Dragon's Breath: The Heaven on Earth Project

Dragon's Breath: The Heaven on Earth Project

Dragon's Breath: The Heaven on Earth Project

Dragon's Breath: The Heaven on Earth Project


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The Dragons Breath Heaven on Earth Project is the tale of the Dragons and their return to Earth. It is the tale of two beings and their gripping partnership whilst volunteering for a seemingly impossible task. It is a tale of co-creation and respect, sprinkled with delightful Dragon humour. Will the Dragons find a way back? Will these two beings succeed in overcoming their physical limitations and live out their multi-dimensionality in a normal world? This story is a journey written on many levels, weaving the visible with the invisible, the ethereal with the physical. Can the Heaven on Earth Project become reality, or is it all just a distant fantasy?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781982204778
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 06/21/2018
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Ana Vidal and Antoinette OConnell are the co-creators of the Dragonlight Essences and founders of the Dragon Energy Center, based in the State of So Paulo, Brazil. Their destinies were carefully prepared so that they could have complementary personalities and professional backgrounds to turn the project Heaven on Earth into reality.
Ana Vidal is an award winning journalist who worked at major television broadcasters in Brazil. Her talent led her to the BBC World Service London and eventually to a new career in the United Kingdom assisting asylum-seekers. Whilst working with refugees, Ana set up and created a project to support victims of torture. This became the catalyst for her study of different forms of energy work, including Healing at the London based College of Psychic Studies. Her holistic work is the result of 20 years of study and research that led to her encounter with the Dragons. Ana currently provides consultations and teaches her clients what she has learned in harmony with these great beings.
Antoinette OConnell is a founding member of the Irish Association of Homeopathy and was a Director of the Irish School of Homeopathy. She worked with a select group of European homeopaths to establish the curriculum for the teaching of non-medical Homeopathy that is now used in the UK, Europe and the United States. A woman of many talents, Anto has also been actively involved in associations for the welfare of animals. She is an experienced essence maker and currently provides consultations, as well as teaching her clients about Dragon energy.

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THE SKY WAS alive with different-colored Dragons arriving from all corners of the universe. The High Council had summoned them for an emergency meeting on the Opaline Mountain of the Multidimensional Crystal, a place specifically chosen to accommodate these beings of many sizes and vibrations.

The meeting was to be held inside the mountain, and to get there, all of the Dragons needed to go through a cave one by one. The ritual was the same; each Dragon stopped at the entrance and changed its size in order to go in without hitting its head, wings, or tail. For some, this meant shrinking a great deal, and for others just a little.

After overcoming the first challenge, they followed stones lining a stream that flowed to the depths of the cave. When the creek became a large, translucent pool, each was required to take a bath of purification before it could proceed farther.

A quantum diffuser put in place just before entering the meeting room readjusted the energy of each Dragon, ensuring a harmonious meeting with no disturbances at all. They had learned this lesson the hard way: at a previous meeting, the tremendous energy they created indiscriminately caused a tidal wave of serious consequences for the planet.

That was a long time ago. Since then, many lessons had been learned about working together to help races, civilizations, and people from different universes, stars, and planets. Beings from various universes sought out the Dragons to resolve disputes and repair damage, intentional or not, caused by people with different interests. With the ability to resolve conflicts fairly and impartially, the Dragons gladly accepted people from all galaxies and listened to their grievances. Then the Dragons most capable of resolving that particular issue were chosen and sent off on another mission.

Reports of their successful first endeavors began to spread into all corners of the universe, so quite naturally, the numbers of those looking for help steadily increased. That was when they felt the need to select a location that operated as a Dragon office, where they could receive calls via a cosmic web and meet with visitors to mediate a dispute or discuss how to help deal with natural disasters caused by the carelessness of the races inhabiting a particular planet. Problems could thus be handled promptly in a normal day's work.

None of the problems the Dragons had solved so far, however, compared with the emergency that called everyone to the Opaline Mountain of the Multidimensional Crystal. The summons came from the Interdimensional High Council of Heavenly Beings that governed the balance of the universes. Something enormous was about to happen, and the presence of the Dragons was imperative.

Walking carefully with wings folded and an air of seriousness, the Dragons took their positions in the extraordinary assembly. Each seat had been carefully prepared for the energy of a Dragon so that the collective power, in a specific order, would generate a frequency that would spread throughout the universe the moment the meeting ended.

The Heavenly Beings, also strategically positioned, gave the signal for all present to telepathically open the paths for the arrival of the Regent of the Universe. Each one raised its vibration, creating a field capable of sustaining the high omnipresence. An intensely bright portal opened, and a luminous being appeared. To facilitate communication with all present, he had chosen to take a human form — that of a man dressed in white with a long, white beard and bright eyes filled with kindness.

The regent knew the Dragons were especially fond of the inhabitants of Earth. They had been involved in the creation of the planet, helping to make the mountains, lakes, forests, and streams. They decorated these places with the help of other beings and Gaia herself with flowers, fruits, waterfalls, beaches, shells, and crystals.

Each Dragon possessed the frequency of a dominant element activated by its breath. When breathing together, they could create extremely beautiful and diverse textures and shapes. Generous, fastidious, and precise, they had made the most beautiful planet in the universe. However, choosing the races that came to live on Earth fell outside their responsibilities; that was the job of the Council of Stellar Beings.

They were closely and anxiously following the destruction happening on Earth. Their greatest fear was not for the planet, which was resistant to destruction caused by humans and could regenerate, but ... This but was the reason for the extraordinary meeting.

The Omnipresent being in human form prepared to speak. Before starting, his heart began to emanate a pink light toward those present, surrounding them in a vibration of love, security, and acceptance. The heart of every Dragon opened to receive and welcome the gesture. The Omnipresent knew that the best way to communicate with the Dragons was from heart to heart — the crystalline language.

"Greetings, Dragon friends!"

Through subtle, invisible waves, the Dragons responded to this greeting. Visibly, however, they just nodded in silence.

"Thank you all for coming." The

Dragons smiled respectfully.

"You must know we have called you because we have a serious situation on our hands — one that affects the entire universe and one only you can help resolve."

Several ears pricked up attentively.

"Our dear planet Earth needs you again. I know you are aware of the situation the planet is in and of the damage caused by the human beings."

Dragons' eyes rolled, and sighs came from different parts of the room. Clearly, they knew of the subject.

"The planet's water, air, and nature have been polluted by many thoughtless attitudes driven by selfishness, greed, and the total loss of control over emotions. Species that once lived together in harmony — animals, birds, humans, and the multidimensional realms — are now ruled by violence, anger, and fear."

Heads nodded across the room in deep sadness.

"Some perceptive humans have already realized the extent of the damage and are working to raise awareness and preserve the environment. A commendable attitude and worthy of our respect, but" — it was the same but that was the reason for the meeting and that the Dragons had been waiting so long to hear — "at the rate these more perceptive people's work is going, it may take an eternity to reverse the situation."

"If, in fact, it's possible at all," he added. "Others who are interested in earning money from destruction are sabotaging most of the people working to preserve the environment. The ill intentioned are capable of doing anything to get what they want, from poisoning humanity by putting chemicals in food and causing addiction to certain substances to destroying natural paradises for real estate investment and destroying forests to extract the best wood. The obsession with money has ended up forcing most people to fight for survival, a consequence of the differences between the few very wealthy and the millions who live in poverty."

The Dragons exchanged looks of sadness and disappointment, shaking their heads in disapproval.

"Some good intentions in a sea of bad have put humanity at risk. What the earthlings do not know is that the planet will survive, regardless of the damage they inflict on nature. Humankind, however, will disappear if this continues. Humans will destroy themselves, and it won't take long."

A great "Oh!" of shock echoed around the room.

The Dragons knew the situation was serious — but they were not aware that the danger was so imminent.

"And there's more. Earth's destruction is being planned in many dimensions and in various parts of the universe. Some races are interested in the rich minerals and crystals hidden deep below its surface. Others want the demise of the humans so they can strip the planet of all its beauty and use its strategic position in the galaxies merely as an operational base."

The room became more restless. Those present wondered, "How do these beings intend to destroy Earth?"

The Omnipresent said, "By encouraging humans to destroy themselves, by manipulating their minds and instilling fear, terror, and distrust. The earthlings who survive all this will become slaves to the other races."

The Gold Dragon stepped forward and looked intently at the regent of the universe, telepathically asking, "How can we help if the humans have free will and the initial plan foresees no intervention from us?"

The answer came telepathically to all present at the same time. "Intervening is only allowed in case of life or death. I regret to inform you that the situation is very serious. This is an emergency. We continue to respect human rights, but we have to help them while there is still time."

They looked with curious expressions at the luminous being before them.

"It's time to teach the humans how to deal with these multidimensional interferences, how to heal their emotions, and how to protect and defend themselves from these attacks. Above all, it is time to empower the human race so that it can shape its own destiny and the evolution of the planet. Right now, it feels as if the boat is drifting, as if it is being pulled toward an invisible iceberg and no one has noticed. If we hand command of the boat over to the humans, we will see what they are capable of as a race."

The more the Regent spoke, the brighter he became, with an enormous variety of stars and rainbows glittering in his aura.

The Dragons watched, entranced, as if the whole universe stood before them.

"I chose you for several reasons," he said. "Your race is respected by all the universes. You are compassionate, practical, and at the same time efficient at solving large-scale problems. The main reason, though, is that you contributed by giving a few selected humans the spark of your Dragon essence. I know that you have great love for them."

The Dragons nodded in agreement. They knew the truth, but unfortunately, those humans they had selected had no idea of it.

The Regent continued. "You are masters of dealing with the earthly elements: you breathe fire, walk the earth, fly through the air, swim in the waters, and connect heaven and earth through the element Ether. No other race incorporates all these attributes. You, therefore, are the natural choice for this important task."

A glimmer of pride lit up in every Dragon's eyes and many shook their bodies and flapped their wings. Being a Dragon was a great responsibility and a great privilege.

"Think about my plan. I know with your help we will succeed. Now I will leave you, so that you can discuss the matter. I am counting on you. See you soon."

The High Regent moved in the direction of the light portal, which was still open. From there he waved lovingly, hoping the Dragonlight Legion would accept this enormous cosmic challenge. If there was a race that could solve the terrestrial problems, it was the Dragons, who loved Planet Earth and had great compassion for the humans. He gave a last smile and disappeared.

The beam of light vanished, and, although it was night outside, the cave did not fall into darkness. Dragons' luminous scales have a special glow in the dark and flares of multicolored lights shone brightly, lighting up the inside of the cave. Dragons see very well in the dark and with powerful and sharp vision are able to spot movement from hundreds of miles away.


BLINKING TO ADJUST his focus in the darkness, Gold Dragon, leader of the Dragons, took command of the meeting. He knew the size of the task ahead and would need everyone's help if the proposal were approved. Pensive, he scratched his long golden beard. Then, raising his head, he stared at each of the Dragons, evaluating each one's individual skill and imagining how each could manage the mission.

Gold prepared to speak. Yes, Dragons also talk, but they prefer to use telepathy because it is faster and richer, conveying an idea, images, feelings and sounds at the same time. However, this time he opted for the more conventional way of communication: "You are already aware of the mission. So, let's vote as we always do: raise your tail if you are in favor, or keep it down on the ground if you're not."

At first, no one moved. Each was contemplating the situation with eyes closed, calculating the risks and, above all, wondering whether success was even a possibility. Dragons take the ability to 'feel' very seriously. It is the most important factor in making any decision. In order to 'feel', they stop, question and listen to their hearts. Dragons have to remain still and quiet, preferably with their eyes closed, and wait for the answer; they do not act on impulse.

Sometimes the answer is quick and rises like a fire filling their chests, erupting from the inside out. It is a loud and clear 'yes'. Other times the answer is cold, impassive and lacking emotion. This means they need more information before making a decision. On some occasions, the reply creates shivers and a bad feeling: this is clearly a 'no'.

'Feeling' is, however, a skill that takes time to understand properly. Imagine that sometimes the sensation is bad but is followed by a sense of well-being and euphoria. This means the task ahead is difficult, but the effort is worthwhile, as the challenges will bring progress and evolution of the soul. Therefore, it is a 'yes' without the enthusiasm of a 'loud and clear yes' but is filled with confidence and courage. It is a firm 'yes'. A clear and convincing 'yes' that asserts necessity. If the opportunity at hand is not acted upon immediately, a strong chance for self-realization could be lost and lead to regrets.

These complex reactions filled the chest of each of the Dragons in the cave. Generally, the first to take initiative was the Red Dragon. Her tail was the first to go up and sway from side to side. The self-confident Dragon, Magenta, followed with a smile, and raised hers too. Encouraged by their colleagues, the other Dragons followed and soon the room was filled with high, swaying tails and confident faces. All except one. Slowly, the Aquamarine Dragon moved away from the group to a corner of the cave. She wanted to be by herself for a while in order to decide without being influenced by the other Dragons.

Aquamarine's actions created a dilemma. The group required a unanimous vote or the task would be impossible. Their heads turned to Olive, the Dragon known for his natural ability in negotiation and peacemaking. Olive took a deep breath, knowing what he had to do; he was already accustomed to "debating" with Aquamarine.

In his elegant and friendly way, he approached his friend. His eyes were sincere, loving and caring. Communication through the eyes is another Dragon specialty. The eyes reveal intention when you want to talk to someone. The other speaker must look first into the eyes of whoever wants to talk to see if they are sincere. Different glimmers in the eyes mean different things. This is why you must look carefully. Having passed this test, the speaker must pass the feeling test. If the sensation is good and the combination of mutual energy is agreeable, it is a sign that the conversation will be amiable. Aquamarine felt precisely this way as Olive approached.

Olive smiled, raising his energy to embrace his friend, thus creating a harmonious and secure atmosphere for them to talk. He chose nonverbal dialogue. The conversation that went on inside their heads sounded something like this:

"What's the matter with you? Can I help?"

Aquamarine, a little uneasy at first, relaxed as he looked deeply into his friend's eyes, allowing the olive-green aura he was being offered to surround him.

"I think our chance of being successful on Earth is very small. It may be a waste of time taking on this project. There are so many other people and causes we can adopt that will make a difference for the inhabitants of all the galaxies. This isn't the first time the humans have been on the verge of exterminating themselves." To augment their communication, scenes of exploding bombs, atomic experiments, sea and river pollution, laboratory experiments contaminating soil and food, violence, war and starvation appeared in the minds of both.

Not wanting to see anymore, Aquamarine turned away. "Not again, please, Olive."

Olive nodded in full understanding and answered telepathically with images: "Humans are not aware of all the dangers and threats around them. They only trust what they can see with their eyes. If they could see or at least be aware of everything that affects them on a daily basis, they would lose their minds. If they knew and understood the amount of risk and negative energy surrounding them, they would be hospitalized and considered crazy."

The images the Dragons saw during this conversation were edited out of this book to prevent readers from feeling sick with shock at the reality they lived in.


Excerpted from "Dragon's Breath"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Ana Vidal and Anto O'Connell.
Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents

Preface, xi,
PART 1 The Preparation,
PART 2 The Magic that Came from Ireland,
PART 3 The Energy that Came from Brazil,
PART 4 Meeting on Earth,
Part 5 The Landings,
PART 6 Heading to Brazil,
Epilogue, 273,
Meet The Dragons, 279,
Who We Are, 289,

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