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Dream Fishing the Little Spokane

Dream Fishing the Little Spokane

by Jeffrey Dunn
Dream Fishing the Little Spokane

Dream Fishing the Little Spokane

by Jeffrey Dunn


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Rooted in the Little Spokane River drainage, Jeffrey Dunn’s novel Dream Fishing the Little Spokane is as local as it is American. For those who remember Richard Brautigan, this little book is a Trout Fishing in America for the 21st Century.

Meet the legendary Viper Bugloss who inhabits abandoned trailers and preys on campgrounds. Take a road trip with Carl Jung and his mother up the Little Spokane River to find “the split” in consciousness. Go on an erotic journey with Anais Nin to the Waikiki Ranch. Check into the Dream Fishing the Little Spokane Library where forgotten voices come to mind. Eavesdrop on Walt Whitman and Chief Spokane Garry as they wrestle with the material problem that is America. Hang in the slack water with Mister White, a neighboring mountain whitefish who corresponds with the speaker.

Although the fiction does not have the traditional long-form character and plot development, certain themes recur. One concerns the treatment of children. Working class Donny, foster child Finley, and the young Chief Spokane Garry—all exemplify the precarious position of America’s youth. Another concerns the impact of capitalism. Homeless Viper Bugloss, squatter Peamouth, and the middle-aged Chief Spokane Garry—all speak to the effects of burgeoning commodification. Of final concern are crimes against the environment. Dog death by decree, turtle death by pickup, and fish death by shotgun—all point to a callous disregard of anything more than singular self-interest.

Visit Dream Fishing the Little Spokane today. Once you’ve been there and back, America will never again look quite the same.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780999333914
Publisher: Jeffrey Scott Dunn
Publication date: 10/02/2017
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.36(d)

About the Author

Jeffrey Dunn was spawned in Chicago and raised in a Pittsburgh rearing tank. Once out to sea, he swam among various schools, earning a BA in English and MA in Education from Allegheny College and a Ph.D. in English Literature and Culture Studies from the University of Pittsburgh. He returned to the fresh water of parochial and public schools and taught English to smolts. He was transplanted to Washington State in 1993 and later to the Little Spokane River Drainage in 2002. Washington State's OPSI, ESD 101, and Education Association have judged Jeffrey's teaching to be Premium, which is to say a sea-fresh odor, bright and clear eyes, bright red gills, and a bright and natural body cavity. His teaching also has no fin damage or tail loss.

Table of Contents


The Cover for Dream Fishing the Little Spokane (Part One) Axe Notched Lovingly for You 1

The Cover for Dream Fishing the Little Spokane (Part Two) Words in My Mouth 5

Little Spokane Welcome Wagon 7

Nominating Viper Bugloss for the Noxious Weed Board 9

Little Spokane River Koan #1 15

Dream Fishing the Little Spokane Library 16

Footnotes to the Dream Fishing the Little Spokane Library Chapter 22

Spokane Death Sentence 27

Dream Fishing the Little Spokane Goes to School 28

Anxiety Comes to the House on Thor 32

Crystal Palace Slave Ship 39

Wandermere Ski Jump 47

The Great Northern Train Wreck 48

The Day Carl Young Came to Milan 56

A Shotgun Blast Meets the Johnstown Flood 62

Mister White Does Genealogy 63

The Whiteness of Mister White 67

Another Place to Find Viper Bugloss 71

The Little Spokane Attorney 76

The Autopsy for Dream Fishing the Little Spokane 78

The Last Letter of Mister White 82

Autism on Deadman Creek 84

Making Coffins on Dry Creek 91

Rattlesnake Hill Capitalism 93

Bringing Religion 95

Little Spokane River Koan #2 96

Jaco Finlay Blues 97

Turtle Death by Pickup 100

What the Biker Chick Said 103

The Out-of-the-Way Alley Forge 107

Brautigan’s Closet 111

What Anais Nin Said 114

The Day Walt Whitman Came to Inchitensee 118

Little Spokane River Koan #3 134

The Last Time I Saw Viper Bugloss 135

Peamouth 139

Little Spokane River Koan #4 143

Dream Fishing the Little Spokane Questions 144

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