Dreams and Visions of the Night

Dreams and Visions of the Night

by Pat Valerino


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Although this book is based on the Bible as its source of validation, it is not written exclusively to the religious sector of society. This book is for everyone. The reason it is of value to all people is that God speaks to all people by way of dreams. The Bible itself not only declares this but has on record many instances throughout biblical history in which God has actually done it. The fact is God has spoken in dreams, as much to those who don’t practice the most common format of religious beliefs, as to those who do. But it is unfortunate that many of these presentations have not produced the intended objective, either in the secular or religious arena.

Notwithstanding the lack of recognition of past visitations by the avenue of dreams and visions, there is going to be new opportunity springing up in a vast array of distribution. I believe that many people reading this book will be visited in the night with spiritually oriented dreams. The Lord will use the information in this book to prompt an awareness in its readers of the reality of this channel of communication and then drop one on them in their sleep. As a matter of fact, I know He is going to do that very thing. Once you read through the first section of this book, you will have all the education needed to understand the biblical doctrine on dreams. In this way, you will be aware of and equipped to benefit from a God-given dream if He should happen to send you one. Lest, without this knowledge, a blessing, seemingly in disguise, would be lost.

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Publication date: 10/18/2017
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