Dreams: With Revelation

Dreams: With Revelation

by T. J. Nichols


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I left the names in these dreams in because they could mean something to you. Each symbolism may have a different meaning to you. I suggest you pray and ask God to give you the full revelation for you individually. I know more than one person on some of the names. If it doesn't relate to you in any way, you could look up the meaning of the name. That might help.

I have been taught that dogs represent religious spirits, like the Pharisee (judgmental things). But again, it may mean something else to you. Babies, for me were ministries being born and vehicles, cars, planes, motorcycles, etc. represent ministries. Houses could represent the inside of you. Back yard could represent the past and front yard represent the future. A left turn represents a spiritual turn. These are just a few things that symbolism could mean. But again, you discern what each thing means to you.

Lord, I thank you for every person reading this book, hungry to learn mysteries you give us in our dreams. I ask You, Lord to reveal each and everything needed for each person. Help them to understand what You have ordained for them to do in these end times. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

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About the Author

I was born into an American military family stationed in Germany on July 16, 1954. We predominately lived in Lawton, Oklahoma and my dad is buried there at the Ft. Sill cemetery.

Church life was a normal life. My two sisters and I grew up under the nurture and care of a wonderful pastor and parents who convinced me from a very early age that God was real and He was personal and He could meet my every need. I believed every word of it!

That steadfast belief and knowing that God could pull me out of any one of my messes, at any given time, has kept me in a place of hope and steadfast faith all my life. As I would stumble here and there, I always knew God loved me. I have never lived my life without that knowing.

For as long as I can remember, I had a desire to write. I enjoy reading a variety of genres. After the death of Dick Heflin (husband of 20 years), the writing became a release, and a healing process.

A new life emerged after 8 years of being a widow and I am once again blessed with a wonderful marriage to Ralph Nichols, retired TVA, and horse rancher.

As this new life emerged, I began publishing my books and others' books at www.three-sheep.com. They are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle and available on the Barnes & Noble Nook.

I have and continue to write. These books came out of a recovery of a financial loss during the death of my late husband and my road back to financial victory, emotional healing, and joy in this new era of my life.

I live a life surrounded by the peace that only Jesus can bring, a wonderful husband who loves me and worships God with me. He prays the sweetest prayers and blessings over all of us. We enjoy 5 beautiful children and their spouses and have 21 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

I am a living testimony that you can have loss beyond measure and life again, with blessings beyond measure, if you keep your trust in God and don't lose hope. There is always hope in Christ.

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