Dreams: A Sapphire Springs Novel, Book 1

Dreams: A Sapphire Springs Novel, Book 1

by Savannah Morgan
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Dreams: A Sapphire Springs Novel, Book 1 by Savannah Morgan

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For years Devin Blackthorn has prided himself on being an honorable man. He stepped in to take care of Kylie James when his younger half-brother, Allen, abandoned her when she was nine months pregnant. He has spent eleven years taking care of Kylie and her son, Jamie, as if they were his own. He never asked for anything in return and he never allowed his dominant sexual feelings for Kylie to show, always maintaining a safe distance from the much younger woman. Devin has been tortured by erotic dreams of Kylie for years. At his limit, Devin is ready to admit he wants her for himself. But when secrets from Kylie’s past threaten her and Jamie, Devin’s real feelings come out and he can do no less than protect the woman he loves and the son of his heart.

Kylie James has made mistakes in her life, but her son is not one of them. For eleven years she has kept the secret of Allen’s betrayal and remained quiet of his crimes. But when Allen returns, making demands, Kylie is afraid he is up to his old ways once again. To stop Allen from destroying her son, Kylie must confront her past and reveal the secrets she has kept from everyone. Will the truth destroy the love she has found in Devin’s arms? How can she possibly protect her son from a monster who never wanted him to be born? And how can she keep the past from destroying all her dreams for the future?

When Devin learns Allen has targeted Kylie and Jamie, once again he must put all his resources into protecting them, even if it means destroying his brother to do it. Can Devin protect everything he holds dear, or will Allen get his greatest wish–destroying Devin and Kylie and the child he blames for the ruin of all his dreams?

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Publisher: Savannah Morgan
Publication date: 11/11/2013
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NOTE: Dreams Sapphire Springs Book 1 has been heavily corrected and changed. If you bought a copy before 11/21/2013 please get the updated version now. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and hope I do much better with future book releases. Thank you for you understanding and patience. Savvy I began writing almost 20 years ago but only recently decided to publish. Writing has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of my life. It has allowed me to experience knew things, transported me to new places and allowed me to meet knew people. I also enjoy photography, graphic arts, and many other forms of artistic expression. I created the cover for Dreams and have created the cover for the next three novels in the series. Because I am usually behind the camera rather in front of it, I do not have an author's photo I can put up but I am working to correct this and hope to have it up soon. I have been married for nearly 25 years to my best friend, adventure/travel partner, confidant and greatest critic, Caleb. We have a unique relationship in that we do everything together. I call Caleb my greatest critic because he only wants the best for me and is always willing to give me honest feedback concerning my writing. We live in the Deep South, for now, but have lived all over the US and Germany. We have two Black Labrador Retrievers we adopted from rescue shelters. One is a full Black Lab and the other is a Lab/Australian Dingo mix. Thank you for your interest in my books, I look forward to giving you many years of enjoyable reading. Please feel free to contact me on Facebook, tumblr, or visit me on my website at www.author-savannahmorgan.com. Savvy

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Dreams: A Sapphire Springs Novel, Book 1 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
LanieA More than 1 year ago
In the beginning of the story you get to meet Kylie and her son Jamie, along with Devin, which explains to you what's all goin on there. Kylie and Devin have been in love with each other FOREVER, but neither one wanna act on it for various reasons. When sparks start to fly, Jamie's real daddy Allen rolls into town looking to get back into their lives. However, Devin doesn't care he wants Kylie and Jamie as his own and is willing to do whatever it takes to get them back. As the story progresses you get to see how twisted Allen really is and what he really wants from Kylie.  Dreams is now one of my favorite books, as a person who pretty much only reads books with elements of fantasy, this is saying a lot. I loved the interactions between all of the characters, there was so much fun and wit being thrown around it really helped to flesh out the story. Kylie was definitely my kinda girl, she was sweet and responsible, but had that strong wild streak. She was able to be an awesome mom even after everything that had happened to her. Devin as the main hero was wonderful, he really is the ideal alpha, he's sweet and attentive, but possessive like a Bear:P! You get to meet some of Devin's brothers and how big of a part they play in our heroines life. The overall feeling of family was a wonderful undertone for this story, it really shows how people come together. Allen is definitely the villain, and he is probably the most evil character I've ever read about. Mrs. Morgan does a fabulous job playin with your emotions as you read about these characters, because they feel so real, it's incredible!  Yes, there is some insanely hot sex scenes in this book, I give you an A+ for creativity. It's definitely 18+ story though.  This story is more than just about some hot sex, it shows how cruel and twisted some people can be, but how strong and resilient the human mind is, specially when your so loved. It has an awesome plot with plenty of twists that'll leave you surprised and horrified as you read. As Savannah Morgans first book, I was blown outta the water, the writing in Dreams was definitely above anything I would suspect a new writer to achieve.
PatchesST More than 1 year ago
Kylie James became pregnant as a teen.The Sperm Donor left town and has never shown an interest in his son. She beat the odds and now has a thriving business. Her son Jamie now 11 is her pride and joy. She has help from so many people throughout the years. Yet the main one is Devin Blackthorn, the Sperm Donors Brother. Kylie has had feeling for Devin for years now. He has 1 problem, their age difference. He has never complained about helping to raise Jamie or help Kylie in fact he considers Jamie his son. He just won't make the move, Kylie has tried and he shut her down. When Sperm Donor"Allen" returns to town, things are about to go down. he is hiding something. He sets his sites on Kylie and Jamie and a reunion is not what he wants. Kylie has kept quiet about Allen, now she must tell or her and her sone will vanish with out a trace. Wow, This book had me from the first page and kept me rooted to my couch. I feel in love with the characters and was really rooting for them. I yelled at the book!! Ya I know, like they would listen to me!! Steamy Sexy Scenes!! I so love that in a book! I will say this book covers a very dark matter so PTSD Warning. Thank You Savannah for walking me through those parts. I would never have been able to read this book or would have had PTSD kick my butt. Over All Awesome Book. Highly Recommend. 5 Steamy 5 Stars
The_Naughty_Librarian More than 1 year ago
Dreams is a WONDERFUL book. Great story.  The Story is a little slow getting going, but if you stick with it definitely worth it. Savannah Morgan is wonderful at building up characters that you cant help but fall in love with.  We have Kylie, a very independent woman who just wants to be loved and be allowed to move past the abuse and hurt Allen put her through. Kylies son Jamie. Also needing to move on from the hurt and ghosts of the past. You cannot help but feel for 9 year old Jamie. He will pull at heart strings you never even knew you had.  Devin........ Well Devin is just Devin. You are never sure whether to smack the snot out of him, or change panties. The Badass part owner of BSI is every bit the Alpha we all dream of. Hes able to dominate and still allow Kylies sass to show through.  WARNING*** You might consider warning your partner you are reading this, cause I cant tell you whats its done for my marital life. ;)
booklover4lifeblog More than 1 year ago
This is basically a second chance at love romance story. Devin and Kylie have known each other for years, but their great friendship was a barrier to Devin acknowledging his true feelings for her. For over ten years, Devin helped Kylie raise his brother’s son Jamie. Being a young single mother, Kylie was grateful for the support Devin had given her over the years; however, she wanted more than just friendship with him. Having tried her hand at flirting with him, she gave up on her dream of them ever having more. Devin finally gets his head out of his ass, and makes his move, hoping that it’s not too late. What the two find is that they have off the charts chemistry in the bedroom. Devin likes to be in charge, and what alpha male doesn’t, while Kylie is able to explore her desires for the first time in her life. The two are finding their path to happiness and ever after, but they have some major road bumps along the way. The biggest hurdle they have to face is the return of Allen, Devin’s brother, and Kylie’s former flame. With his return, Kylie is forced to face the demons of her past before Allen ruins her future as well. I had heard the premise before reading the book, so I had some idea of what the story would be about. I was reading along, thinking it would have more of a contemporary feel to it, and then BAM! Hot sexy times galore! Crazy curve-balls were thrown as I continued reading. The book turned out to be nothing like I expected, but in the best way. I thought it started out a bit slow, and then all of a sudden it was suspense and action at every turn. Not a lot of authors can surprise me like this, so I was very happy to continue reading. The story kept you guessing until the very end. I really enjoyed the build up of the relationship between Kylie and Devin. Not just the sex, though that was hot, but the intimacy they shared on an emotional level. I love stories where a man or woman steps in to take care of someone else’s biological child, and then come to see them as their own. I come from a large blended family so I can truly appreciate that. Though it hurt my heart to hear about Kylie’s past, I was impressed with the big reveal and the way that Devin supported her as she relived it. He truly is a man who knows how to protect his woman. The relationship between mother and son was a very prevalent theme in this story. Not just with Kylie and Jamie, but for Devin and Allen and their mother. This book showed the good, bad and the ugly of mother-son bonds and really addressed the importance of family and loyalty. Though their family was a bit crazy and mixed up, they were there for one another when it counted. Likes: well-developed characters, outstanding chemistry, lots of intrigue, unexpected surprises, family loyalty, excellent series set up, and a well-developed plot line Dislikes: Editing issues were a little bit of a problem, but not as big of a deal for a debut novel. My biggest dislikes were some of the sex scene word choices. For example: globes, pet, petting, mound, denuded, feminine folds, creamy moisture, etc. The next problem was the repetition of some of the words. Some of the family members were a bit confusing to remember how they were related. Lastly, in the beginning there is a lot of talk of “the voice” inside Devin’s head. It got a bit annoying after a bit. Overall, I thought this book was well written and interesting. There were plenty of things going on in the background to set this up a series. With all the siblings, this series could go on for a while. I highly recommend this book, and I commend the author on doing such a fabulous job on her debut novel. I look forward to reading the next book in the series, Secrets, that releases later this month.
Anne_C More than 1 year ago
I am loving the very complicated Blackthorn clan, and extended family. Dreams, the first book in the Sapphire Springs novels, introduces us to Devin and Kylie, and her son Jamie. Kylie had Jamie at a very young age and, when the father Allen Blackthorn skipped town, Devin, Allen's older brother, stepped up to the plate and, for all intents and purposes, became Jamie's father. Cognizant of the age difference, Devin fought his attraction to Kylie and, for one reason or another, has been fighting it for the last ten years. Devin's erotic dreams of Kylie are heating up to the point where he absolutely has to make them a reality. Kylie, busy raising her son and starting up her own business, assumes Devin isn't interested in her "that way", while having erotic dreams of her own about him. I weigh in with the town on this one, they both needed a swift kick in the pants. Devin, very successfully, runs Blackthorn Investigations, with his partner Cole, and has his business right across the street from Kylie's coffee shop. This story is a complicated one with family branches intertwining, but is not a difficult one to follow. When Allen, Jamie's father, arrives back in town, the story takes a decidedly dark turn, with adventure, intrigue and surprises that will keep you turning the pages late into the night. Dreams contains many hot, erotic scenes, and scenes that are definitely not suitable for the under 18 crowd. I went through a whole range of emotions while reading this novel and, at the end, was devastated to realize I had to wait for the next one, Cole's story, which isn't out yet. Wonderful start to a new series, can't wait to read more.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Grab some ice water or a fan, Dreams by Savannah Morgan is that hot, that intense and that steamy. Welcome to Sapphire Springs, home to the beautiful, the powerful, the devious and the users. Ahh, the webs they weave, the webs they become entangled in. Years before, young Kylie was left high and dry by her self-absorbed boyfriend, Allen, pregnant, alone and scared. Enter her knight in shining armor, Allen’s older brother, Devin. No matter what, Devin was her rock, her savior, her protector and best friend, asking nothing in return. Or was he hiding his own feelings in favor of keeping Kylie and her son, Jamie safe? Devin was the only father-figure Jamie has known or wants. As Kylie and Devin hide their true feelings, oblivious to everyone else sees, Allen has returned, acting as if he and Kylie can just pick up where he dumped her and move on. Allen is pure evil, or is he? It seems that the innocence of youth in Jamie nails the problem, states the solution and that is that. Kylie and Devin should marry and maybe Allen would just go away. Too bad life isn’t that simple and adults can’t be that forthright and honest. So many webs could be unwoven, so many hearts could be given a second chance…dreams, erotic and romantic could come true instead of requiring a morning cold shower. The chemistry between Devin and Kylie is hot enough to melt steel! Can this headstrong, independent woman submit to this dominating alpha’s fantasies and desires or will her past become an insurmountable nightmare that will ruin their dreams? Will the interference of others ruin their chances or will love conquer all? Full of twists, turns, and heat, lots of heat as Savannah Morgan unleashes her world on us, no holds barred! Without a doubt, Savannah Morgan can write, build a world that is real, create characters that come alive and up both the sensual heat factor and the suspense factor to dizzying proportions! Wonderful storytelling, wonderful flow, in-your-face action, driven by characters and plot alike!
Gabi116 More than 1 year ago
Dreams is the first book in the Sapphire Springs series. The story was well written and the characters well developed. Devin and Kylie were perfect together. Besides the family ties, you could feel a connection between the two from the very beginning. Devin has had feelings for Kylie since they day they met but he has a problem with the difference between their ages. Kylie has also had feelings for Devin and even though she's tried to show him he basically shuts her down, ignoring her obvious insinuations. Even though Devin, Kylie and Jamie have already become a couple, it's not until Allen, Kylie's ex and Devin's brother, does the action begin forcing Devin to save his new family from his brother's treacherous scheme. One that will take Kylie and Jamie away from Devin forever. Talk about a wild, sensual, and wicked ride. *Whew* Good thing this story had a HEA or I'd be writing a nasty review. Looking forward to the next book in this series. Cole's story.