Dragonhammer: Volume 1

Dragonhammer: Volume 1

by Conner McCall


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Kadmus Armstrong lives in a small town at the northeastern tip of the Wolfpack Mountains, happily waning his days away with his father in the forge that they share. As members of the clan of Gilgal, they don't really have to worry about the war that has been sitting on their front lawn since High King Tharantus was murdered. It's not their men that are dying, their crops that are burning, or really their problem. So Kadmus enjoys visiting his elder brother, hunting with his younger brother, and simply bringing his blacksmith's hammer crashing down on a white-hot piece of metal.

But what if it does become their problem?

Kadmus is forced to answer this question in the dead of night when suddenly his father hands him a sword and yells something about a bandit raid. Within minutes, however, it becomes harshly obvious that this is no mere bandit raid.

Being a blacksmith by trade, and hardly one for getting out of his box, Kadmus chooses to wield the weapon with which he is most experienced: a hammer.

Thus begins the epic journey, twisted with love and blood, of Kadmus Armstrong, Trollslayer, Shipwrecker, Forger of Fire.

They say there is one that cannot be defeated. One that can withstand any blow and return it without remorse. One who burns across the battlefield as a beast of old. He is the one, they say, who fights like a dragon.


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ISBN-13: 9781511886901
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Publication date: 05/01/2015
Pages: 286
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