inordinate amount of patience. As a descendant of the Romani gypsies, Sabina Gabor, has the gift of Sight that she’s not used in a long time. She’s in possession of a memorized story passed down from her similarly gifted grandmother and it pertains to the dragon kings. She alone cares for her half-brother, Camlo, who is special, a man with a child’s mind and an unnatural way with animals. Brother and sister are keeping secrets from each other and those secrets will be shared with the arrival of two strangers that followed a heralding storm. The romance in this story is between Sabina and Roman, it is a slow burn that is a bit overpowered by the constant danger of transpiring events; their attraction was definitely magnetic. Sabina is a spunky heroine who knows her limitations but faces them when she knows she has to. Roman is protective of not just Sabina but her brother and V, his personality truly embodies the fire and ice of his homeland. V has spent most of his time sleeping for each time he’s woken and failed to find his sword bad things seem to happen to mankind, that’s another reason why this time he doesn’t go it alone. We are given insight into his personality. V, who is also known as Vlad, is the where the legend of Dracula is said to have begun for when he hides his dragon form a swarm of bats is seen, V did not find the vampire aspect of this amusing but this reader did. As always in this series the characters were fascinating, Ulrik, Eilish, and Rhi were also involved in Iceland. The deviousness of Usaeil and Balladyn never cease, but their time is coming. There was an intricate suspenseful plot with perplexing mysteries, engaging dialogue, multiple points of view including those of villains unseen before now, and for the many answers that were given more questions arose. This series and the one that connects (Reapers) continue to thoroughly entertain this reader. An advanced reading copy was obtained from the publisher via NetGalley.
JenB2725 More than 1 year ago
such a great book. not a great amount of action but answered so many question and as usual raised more.
onemused More than 1 year ago
"Dragonfire" begins with Sabina, a Romani woman who left her traveling family with her mother when she was little- but not before her grandmother passed down an important story about Dragon Kings, men who can shift into and rule over dragons, and what her ancestors had done. Fearing for the foretold future, they stole a sword from a Dragon King, Vlad and hid it away, none of them knowing where it was currently hidden. Sabina has carried the story and the gift of her family- Sight, the ability to see into the future. She now lives with her brother, Camlo, who is described as having the mind of a child. Camlo also has another gift- he can communicate with animals. This is why he and Sabina also have numerous animals living on their land which they take care of. Everything is about to change when Camlo notices notices something in the night sky- two Dragon Kings who are searching for the sword their ancestors stole. Roman is accompanying Vlad (mostly known as simply "V") on his quest to find his sword. However, his mind has been altered by magic (combination of Druid and Fae most likely), and this leads to disastrous consequences any time he seeks the sword. When they find Camlo and Sabina, Camlo's knowledge of the sword and events is far more than anyone could have expected, and thus, they need to bring him- and thus his sister- on their quest. Traveling to Iceland in search of the sword, their journey is far more perilous than they could have imagined- and Sabina is to play a more vital role than expected. With interspersed chapters from Rhi and others (including Con and Ulrick), this story follows the journey to find the sword and uncover the magics at play with consequences for Dragon Kings and humanity. While Roman and Sabina spend some time getting to know each other, it often felt a little forced to me, and I would have liked more focus on the two of them and their romance, to really build it up. The quest was the real story here, but I was hoping for more steamy romance (there are a couple good scenes, but between the quest and others' points-of-view, it doesn't really focus on the leading couple). With the chapters that focused on others, which I know are necessary for the overall story between books, the romance felt a little broken (we'd start to build it up and then go elsewhere, which detracted from the in-depth feelings on my side, and I would have to work mentally to get back into it). In terms of the story, everything was so well explained that this can be read as a stand-alone. Although the ending is a little open, the major storylines in this book were wrapped up so no big cliffhangers. I really liked Sabina and Camlo's characters also with their unique gifts- they brought a lot to the table and made for a unique story when combined with the Dragon Kings. Overall, I enjoyed the fantasy and adventure elements but would have liked even more romance! I am very interested in seeing where the overall story goes next. Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
I found the heroine and her brother extremely fascinating in Dragonfire. So much so that when the author would change POV's with other Dragon Kings or Rhi, I was impatient to get back to them. Since I enjoy getting everyone's POV, that just speaks to how much I liked these two. My fascination stems from not only the gypsy background, but I also found both siblings abilities to be pretty cool, especially Camlo's. He uncovered a lot in this book that we didn't know yet. While we got a lot of answers, we also got more questions. However, I still feel like we are a step closer than we were. Rhi is concerning me and I want her to find happiness. It seems like she just keeps getting kicked down. I love her character and I really want to see her happy in the end. I'm nervous for her. I love that the Reapers are intermixing with this series and their own. You almost need to read both series as they all publish to stay up to date on everything that is going on. This isn't a hardship since I'm loving both series. ARC provided by NetGalley.