Dress and Gender: Making and Meaning in Cultural Contexts

Dress and Gender: Making and Meaning in Cultural Contexts

Hardcover(First Edition)



Dress is one of the most significant markers of gender identity, yet is only rarely explored in depth. This volume addresses the relationship between gender and dress, opening up fascinating aspects by covering a great variety of ethnographic areas reaching from Asia, Europe and Africa to North and South America. The time span is equally wide-ranging and offers present-day material as well as studies based on historical data.

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ISBN-13: 9780854967209
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 04/14/1993
Series: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women Series , #2
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 1.11(w) x 1.11(h) x 1.11(d)

About the Author

Edited by Ruth Barnes, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Joanne B. Eicher Regents' Professor, Department of Design, Housing and Apparel, University of Minnesota.

Table of Contents

Introduction--R. Barnes & J. Eicher
• Dress and Gender: Definition and Classification of Dress: Implications for Analysis of Gender Roles--J. Eicher & N.E. Roach-Higgins
• Women as Headhunters: The Making and Meaning of Textiles in a Southeast Asian Context--R. Barnes
• Cut and Sewn: The Textiles of Social Organisation in Thailand--L. Lefferts
• Purse-Proud: Of Betel and Areca Nut Bags in Laboya (West Sumba, Eastern Indonesia)--D. Geirnaert
• Gender Boundaries in the Production of Guatamalan Textiles--C. Pancake
• The Jewish Kippa Sruga and the Social Construction of Gender in Israel--S. Baizerman
• Quilted Apparel and Gender Identity: An American Case Study--C. Cerny
• Lace Making in Venetian Culture--L. Sciama
• Pachamama: The Inka Earth Mother of the Long Sweeping Garment--P. Dransart
• Kalabari Dress in Nigeria: visual Analysis and Gender Implications--S. Michelman & T. Erekosima
• Whose Sleeves? Gender, Class, and Meaning in Japanese Dress of the Seventeenth Century--L. Cort
• The Significance of Dress for the Orthodox Hindu Woman --J. Leslie
• Continuity and Change in Hindu Women's Dress--O.P. Joshi
• Dressing for Dinner in the Bush: Rituals of Self-Definition and British Imperial Authority--H. Callaway
• Clothes Encounters of the Gynecological Kind: Medical Mandates and Maternity Modes USA, 1850-1990--R. Bailey
• Dress and Modes of Address: Structural Forms for Policewomen --M. Young

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