Dreaming Of Kaleidoscopes

Dreaming Of Kaleidoscopes

by Chris Wind


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intensely honest and unbearably sensitive, a non-thematic 'best of' collection of poems spanning about fifteen years, from the poet's late teens in the 1970s to her early thirties in the 1990s - "scabs and scars blowing across the snow"

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ISBN-13: 9781926891132
Publisher: Magenta
Publication date: 02/25/2011
Pages: 92
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.22(d)

About the Author

chris wind has degrees in Literature, Education, and Philosophy.

wind's prose has been read on CBC Radio and published in ACT, Alpha, American Atheist, The Antigonish Review, Canadian Woman Studies, event, Existere, (f.)Lip, Herizons, Hysteria, The Humanist, Humanist in Canada, Hysteria, The New Quarterly, Other Voices, Secular Nation, and Waves.

wind's poetry has been published in Alpha, The Antigonish Review, Ariel, Atlantis, Bite, Bogg, Canadian Author and Bookman, Canadian Dimension, Canadian Woman Studies, Contemporary Verse 2, The Free Verse Anthology, Girlistic Magazine, grain, Interior Voice, Kola, Mamashee, The New Quarterly, Next Exit, Onionhead, Poetry Toronto, Prism International, Rampike, Shard, The University of Toronto Review, The Wascana Review, Whetstone, White Wall Review, Women's Education des femmes, and three anthologies (Going for Coffee, ed. Tom Wayman; Clever Cats, ed. Ann Dubras; Visions of Poesy, ed. Dennis Gould). "Luncheon on the Grass" was the motive poem for an exhibit by Brooks Bercovitch and Colton at the Galerie Schorer, Montreal (1998).

wind's theatrical works have been performed by Laurel Theater (Maryland), Alumnae Theatre, Theatre Resource Center, Theatre Asylum, Buddies in Bad Times, and A Company of Sirens (all in Toronto).

chris wind has received thirteen Ontario Arts Council Writers' Reserve grants based on publisher and theatre recommendations.

chris wind was guest speaker at Clarkson Secondary School during Canadian Writers' Week (1992), panellist at the Canadian National Feminist Poetry Conference (Winnipeg, 1992), and featured in an article in The Montreal Gazette (1994).

Lastly, chris wind is listed in "Who's Who in Hell."
(probably because of "Faith", "The Great-Jump Off," and Thus Saith Eve)

Table of Contents

solitude on the steppes

i wake four grown human beings later in the evening burn victim i hurl my screams solitude on the steppes down a hollow
Portrait of the Artist, Struggling youth this is the season
Sonata for the Dead dreaming of kaleidoscopes

i chirp

canary in a cave we move nuns
In An Art Gallery
Vinnie my pet parrot it's like a hunger strike
Blacks founded great empires gameboy
Desert Storm (the video)
you tell me about your son
(Blind) Lady of Justice tanka


you will wash over me
Aria Cantabile no your words scrape across my skin counterpoint a rush of flames distance softens, darkness too to paul leave
Modern Math to phil we who have cast off polite camouflage

for my brother

in the night, your mouth at my neck now that there's AIDS
"rape with a foreign object"
electronic studio evolution crease, flip, crease, flip, crease, flip for my brother
To My Philosophy Professors in essays and reports to be led
Fashion Statement
I have taken vows
Crucifixion when her mother explained agèd women waiting
Mirrors in a Funhouse
The Girl Market at Gaina
On the Occasion of your Ph.D.

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