Dream, Build, Believe: The Founding of Notaviva Vineyards

Dream, Build, Believe: The Founding of Notaviva Vineyards

by Stephen Mackey



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Dream, Build, Believe: The Founding of Notaviva Vineyards by Stephen Mackey

On a romantic whim...Stephen and Shannon Mackey took a leap of faith that would forever change the course of their lives. With no background in farming, they purchased an abandoned cattle ranch in Northern Virginia with a dream to start a family and create Notaviva Vineyards, the world's first winery to pair wine with music.

With an unyielding commitment to their children and their vision, they embarked upon an entrepreneurial journey unlike any other. While holding down corporate careers, they began the construction of their custom timber frame home, which would double as the tasting room of the winery. During the building process, they were filmed for a reality television show, planted new vines, learned to make wine, and contributed thousands of hours of sweat equity all while living in a small rental home, Shannon pregnant with their second son. When they opened the winery just after the outset of the Great Recession in March of 2008, they also launched their new creative agency to support their young family and farming pursuits.

Their story of starting two small businesses while raising a family is a testament to the American Dream. Fundamentally rooted in hard work, tough sacrifice, unwavering tenacity and a deep abiding love for each other, their children and their land, their uplifting tale is proof that no matter how dark the skies may seem at times, we must always believe there is a star watching over each of us.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781631777295
Publisher: Mascot Books
Publication date: 10/01/2016
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Stephen Mackey is an award-winning entrepreneur, wine composer and creative director. After successful careers in professional audio and digital media management, he co-founded Notaviva Vineyards and Mesh Omnimedia with wife Shannon, with whom he starred in the HGTV reality television series Dream House filmed during the construction of their home and winery. Recognized internationally as a dynamic, entertaining and inspiring public speaker, his passion for showing others how to face their fears, overcome adversity, and follow their dreams flows through his work.

Stephen is active in both his business and social communities, having served on numerous professional boards, associations and commissions across Virginia as well as volunteering as a coach, mentor and scout leader.

Table of Contents

Foreword Shannon Mackey vii

Introduction xiii

Part 1 Dream 1

Chapter 1 "Love at First Sight" 3

Chapter 2 "The End of the Road" 11

Chapter 3 "A Silly Little Word" 19

Chapter 4 "Love at Second Sight" 27

Chapter 5 "First Date" 33

Chapter 6 "A Romantic Whim" 37

Chapter 7 "New Haven" 45

Chapter 8 "The Engagement" 51

Chapter 9 "Wine and Music" 59

Chapter 10 "Building the Wedding Site" 67

Chapter 11 "The Wedding" 73

Part 2 Build 85

Chapter 12 "Going Home" 87

Chapter 13 "First Planting"93

Chapter 14 "New Parents" 107

Chapter 15 "Plans & Permits" 115

Chapter 16 "Dream House" 125

Chapter 17 "Second Planting" 133

Chapter 18 "Signing the Loan" 141

Chapter 19 "Demolition" 145

Chapter 20 "Breaking Ground" 151

Chapter 21 "Meeting the Frame" 159

Chapter 22 "A Star to Watch Over Us" 171

Chapter 23 "Sweat Equity" 181

Chapter 24 "Taking a Baby Break" 191

Chapter 25 "Long Cold Winter" 199

Chapter 26 "Race to the Finish" 209

Chapter 27 "Housewarming Party" 235

Chapter 28 "First Harvest" 245

Chapter 29 "Happy Holidays" 253

Part 3 Believe 261

Chapter 30 "Two Leaps of Faith" 263

Chapter 31 "The Grand Opening" 273

Chapter 32 "Learning to Make Wine" 285

Chapter 33 "Agricultural Small Business of the Year" 299

Chapter 34 "Open for Business (Again)" 311

Chapter 35 "Almost Goodbye" 323

Chapter 36 "Third Harvest" 341

Chapter 37 "Crooked Run" 353

Chapter 38 "Living Off the Land" 369

Chapter 39 "Powhatan School" 385

Chapter 40 "The Entrepreneurs" 397

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