by Keller Williams


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Keller Williams has built his reputation as a one-man band, but also as an equally prolific and eclectic recording artist. So, it's no surprise that he would want to stand his self-defined image on its ear with this long-in-the making collection of collaborations with other performers. No less than 31 other singers and musicians join him on one or more of the 16 tracks on the 73-minute CD. The biggest name, particularly for an artist known for his jam band associations, is former Grateful Dead singer/guitarist Bob Weir, who joins Williams on "Cadillac," the two exchanging acoustic guitar riffs and singing Williams' typically quirky lyrics. Then there is Béla Fleck, who adds his banjo to the progressive bluegrass of "People Watchin'." Although perhaps fashioned with the guest stars in mind, those songs are characteristic of Williams' most frequent style, as is "Sing for My Dinner," on which he's joined by the members of the String Cheese Incident, longtime friends of his. Other guests inspire different musical explorations. Jeff Covert contributes drums and lead guitar to the first track, "Play This," which sounds like a mash-up of hardcore punk rock à la Black Flag and the funk of Red Hot Chili Peppers. The funk continues with the second track, "Celebrate Your Youth," featuring the band ModeReko, which could be mistaken for a lost song by Dave Matthews Band. The appearance of Michael Franti on "Ninja of Love" inspires a sort of Japanese reggae number, and Sanjay Mishra and Samir Chatterjee take the music to India for the instrumental "Lil' Sexy Blues." Second-generation San Francisco rock guitarist Steve Kimock, with Williams on bass and John Molo on drums, gives "Twinkle" a seven-plus-minute instrumental, the feel of one of the Dead's "Space" improvisations, but Williams expects jazz guitarist John Scofield to adapt to his own style for "Got No Feather," and Scofield obliges. No matter who's accommodating whom, however, this is always Keller Williams music, with the involved guitar playing and near-novelty lyrics that implies. But for once, that music is being played by other people in addition to Williams himself.

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Release Date: 02/06/2007
Label: Sci Fidelity Records
UPC: 0662102105825
catalogNumber: 1058

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Keller Williams   Primary Artist,Organ,Acoustic Guitar,Banjo,Bass,Percussion,Bass Guitar,Electric Guitar,Theremin,Vocals,Voices,Human Whistle,12-string Guitar,Fretless Bass Guitar,Guitar (12 String Electric),Guitar (Baritone)
Bob Weir   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Voices,Foot Stomping,Guest Appearance
Fareed Haque   Guitar,Percussion,Electric Guitar,Guest Appearance
John Scofield   Guitar,Guest Appearance
John D'earth   Trumpet
Béla Fleck   Banjo,Guest Appearance
Michael Franti   Vocals,Voices,Guest Appearance
Charlie Hunter   Guitar,8-string Guitar,Guest Appearance
Steve Kimock   Electric Guitar,Guest Appearance
Tim Kobza   Guitar
John Molo   Drums,Guest Appearance
John "J.T." Thomas   Keyboards
Victor Wooten   Bass,Guest Appearance
Bobby Read   Clarinet,Flute,Saxophone,Guest Appearance
Sanjay Mishra   Guitar (Nylon String),Guest Appearance
Samir Chatterjee   Tabla,Guest Appearance
Jeff Covert   Guitar,Drums,Vocals,Voices,Talk Box
Michael Travis   Mandolin,Drums
Martin Sexton   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Vocals,Muted Trumpet,Vocal Percussion,Guest Appearance
Fleming McWilliams   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Jason Hann   Percussion
Dave Chalfant   Bass,Guest Appearance
Michael Kang   Mandolin
Keith Moseley   Bass
Bill Nershi   Acoustic Guitar
Kyle Hollingsworth   Keyboards
Jeff Sipe   Drums,Guest Appearance
Zac Rae   Keyboards,Optigan
Derrek Phillips   Drums,Tambourine,Guest Appearance
Noel White   Percussion,Drums,Guest Appearance
Jackson Hamlet Weir "Bob's Dog"   Vocals

Technical Credits

Fareed Haque   Composer,Engineer
Béla Fleck   Engineer
Michael Franti   Engineer
Steve Kimock   Composer
John Molo   Composer
Bobby Read   Composer,Engineer
Jim Watts   Engineer
Jeff Covert   Engineer
Louis Gosain   Engineer
John Painter   Engineer
Jon Altschiller   Engineer
Ella Mae Williams   Composer
Dave Chalfant   Engineer
Keller Williams   Composer,Producer
Nadia Prescher   Management
Jack Mascari   Engineer
Mike McGinn   Engineer
Noel White   Engineer
Scott Cresswell   Engineer
Sandy Loeber   Artwork
Christine Stauder   Management
Robert Battaglia   Engineer

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