Dreams, Fantasies, Hallucinations, Truths and Visions

Dreams, Fantasies, Hallucinations, Truths and Visions

by Bronco


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Life's experience has lead me to believe and write in poetry and prose.

Stories I hope, that touch and resonate...

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ISBN-13: 9781481764414
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/15/2013
Pages: 130
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)

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Copyright © 2013 Bronco
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-6441-4



      Desert Rain

      * * *

    What is that Gleam in your
    that mysterious Dance of
    Thought and Emotion
    moving to the Rhythm
    laid down by the lonely
    Beat of a single

    The Hunger is gone
    The Heat of the Desert
    Is in your
    Igniting my passions
    And Erotic thoughts of loving

    Pouring yourself over me
    Drenched in the Sweat
    Of satisfying your

    and my own
    Insatiable Thirst

      Angels Of Empathy

      * * *

    As I sit down
    with memories
    long since
    I realize
    some of these
    have been bleached
    by time,
    and the heat of emotions.

    Faded colours blending, blinding
    twirling into a new quilt
    Of personal truth/lies,
    furnished by an incomplete
    soul/insatiable wanting.

    Wandering dreams
    of lust and desires;
    Hoping for angels
    to soothe
    these passionate obsessions.


      * * *

    Look at me talk of loves' long
    and lonely days without you

    anticipation is my companion
    throughout the long hours
    of light

    i pace my room waiting for you to come home
    to me in the darkness

    I lay down and drift into somber sleep
    pushing away the dark clouds that block you
    from my mind
    and as always ...
    you soothe my heart
    of longing
    as we talk of what
    was ...

    to kiss and feel your tender body

    to love until
    exhaustion ...

    till the rise of the morning sun ...
    waiting in my lonely days..

    and you
    wake me ...

    in the next nights'


      * * *

    looking into your eyes
    i see
    what i have longed
    for what seems to have been

    your strength and
    have nourished the flowers
    of my soul

    your compassion and
    have softened
    a heart once made

    as I lay beside you
    holding you in my arms

    i have wished many times
    to say this
    to speak the words
    you have placed
    in my heart
    yet could not find my


      * * *

    i cannot sleep
    for the wonder
    of your eyes
    upon me
    finger tips
    reliving the memory of
    tender and sweet

    Your long red nails piercing my flesh
    as you hold me close
    afraid to let go
    afraid to fall from the heights of
    our passion

    as you hang on for dear life
    and everlasting love


      * * *

    make me your lover
    the one who's dreams'
    caries you
    to lost places
    in your

    make me your friend
    to share the secrets
    of hidden desires
    and passions

    make me your all
    encompassing day and

    let there not be a
    sunrise or
    that my love
    is not

      The One

      * * *

    To care
    Hold and comfort

    To Love
    Respect and desire

    The one of
    The One of

    To leave the past
    Of sand
    And ash

    And build a

    Of hope the promise of

    Until the sunset
    Of our

    And into


      * * *

    if i could dream again
    stopping the madness
    halting the screams
    ceasing the pain

    if only for a

    to have peace in my soul

    to escape


    on the eyes of the

    and end this dreamless


      * * *

    In the Night
    I Toss and

    I Move

    I Breath
    Laboured breaths

    Smelling your Body
    Lying next to

    Calling me
    To love You
    Taste You

    As I breathe

    When I extend
    My Soul ...
    Reach out my Hand
    To make love to

    I awakened to Find
    I Am

      Cotton Candy

      * * *

    I looked up at the Evening Sky
    to find
    God had dropped his cotton candy
    from Heaven on high
    the Pink and Violet swirls
    were laid upon the Baby-Blue

    Iridescence sparkling by the Light
    of the setting

    It looked
    so Good and
    so Sweet

    If only
    i could grab a

    And Taste it

    It must be very Delicious and for
    it was only a small
    or He surely would not
    have lost

      The Dream Of The Toy Soldier

      * * *

    My dream,
    Is Life.
    To be removed from my
    Box and see
    And Seas.
    To Breath air
    Natural and Free.
    To Feel my Mind
    Explore realms of Impossibilities.
    To be Thoughtful
    And Thoughtless.

    Reality calls me
    To Life,
    To grow Older yet possibly
    No Wiser.
    To become Gray haired
    Or Bald.
    To simply Sleep,
    To Dream.

    To Feel the Pain of

    To Know the Heights of Passionate
    To ball my Fist
    In Anger,
    And Scream of
    To quietly Contemplate

      Consider This

      * * *

    Consider this
    A passionate kiss
    From lips warmed
    With the thought
    And emotion
    Of our

    I have seen your soul
    Witnessed its pain
    Attempted to soothe and
    Comfort your tears

    Respecting your desires
    Hunger for life
    As we wake
    To thoughts
    And breaths
    Of each other

    Now I see you
    You feel me
    Ned me
    Love me


      * * *

    there is beauty somewhere
    there is beauty
    and i have to get away
    before i lose my

    help me find
    oh please help me
    the beauty

    there is beauty somewhere
    and i have to get away
    to find it
    before i lose my

      Gas Light Silhouttes

      * * *

    Smoking the cigar
    so long missed
    he sensed
    on this night
    the Need
    would find him

    Listening to the echoing remnants
    of the jazz played
    before him

    Looking into the city lights
    that he imagines shine only
    for him

    the Need comes

    Wanting her
    needing her breast
    resting on his back
    and arms
    her lips
    pressed gently to his
    as her perfume
    filled his nostrils with the flame
    of passion

    As he listens now
    to the lonely echoes
    of the jazz played before him

    The music man looks into his eyes
    all too knowingly
    of his pain

    He still wonders how he
    lost her
    and how often he thinks of her

    walking now
    in the city lights
    her breast resting on her lovers'

    Her soft full lips
    pressed now
    to love another



      * * *

    The Taste of Her lingers on his Mind
    as he Touches his own Mouth and Lips
    Unbelievingly, he ponders Her Decision to make
    Love to him; and his own Eagerness to please
    To Satisfy Her emptiness and Hunger to Love.
    To quench his own Thirst for Passion.

    Touching his Lips, the Sights and Sounds of their
    Lovemaking rush clearly to Him.
    For one brief second, he is Blinded to the Present,
    as this Powerful memory Overwhelms his Senses.

    As he regains his Composure; looking around the room to
    see if Anyone has noticed the Sweat on his Brow,
    or His unsteady Walk.

    Driving home, he Wonders if Time will allow
    this Moment, this Pleasing Interruption into his
    Soul, to plant its Seed in Her

    To have Her touch her own Lips and Feel the
    Dizziness of Wonder
    the Magic of

    The Garden

    * * *

    There were moments when she
    would attempt to recapture
    memories of her former lover
    as they planted seeds in their garden
    yet, as their time apart grew
    she found the bitter-sweetness of the fruit
    of that existence
    turned more to vinegar
    than wine

    she was never able to forget him
    for he was a part of her
    for what seemed like
    in her arms....
    in her dreams of a future-

    for she knew in her soul
    to live in his world
    was not to see her
    but nightmares

    as her body healed for the ache of
    needing him
    she realized
    that she had become addicted
    to his touch
    his kiss
    his gaze
    his love

    getting through her days with
    strong coffee
    long walks
    and loving friends
    became the cure

    with time
    she allowed herself to return to
    the garden
    to plant the seeds of
    love again

    she weeded her garden religiously
    to bloom and bare sweet fruit
    through all seasons.

      Candie Man

      * * *

    Candie walks around
    so fine
    Cocoa skin unblemished by
    Hazel flecks dancing
    In deep brown pools
    She had for eyes

    Lips looking sweet as
    Hips that move
    With the heat of
    Legs long and S
    And Candie knows
    She's fine

    Come her girl
    Meet a man
    To calm the fire
    of your heart
    Look deep into my eyes
    And see the start
    Of loves'

    Your lips
    I will lick
    Your hips
    I will kiss
    To tame the flames
    And let you
    As you wrap your arms
    Around me

    That I am
    Your Man

      Island Girl

      * * *

    On white sands
    You lie next to me
    Talking of sweet dreams and
    Fantastic things

    Vision fantasies
    of you and I
    In green warm waters
    Blue sky
    Blazing sun

    Your lips wet with hunger
    My arms waiting to hold you
    Feel your warmth

    Rubbing your swollen belly ...
    Feeding the soul
    Of that being
    You and i
    Created with joy
    In anticipation of giving

    Smelling your sweet
    As your face lies next
    To mine

      Passion Fruit

      * * *

    Hearing your breathe
    as your lips part and await
    the taste of unleashed

    Colors explode in my mind
    falling deep within the place where
    lovers hearts touch and souls
    become one

    Within this embrace
    are revealed secrets
    i have only fantasized
    to know

    Your mouth waiting to please me

    Your needful body longing to feel me

    The essence of your very soul
    drives me to taste
    all the fruits you have for my tongue
    to savor
    my lips to hold and pull fourth
    every drop
    you have held for me

      Young Egypt

      * * *

    When I see you
    I remember the River

    I remember
    running down the Silty banks with You
    holding Hands
    Children of another time

    the Majestic flow of
    glistening on your
    Darkened Skin

    I think
    "how good Sun Ra must be
    to Create a Vision as

    the memories of Past
    and Present blend
    within the Daily
    reality of this life
    and Time

    and strange as this is,
    in the corner of
    my Minds'
    I See the Child
    on the banks of the River
    water dancing on her Skin
    thinking even now
    "how Beautiful you are, ...
    how Great God must be
    to Create Visions
    such as

      The Key

      * * *

    I have the power
    To taste your soul
    To pull you into me
    As we make love

    I have the power
    To open your eyes
    To the reality of our
    Love as
    Our bodies hunger
    With a desire
    That will never

    And with this power
    I possess
    Knowing full well
    That you hold the
    To the infinite possibilities
    Of time and

    Humbling my will to the
    Hunger of your body
    Placing my lips to yours
    To taste of love


Excerpted from DREAMS, FANTASIES, HALLUCINATIONS, TRUTHS AND VISIONS by BRONCO. Copyright © 2013 Bronco. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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