Dream School

Dream School

by Blake Nelson


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Andrea Marr, the heroine of the bestselling novel Girl, is back. And headed to college. Imagining a typical “J. Crew/college catalog” experience, Andrea leaves Portland to attend prestigious Wellington College in Connecticut. Surrounded by the best and the brightest, she works hard to adjust and keep up. But Andrea has a way finding her own people — not the well-heeled and well-scrubbed — but the weird, the wild, and the brilliant. It isn’t long before her college career veers wildly off course. Suddenly her entire future is in question. But in her darkest hour, Andrea will find the key to her destiny.

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ISBN-13: 9780983723202
Publisher: Figment
Publication date: 12/06/2011
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Blake Nelson grew up in Portland, OR. He attended Wesleyan University and NYU. He began his career writing short humor pieces for Details magazine. His first novel Girl, was serialized in Sassy magazine and was made into a film starring Selma Blaire and Summer Phoenix. Nelson has since published ten more novels, including Rockstar Superstar and The New Rules of High School, Prom Anonymous and Gender Blender.

His science fiction novel They Came From Below was a Kliatt Editors Choice pick in 2008 and his 2006 novel Paranoid Park was made into a film by Gus Van Sant which won the Cannes Special Anniversary Prize Award in 2006, as well as Italy's Grinzane Literary award. His latest book Destroy All Cars has been praised as "Smart and Entertaining" by the New York Times, and was called "A wonderful novel" by the Los Angeles Times. His newest novel Recovery Road was released in March of 2011.

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From Chapter 6 - "Chasing Boys"
The next morning, what a disaster. I woke up and there was Dennis and his huge naked body. His huge naked hairy body. And Marissa just about had a heart attack when she practically stepped on him coming down the ladder. And then when he left she was freaking out: what if she hadn’t had her pajamas on? What about her privacy? What about her boundaries? Things were already strained with her. She had heard about my shower speech, which she probably thought was about her. So now she was convinced I didn’t respect her issues.
After that I didn’t feel like going to brunch. Dennis would be there and everyone would be wondering about that. So I got my Pea Coat and walked down to Dory's Diner by myself. It was a cold walk. It was the last week of February and the snow was dirty and old and bunched up in piles on the edges of the streets.
At Dory's there was a table of Wellington upperclassman in the back and so I sat at a booth in the front and had a milkshake and some eggs. It was good though, I needed a break. Everything was becoming too much. I had been drunk two nights in a row and now I’d spent the night with Dennis and everyone knew about my shower speech. And I wasn’t studying very hard even though my grades were bad and my parents would probably freak out if they knew what I was like here. And I’d been a bad friend to Vanessa and was secretly wishing to be better friends with Carol. It was all so exhausting. I drank my milkshake.
Then Spence walked in. I caught my breath. He didn’t see me at first. He came striding in, undoing his big red coat, blowing on his hands. Then he saw me. He was like, “Andrea?” I looked up at him. “Are you by yourself?” he said. I shrugged. He sat down opposite me. The waiter came and he ordered a cheeseburger deluxe. He took off his coat. He had a beautiful blue sweater underneath it. He was so stylish. Carol would end up with him. It was inevitable. She was the only one cool enough for him.
We talked a little. He ate his burger. I played with the dregs of my milkshake. I didn’t know what to say to him but I was glad he was there. He didn’t say much either. Afterward, he gave me a ride back to campus in his Jetta. That’s when I asked him if he had hung out with Carol more after the beach party. He hadn’t. I said, “You guys are so perfect together.” He looked at me with surprise. So I said: “You know, visually, she’s sort of … but I didn’t know what I meant so I shut up. “Yeah, she’s awesome,” he said, “but you know …” When he said that he looked at me. Like he might like me. It was too weird and probably impossible but it gave me a little shiver up my spine.

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Dream School 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was nice to catch up with Andrea again. I really liked the first book and was interested to see what would happen next. There is very little dialoge as in the first book, but being in an interesting head, like Andrea Marr's. Thats not such a bad thing.