Drawing Scenery: Landscapes and Seascapes

Drawing Scenery: Landscapes and Seascapes

by Jack Hamm



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ISBN-13: 9780448015088
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Publication date: 03/01/1972
Pages: 120

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Basics of Scenery Drawing
Choosing a "Bounded Space" for a Scene1
The Horizontal Rectangle1
"Commanding" the Observer's Attention2
The Focal Point2
The Focal Area2
The Relation of Boundaries to the Interior3
The Ways of Dividing Space4
The Principles of Good Space Division5
Creating a Travel Experience for the Eye6
Charting the Eye's Course7
Principles that Help in Scenery Drawing and Painting8
Relating Three Shapes-One to the Other9
The Principle of "The Threes"10
Telling the Picture Story11
The Entering Point in a Picture11
"Follow-through" in a Picture12
Basic Follow-throughs12
Follow-through and Depth Perception13
Interior Parenthesis13
Overcoming the Blank Page (More on Good Space Division)14
Comprehension Factors in a Picture16
Co-active Follow-through17
Experiment in Comprehension18
Emotional Response18
Pencils and Papers20
The Importance of Form22
Base Lines of a Picture24
Ground Value Variances25
Uneven Earthen Contours26
Principle of the "Take-up" Line27
"Creating" Distance30
Depth and Distance32
Contrasting Values34
Expectations from Different Values36
Putting Subject Matter out of Mind38
Leaning Toward the Abstract40
The Willingness to Explore41
Drawing Trees and Foliage
Tree Trunks42
Tree-a Bold Beginning43
Tree Pointers43
"Painting" with a Pencil44
Tree Talk with Illustrations46
Base Lines48
Struggling Trees50
Twenty Drawings of the Same Tree52
Trees and Their Appearance54
Drawing Rocks and Mountains
Edges and Surfaces in Rock Drawing56
Drawing Larger Sections of Rock57
Field Trips for Rock Sketching58
Drawing Rocks Within a Given Space59
Variations Inside the Same Outline60
Rock Drawing in Other Media61
Simple "Flat Lead" Sketches62
Creating Rocky Landscapes in Miniature63
Elementary Rock Compositions64
Interesting Patterns in Rock65
Rock-the Unchangeable Model in Art66
The Stone Colossus67
Drawing Mountain Ranges-an A-B-C Method68
Construction Experiment with Mountain Peaks70
A Mountain Abstraction71
Drawing Clouds and Skies
Simplifying Cloud Drawing72
Cloud Treatments74
Cloud Formations76
Sunsets and Sunrises78
Morning and Evening Skies80
Diagram of Cloud Types81
Dramatic Cloud Backgrounds82
Semi-abstract Skies83
More Cloud Effects84
Giving Clouds Dimension85
Moonlight Scenes86
Strong Winds88
Wind and Snow88
The Upsweep Wind89
Wind and Sand89
Drawing Water: Oceans, Lakes, Rivers and Falls
Reflections in Water90
Reflections Under Various Conditions91
Drawing Water Surfaces92
Puddles and Reflections93
Nighttime Reflections93
Lighthouses and Water94
Lake and Ocean Reflections95
Water Talk96
Charting the Course of a Wave98
Analyzing Waves99
Great Waves of the Sea100
Where There's Water102
Angry and Peaceful Waters104
Drawing Waterfalls105
More on Waterfalls106
Niagara Falls and Stairstep Falls107
Drawing Snow and Ice108
Drawing Buildings, Large and Small
Houses in Scenery Drawing110
A House Is Built in a Minute111
Planes, Values and Forms112
A Few Suggested Techniques113
Putting Buildings Together114
Drawing Towns and Villages115
Loose Sketching and Tonal Drawing116
Crowded Shacks in a Slum117
Different Approaches to Structural Drawing118
Recording Planes and Values119

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