Drancy: Journey's End

Drancy: Journey's End

by Raymond Roscoe

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An autobiography by a survivor of the notorious death camp..... Drancy! ..PLEASE NOTE: The description says 8,770 words which does not include 74 pages scanned & saved as images handwritten by my father. Min 35,000 words

In the mid-1930s at 14 years of age, having just left school, my father applied for a job at sea in order to fulfill a childhood dream to 'see the world'. Having lied to his employer, the Harrison Line Ltd., that he was 15, they offered him work on the Passenger Cargo steamer Davisian. Little did he know that his dream was going to be cut short by WWII with an experience beyond his wildest imagination which started with the sinking of the passenger/cargo ship he had been working on.

Penned in the German Prisoner of War Camp Milag Nord and the Concentration Camp, Drancy, during WWII. This true account makes for compulsive reading for anyone interested in true stories, autobiographies and World War 2.

This book is a combination of his thoughts and experiences during that time, together with illustrations and photos of the time when his Merchant ship was attacked and sunk approx 410 miles north of Barbados, his survival when some of his unarmed crewmates were shot as they ran for cover on the ship, three months on a German Battleship, his time in a P.O.W., camp, Milag Nord, in Germany and finally, Drancy a Concentration Camp located near Paris in occupied France. The book contains photos of the camp, drawings, a number of Hitler postage stamps, poems and vouchers used within Milag Nord.

Drancy is listed as a Concentration Camp in the Holocaust Museums in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and Montreal, Canada as well as other locations around the world.

In addition, in late 1999 I received an invitation to go California to view additional proof that Drancy was a concentration camp, that proof was a memorial stone in the grounds of the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco (see photo on page 165 paperback or page 160 of the ebook ), California, USA. Further to that, the German government acknowledged Drancy was a Concentration Camp. Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, only representatives of the British government at that time denied Drancy was a death camp, in their own words, quote, “Our definition of Concentration camp differs from that of Israel and Germany”, unquote. So where were the British government representatives going with this one? Israel knew Drancy was a death camp as did Canada and Germany who managed it during WWII?

Finally, in 1993, David Alton MP represented my father and other survivors of Drancy to claim their share of the compensation the German government had paid out for the non-combatant Merchant seamen and Drancy internees, compensation that neither my father or his crewmates ever got because of a decision made by British Government representatives at the time. Where did the compensation money go? Well, we know where the money didn't go, to the ones the German government gave it for, the survivors of the notorious death camp..... Drancy!

A novelized account to be released early 2020. ‘Drancy - Journey’s End?’ is the title of a forthcoming book taken from my father’s ‘Wartime Log’ and novelized from his Wartime log. The book will endeavor to take into account my father’s thoughts, aspirations and emotions as he starts his life-changing journey in the mid 1930s through to the British tribunal hearing in 1993 for a share of the compensation the German government had paid out.

The copyright owner is currently looking for an independant film company who would be interested in putting this true story to film.

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Having had a varied working background in hydraulics, motor engineering, press photographer, wedding photographer, industrial photographer I then set up a number of businesses three of which I sold off to competitors as follows. * Est. in 1988 Cheshire Wipes - manufacturer and supply of cleaning cloths, hygiene, cleaning chemicals, safety equipment, etc. * Customers were the UK mainland, plus I.o.M. and I.o.W, Sold in 2001 * Est. in 1992 Percival Travel - A non-ABTA, non-ATOL travel agency. Arranged long-haul flights, hotel accommodation, car hire, etc to mainly businesses. Sold in 2003 * Est. in 1996 Roscoe Estates - Owned property, revenue was mostly rental - sold 2006 * Est. in 1996 PCI Leisure - built high end business computers to CE Approval status, covered extended warranty and manufacturers warranty for call-out work on all manner of I.T. equipment. Using local engineers and engineers in other parts of the UK. This business was run as a partnership with the help of a colleague for 14 years under the trading name Simple Office Solutions (S.O.S.) work eventually was extended to the maintenance and repair of fitness equipment and was the only company in the North West and North Wales which did such maintenance. In view of the diverse nature of the computer and fitness equipment maintenance, the name PCI Leisure was adopted. In 2007 I wound down all my business interests as above, so that I could retire early from day to day business activities and turn my attention to writing and publishing books. My first book that I wrote was The Travel Manual. I started this some 20 years ago. It's research took nearly a year. It has now been updated and is selling through Smashwords, all the Amazon websites around the world along with their affiliate sites such as Barnes and Noble, KDP (Kindle). It will soon be available through Google Play and will, therefore, be available for Smartphone, iPad and other Android hardware. My other book is my father's Thomas Roscoe - War Time Log which is also published through Smashwords, Amazon worldwide, affiliate sites, KDP. Both are available to order through any High Street bookstore. This will eventually be available through other sites such as Blurb, Google Play, etc. I am also searching for an independent film company in the UK or Western Europe to turn it into a Film, Biopic or documentary There are other books I am working on, one of which is 75% complete and is a true story from 1984 to 1990. It's title and content are secret until I take further legal advice even though I have full rights. Another book is a comedy joint venture and a true story of the escapades of two friends. In addition, about 2010, I bought the reproduction rights to around 1,200 business books which, when I get the time, will be looked at, re-formatted and uploaded to the above online distribution networks, some will be free, some there will be a small charge for. These will only be uploaded when I have finished the present projects listed her. Finally, I was commissioned to travel a great deal to cover photographic assignments for use in written works, magazine, online photo libraries and other publications. Those assignments took me to the Americas - Panama incl. some of its islands, Costa Rica, Columbia and Ecuador, USA Florida, California, New York, Nevada, Kansas, New York State, along with many of the places such as San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park and many more. Included also was Western Europe, Eastern Europe such as Lithuania, and Ukraine, Middle East such as Jordan and Israel and many other countries last, but not least of which is the UK. So, it was only natural that I would embark of a series of books about those travels along with over 8,000 photographs in standard definition, HD, HDR and Tone Mapped of the cultures, the architecture, the history, the people and more. My first book will cover Panama, a country close to my heart.

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