by Dena Blossey


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When 17 year-old Morrigan DeBurgh is awakened from a drug induced coma, her father confesses that he and her mom consciously chose to have her admitted to a psychiatric hospital to have her memories taken from her through a form of memory washing.
After persuading her father to tell her the entire truth, she learns that not only does she have an inherited gift of being a Seer but she is also capable of physically pulling things from her dreams and nightmares.
Upon their arrival home to Ridge, Maine her father continues answering questions to help his daughter understand why he and her mom made the choices they had. He gives her a box of memories explaining all of the earlier experiences that she had with her gift of precognition. This Ghost Box contains newspaper clippings and other trinkets that explain each situation that she had been part of, including a mask that she had pulled from a dream.
With help from her twin brother Finn, Morrigan begins to understand that these precognitions weren't always positive; she had the blood of at least two men on her hands and on one occasion, she actually pulled something quite evil and foul from a nightmare that almost took the life of her brother.
With the start of their final year at Ridge Valley Preparatory High School approaching, Morrigan needed her roommate and best friend Sadie Carmichael now more than ever. Other than her family she was the only person that would accept Morrigan for who she was and would look at her as 'normal' rather than the monster that she felt she was.
When Sadie flew in from New York City a couple of weeks prior to the start of school, Morrigan laid out all of the truths that she had learned over her summer holiday, leaving her feeling empty and void. Sadie vowed to help Morrigan understand her new abilities.
Morrigan, annoyed by her dreamless sleep, was thrilled to see a reoccurring hazy, colorless vision of a familiar face. It was a boy, more than likely her age. He had dark, wavy hair, vibrant eyes, pure skin and a perfect smile. As he had in her past visions, he held out a hand to her, helping her, but from what she did not know.
At the conclusion of the first week of school, the students were to celebrate their first Friday Festivity back on campus with a traditional bonfire. Just before the bell tolled, calling the students back to their dorms, dark clouds rolled through the clear night sky, covering the light of the full moon bringing with it swirls of gusting wind, carrying debris from the field and ash from the fire. Students were being thrown around, gasping for breath, screaming for help. Morrigan was knocked to the ground, pinned to the cold earth, unable to move.
Once she realized who had saved her from the storm, she was more than intrigued to know who this boy was and why he was so familiar to her.
Instant chemistry was had between Morrigan and the boy. Wanting desperately to tell her the truth as to who he was, he asks her to dream about him. Without the help of her sleep medication, she did as she was asked.
Her beautiful dream quickly turned into a haunting nightmare as she was attacked by Stitchers, leaving her badly wounded- they haunted her sleep once again. These were the same monsters that almost killed her brother Finn a couple of years earlier.
Briefly the boy told her of his true identity in order to heal her of the pain that she was suffering. As her guardian he was bonded to her 200 years before by her ancestor, Conrad DeBurgh. Conrad sent this guardian to protect her from the evil that haunted him, the same evil that took him to his grave.
Confused by yet another truth, Morrigan has no idea why she should believe him. Already in a dark place, she chooses to live in silence as she processes all that she has learned. This proves short lived, but only because Morrigan needs to understand why this boy was sent to find and protect her. The bigger question is, what does she need protection from...

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ISBN-13: 9781484177648
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/25/2013
Pages: 462
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.93(d)

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome book. Keep your eye on this up and coming author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A page turner that I could not put down!!