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Dragons Amongst Men: Book One of the Dragon Veils Series

Dragons Amongst Men: Book One of the Dragon Veils Series

by M D Anderson


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Shaman Sliver Balls introduces the Dragons civilization to Guy Gnowman, his Fiancée Phoenicia, and their best friend Big D. As they go on ride after ride, and adventure to adventure. Seeing dragons, meeting dragons, fighting dragons, playing dragon games, and becoming friends with dragons. Learn about the different types of dragons, their characteristics, and the magic that is within them. Follow Guy and Phoenicia's engagement take an interesting and lucrative turn as their love and personalities unfold through out the chapters.

Since this world began, man and dragons coexisted. Conflicts arose constantly between the two. Some Dragons raided and haunted villages; taking as they pleased. Some men aspired to be slayers; hunting dragons for their magical qualities. Despite some dragons assisting civilizations, and some men working harmoniously with dragons; it was best to separate the two entities to remain safely together.

In the 16th century, Leonardo Di Vinci created the Shaman Organization; using an analogy of his invention, the ball bearings. Showing how ball bearings reduce friction between opposing forces, yet still allow both entities to move freely and independently, yet still coinciding together. The elite chosen members of the Shaman Organization were just that, the balls in the bearings. The Shaman of this group over time altered the truths about dragons and their existence, till they became nothing more then myths and exaggerated stories. But as time takes it effects on all things, it is time for things to change, again.

"Depending on your own chosen perspective, the Gods incidentally, or accidentally gave us three basic abilities. Life, choices, and progression; these are what we truly own. Once we learn that concept and understand the power it creates, then the world, the universe, and then the heavens open up possibilities the imagination could never create." --Shaman Sliver Balls

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ISBN-13: 9781481979467
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/13/2013
Series: Dragon Veils , #1
Pages: 488
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.98(d)

About the Author

MD Anderson has created an entire outline of several novels for the Dragon Veils Series. Dragons Amongst Men is the first of 7 planned books, plus several other auxiliary books to the series. The precursor to the writing and developing the Dragon Veils series stems from his daughters curiosity and study of the western and eastern zodiacs. Being born in the year of the Dragon on the Chinese Calendar, MD Anderson and his oldest daughter spent a lot of time putting together ideas until it became a an ambition to start writing something "epic," as his daughter would say.

MD Anderson is the father of three kids, and has lived in the Phoenix valley since 1999. Married and divorced he spends as much time with his kids as he can, and shares plots, characters, and story lines with them for enjoyment. MD Anderson loves meeting different people, and other activities noticeable in the books; like the lake and water skiing, his boat, and fixing things up to usable again.

Instructing people how to set goals and work hard has been his career for 12 years while owning a gymnastics facility. His first writing publication was for Goal Setting and Self-Esteem dedicated to help his gymnasts, but has now been incorporated into the Dragon Veils Series as well. Watching people work and improve themselves gives him great satisfaction, especially if he could help them along their way.

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