Dreamweaver 4: Introduction (Windows)

Dreamweaver 4: Introduction (Windows)

by Len Sitnick

Paperback(Paperback & CD)

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Dreamweaver 4: Introduction (Windows) by Len Sitnick

Dreamweaver 4 Introduction is a hands-on instruction book that will introduce you to the basics of the Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.0 Web development application.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780758006196
Publisher: Element K LLC
Publication date: 01/25/2001
Edition description: Paperback & CD
Pages: 170

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Dreamweaver Basics
Topic 1A: Internet Access and HTML
Topic 1B: The Dreamweaver Environment
Task 1B-1: Exploring the Dreamweaver Environment
Topic 1C: Previewing in a Browser
Task 1C-1: Previewing in a Browser
Topic 1D: Viewing and Managing HTML Code
Task 1D-1: Viewing and Managing HTML Code
Lesson 2: Creating a Basic Web Page
Topic 2A: Creating and Formatting Text
Task 2A-1: Adding Text
Task 2A-2: Basic Text Formatting
Topic 2B: Saving and Titling Web Pages
Task 2B-1: Saving and Titling Web Pages
Topic 2C: Working with Images
Task 2C-1: Importing Images
Task 2C-2: Working with Page Backgrounds
Task 2C-3: Adding Rules to a Page
Task 2C-4: Using Colors from the Desktop
Lesson 3: Designing a Web Site
Topic 3A: Defining a Web Site
Task 3A-1: Defining a Site
Topic 3B: Working with the Site Window
Task 3B-1: Creating the Home Page
Task 3B-2: Working with the Site Window
Task 3B-3: Structuring the Web Site
Task 3B-4: Copying Site Elements
Topic 3C: Working with Templates
Task 3C-1: Working with Templates
Lesson 4: Working with Text
Topic 4A: Importing Text
Task 4A-1: Using the Open Command
Task 4A-2: Using Drag and Drop
Task 4A-3: Adding Text Using Copy and Paste
Topic 4B: HTML Text
Task 4B-1: Working with Line and Paragraph Breaks
Task 4B-2: Special Characters and Spaces
Topic 4C: Character Formatting
Task 4C-1: Specifying Character Formats
Task 4C-2: Text Size
Task 4C-3: Fonts
Task 4C-4: Logical Character Styles
Topic 4D: Paragraph Formatting
Task 4D-1: Aligning Text
Task 4D-2: Working with Headings
Task 4D-3: Formatting Lists
Task 4D-4: Indenting and Preformatting
Topic 4E: HTML Styles
Task 4E-1: Creating and Applying HTML Styles
Lesson 5: Working with Links
Topic 5A: Links within a Site
Task 5A-1: Creating Links Manually
Task 5A-2: Creating Links using Browse for File
Task 5A-3: Creating Links using Point to File
Topic 5B: Anchors
Task 5B-1: Creating Anchors
Topic 5C: Working with External Links
Task 5C-1: Adding External Links to a Site
Lesson 6: Working with Images
Topic 6A: Importing Images
Task 6A-1: Importing Additional Images
Topic 6B: Resizing Images
Task 6B-1: Resizing Images
Topic 6C: Using Images as Links
Task 6C-1: Creating Standard Image Links
Task 6C-2: Creating Image Maps
Task 6C-3: Text Labels for Images
Lesson 7: Working with Tables
Topic 7A: Creating Tables to Line Up Text
Task 7A-1: Creating Tables to Line Up Text
Topic 7B: Changing Table Layout
Task 7B-1: Inserting and Deleting Table Rows or Columns
Task 7B-2: Merging Cells
Topic 7C: Formatting Text in Tables
Task 7C-1: Formatting Text in Tables
Topic 7D: Table Attributes
Task 7D-1: Changing Column Widths
Task 7D-2: Specifying Cell Divider Settings
Topic 7E: Using Tables for Layout
Task 7E-1: Using Layout View to Modify Page Design
Task 7E-2: Using a Table to Position Objects
Task 7E-3: Using Layout View to Create Page Design
Lesson 8: Building a Site with Frames
Topic 8A: Creating a Frameset
Task 8A-1: Creating a Frameset
Topic 8B: Defining Frame Size
Task 8B-1: Defining Frame Size
Topic 8C: Adding Content to a Frameset
Task 8C-1: Adding Content to a Frameset
Topic 8D: Specifying Frame Link Destinations
Task 8D-1: Specifying Frame Link Destinations
Lesson 9: Uploading a Web Site
Topic 9A: Checking the Site
Task 9A-1: Checking the Site
Topic 9B: Uploading the Site
Task 9B-1: Uploading the Entire Site
Task 9B-2: Uploading Changed Files

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