Dreams of Perfection

Dreams of Perfection

by Rebecca Heflin


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ISBN-13: 9781619355088
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Publication date: 07/16/2014
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.58(d)

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Dreams of Perfection 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
smg5775 More than 1 year ago
Darcy is looking for perfection in a man. Josh has loved her for years but he's her best friend. Now a perfect man that has come from the pages of her romance novels appears. And he's a doctor and a humanitarian. How can Josh compete with that? I enjoyed this story. While there is some sex, this is a sweet romance. Darcy thinks she has found the perfect man and the perfect romance with Dr. Blake Garrett. He's stepped right out of her current romance novel. Everything she's written about him is what he is in real life. He does not even get mad. I felt about him like the reviewer in the book--too good to be true, therefore, he is boring. I liked Josh. He is not boring. When Darcy finally opens her eyes it may be too late for her. They both need to communicate better. I did like that Darcy asked questions but she also jumped to a lot of conclusions. The story was fun. I liked the background of New York as well as the bonding that goes on over Yankees' games (not my team.) It gives a New York flavor to the story. I liked the secondary characters. I will be keeping an eye on Gloria, Darcy's agent and godmother. I wonder if she'll be in the next story. A good romance with fun characters who get their HEA.
ksprings More than 1 year ago
Note: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Synopsis: Darcy Butler is an award winning romance author. She’s recovering a painful relationship that has left her wary of commitment. She has a best friend name Josh Ryan with whom she shares several passions that include baseball. However, she is looking for a perfect mate, like the fictional hero of her stories, Blake Garrett. She is so infatuates with the idea of Blake Garrett that she misses the fact that her best friend is in love with her. Suddenly, as if by magic, Dr. Blake Garrett seems to enter her life. He is just as she imagined him: handsome, kind, philanthropic. Somehow, he is too perfect. Meanwhile, Josh Ryan has to control his jealousy or risk losing her forever. Review: Dreams of Perfection is almost a morality play, with Darcy so infatuated with perfection that she misses someone who really loves her. Darcy and her friends are instantly likable, with all their quirks making them believable. The only one who is harder to believe in is Blake Garrett, and that seems to be by design. Rebecca Heflin even includes an interesting twist at the end, but I won’t spoil it for the reader. I am not really drawn to romance, so it didn’t turn out to be a page turner for me. Maybe some high explosives would have helped (just kidding). For the die hard romance reader, this will be a wonderful tale.
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Book exchanged for an honest review~ Darcy butler is best selling romance writer that hasn't been really lucky in love or dating it seems. Darcy wants someone who will respect her work and share her love of baseball being New York Yankee fan. Darcy's best friend Laura Armstrong set her up for a blind date only to be disappointed yet again in not finding her Prince. Josh Ryan, is another best friend of Darcy's, who happens to be in love with Darcy and hasn't found the courage to tell her. Just when Darcy vows no more blind dates the unexpected happens she meets Mr. Perfect. Yet not all as it seems appearances can be fooling. Suddenly Darcy is juggling her schedule to keep up with everything going on in her life. Meanwhile Josh can't believe his eyes at the changes in Darcy. She's not the person he knows her to be. The changes don't go unnoticed by Laura either. Darcy finds herself in a position she hasn't experienced before writer's block. Will Darcy open her eyes? Can Josh tell Darcy the truth? Your answers await you in Dreams of Perfection. This new to me author has created a wonderful world with interesting and unique characters right out of a fairy tale. I simply adore Darcy and Josh. The story and characters were flawed, interesting, unique, honest, real, and heartbreaking too. I look forward to more from this author in the future
Sophia-Rose1 More than 1 year ago
I love a friends to lovers romance so I was more than agreeable when I was asked to read this one. It wasn't too many pages in when I cracked up recognizing yet something else that I love. Baseball, Jane Austen and the Boy Next Door Charming Hero, it's a dream come true. It might have been my imagination- probably because I see Jane Austen everywhere, but this one felt like a modern retelling of Jane Austen's Emma. Okay, I saw the references to Mr. Knightley and Miss Bates so I don't think I'm that far off the beam. Anywhazit, whether it was or not, it was still a sweet romance about a woman writer who has to learn the difference between the perfect romance hero and the perfect man for her. The story opens with Best-selling author, Darcy Butler, disappointed in yet another blind date. Her thirty birthday is bearing down on her and in her mind she has nothing to show for it, romantically speaking that is. She feels it is just wrong that a successful writer of romance has no romance in her life. Oh, her life isn't awful or anything. She has a loving supportive family, a career she loves and two best friends that she can't do without. Irascible Laura has been with her since grade school and keeps her life colorful and fun and then there is Sweet Josh with the boy next door charm who has been there for her since college letting her use his shoulder from Cheating Ex-Fiance' and now through the string of guys that don't cut it. Everyone keeps telling her that the Perfect Man doesn't exist, but Darcy just knows he's out there somewhere. And he is...Dr. Blake Garrett steps right out of the pages of her book and into her life. Josh watches helplessly as Darcy meets the man of her dreams and knows that he can't compete. He has loved her from the day he set eyes on her, but circumstances never aligned right for him to speak up and then the day came when she announced him as firmly in the best friend category. Josh didn't want to lose her all together so he kept his peace and hoped that someday she would get her head out of the dreamy romance cloud and see him, really see him. But with Blake being all that she ever dreamed for, Josh prepares to move on for good and figure out how he will cope with seeing Darcy with another man. He focuses on his goal to make law partner in her dad's firm and focuses on his charity organization and free work. But then in an odd moment, he shares a kiss with Darcy. It was just as he always imagined, but now there is the distinct possibility that everything between them is ruined. This book elicited so many emotions for me as I read, but most were on the mild side. Darcy and Josh split the narration, but this is really Darcy's story. It was the old adage of being careful what you wish for because you may get it. Darcy had to learn the hard way. She thought that as a romance writer that she knew all about romance and heroes, but she has to go through several experiences to see that she only believed in fairytales and not the good kind. Her godmother, Gloria said it this way: "You'd better lower your sights, or you'll find you've imagined your life away, while real life, the one that counts, has passed you by." Darcy lifted her chin. "Mr. Right's out there. I know he is. I just have to be patient." "Mr. Right may be out there, but he won't be Mr. Perfect, and the sooner you get that through the fairy dust in your head, the better." Loc. 14% Gloria and Darcy, Dreams of Perfection Darcy's issues captured my attention and I settled in to see how she would handle Dr. Perfect and when she would see the real and golden qualities of her best friend. Speaking of her best friend, Josh is a guy that won't be everyone's idea of hero. He is one of the unsung beta heroes. He is so nice and selfless that he won't even push himself forward to tell the girl he loves how he feels about her. He is the everyday hero that cleans up nice and everyone will agree that he's nice with a heart of gold, but he won't ever be a dashing Blake Garrett who looks like a hero, who oozes confidence and who saves the world and a life all in a days work. No, he's the guy who you come home to and get comfortable with as you share your life's disappointments, that you high-five when your shared sports team scores a run, that you can just be yourself with through ugly tears and snorting laughter. Now that being said, Josh can do sultry as well as charming. Josh just after a shower wearing a broke-in pair of jeans with the top button popped answering his door is a sight to make a gal's mouth dry. Darcy sure enjoyed the view and Josh showed her what a real perfect kiss and night of passion could be like. So, in the end, I'm still convinced that I read an Emma retelling with an engaging cast of characters and a heart-warming easy paced story that was more sweet than spice though spice did make its appearance. I'm thrilled to see that best bud Laura gets her story next. And here's a little dialogue between Darcy and Laura to give you a taste: "I wasn't paying attention and I sort of...tripped over the curb," she finished lamely. "You broke your finger because you tripped over the curb while flipping-off a cab driver?" Darcy's brows flew up as concern turned to astonishment, and astonishment became amusement. "It's not funny! I not only broke my finger, I broke the heel on my favorite Louboutins,"Loc. 15% Laura and Darcy, Dreams of Perfection Contemporary Romance or even Women's Fiction fans would probably enjoy this one. My thanks to the author via her assistant for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
lrhubble More than 1 year ago
A Good Book Contemporary, Romance Darcy Butler is a best-selling romance author that is holding out for the perfect man like the heroes that are in her books. Darcy was once engages but now she is now is dealing with a commitment phobia after the traumatic ending of her engagement. It is also getting in the way of the one thing she wants most her own happily-ever-after. Now she is six months away from her thirtieth birthday and doesn’t have a Prince Charming. Josh Ryan is a successful lawyer with a soft spot for the less fortunate. He is also Darcy’s best friend without the benefits. Darcy goes to Josh lamenting her love-life or lack thereof and Josh is there for her and doling out his sage advice. The only problem is that Josh is in love with Darcy. Now Darcy thinks she has finally found her perfect hero when she meets a man that has the handsome face of the hero in her latest book that is soon-to-be released. She is convinced her dreams of perfection have come true. Or have they? This is a fun friends to lover story with well developed characters. The humor help the story move along well. While some readers will wish for things to move a little faster between Josh and Darcy it is still a good story. The characters are very relatable and down to earth. There are some slow areas but nothing that truly bogs down the story. It is also the start of series that should prove to be interesting and will hopefully give readers a chance to revisit the characters from the other books.
FS_Meurinne More than 1 year ago
This story is a great recommendation for those who love contemporary romance. Darcy and Josh are amazing characters, the storyline flows in a way you just keep reading without even noticing, there is romance and humor a perfect combination with drama that just draws you in.  This is the fist book in the series; the story is about Darcy, a best-selling romance author, who is looking for love with a happily-ever-after. Then Josh comes along as Darcy’s best friend and who he is in love with her. After her latest novel, she faces the man behind the cover of her novel and she is convinced he is perfection. Find out how everything folds out. I can’t wait for next installment.
JerseyGirlBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Is there really such a person as Mr. Perfect? Best-selling romance author Darcy Butler is about to turn thirty and she is on a quest to find Mr. Right, but he has to live up to the perfect standards of Dr. Blake Garrett, the fictional hero that she has created in her latest romance novel. When Darcy's fictional hero literally comes to life, she thinks she has found her perfect Mr. Right, and will finally get the elusive happily-ever-after ending ... but along the way she finds out that finding perfection isn't exactly what she had dreamed of, especially when the real Mr. Right has been in front of her the whole time. In Dreams of Perfection, the first book of the Dreams Come True Series, author Rebecca Heflin weaves an entertaining romantic story set in NYC that follows one woman's search for the perfect Mr. Right, a best friend's unrequited love, and the realization that the perfect true love was always there waiting in the wings. Dreams of Perfection is an engaging romantic tale that has a wonderful mixture of romance, humor, and drama that easily draws the reader into Darcy and Josh's story. The author has created a realistic cast of characters who are fun to get to know: best selling romance author Darcy Butler and her best friends snarky ad account executive Laura Armstrong and the boy-next-door attorney Josh Ryan. These fun-loving characters' quirky friendship provides a lot of laugh-out-loud moments that keeps the reader in stitches as their relationship is filled with drama, mishaps, misperceptions, and humorous trials and tribulations. This is a thoroughly enjoyable romance story that leaves you wanting more. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the author had me hook, line, and sinker with her inclusion of Darcy and Josh's passion for Yankees baseball. As a diehard Yankees fan who has sat in the low level field seats in the world famous Yankees Stadium, I loved, loved, loved the rich descriptions of the sights and sounds that accurately captured the true essence of Yankee baseball. I look forward to reading about Laura's story in Ship of Dreams, the second book in the series. Dreams of Perfection is a fun lighthearted romantic tale about friendship and finding true love that will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling and leave a smile on a your face. 
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Admit it, the reason romance stories are so popular for many readers is because the hero and/or heroine are somehow perfect, the dream person, all anyone could want, emotionally and physically. What happens when a popular romance author finds her own love life going down the drain and that her Prince Charming was a toad? Best-selling romance author, Darcy Butler is desperate for her own happily ever after, alone, lonely and in need of a man of her own to love and be loved by. Who better to know what makes the heart tick, but an author, or does the author’s fictional perfection become the standard she uses to judge all mere mortal men who fall woefully short, leaving her once again, all by herself. Even her best friend, Josh, who is her sounding board, her "go to shoulder" to cry on can’t make her see what is before her very eyes, she is so lost in her dreams. Could it be possible that Darcy has missed the big picture regarding love? When the man of her written dreams stands before her, she thinks she has finally found her happily ever after, but is getting everything you think you want really such a good thing? Could the kind of love she hungers for being standing right in front of her the whole time? Rebecca Heflin’s Dreams of Perfection is a light and airy look at one woman’s skewed version of the “perfect” man. Filled with great banter a head in the clouds main character, and at least a dozen wrong turns on the road to happiness, this delightfully warm and crazy romance proves once again that one should watch what they wish for, because they might get it and it might not be what you need. Ms. Heflin gives us a the bright and shiny side of dating, the one that will make you giggle, because it may have happened to you, at least once and develops it into a romantic tale that feels all warm and fuzzy.