Driftwood Bay (Hope Harbor Series #5)

Driftwood Bay (Hope Harbor Series #5)

by Irene Hannon (Preface by)


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After tragedy upends her world, Jeannette Mason retreats to the tiny Oregon seaside town of Hope Harbor to create a new life. Vowing to avoid emotional attachments, she focuses on running her lavender farm and tea-room--until a new neighbor with a destructive dog and a forlorn little girl invades her turf. But she needn't worry. Dr. Logan West is too busy coping with an unexpected family, a radical lifestyle change, and an unruly pup to have any interest in his aloof and disagreeable neighbor.

Yet when both Jeanette and Logan find themselves pulled into the life of a tattered Christian family fleeing persecution in war-torn Syria, might they discover that love sometimes comes calling when it's least expected?

Bestselling and award-winning author Irene Hannon invites readers back to the charming seaside town of Hope Harbor, where they are sure to find peace, healing, and a second chance at happiness.

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ISBN-13: 9780800735630
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/02/2019
Series: Hope Harbor Series , #5
Pages: 370
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.94(d)

About the Author

Irene Hannon is the bestselling author of more than fifty novels, including One Perfect Spring, Hope Harbor, Sea Rose Lane, Sandpiper Cove, and Pelican Point, as well as Dangerous Illusions and the Private Justice and Men of Valor suspense series. Her books have been honored with three coveted RITA Awards from Romance Writers of America, and she is a member of that organization's elite Hall of Fame. Her many other awards include National Readers' Choice, Daphne du Maurier, Retailers' Choice, Booksellers' Best, Carols, and Reviewers' Choice from RT Book Reviews magazine, which also honored her with a Career Achievement award for her entire body of work. In addition, she is a two-time Christy Award finalist. Learn more at www.irenehannon.com.

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That was the only word to describe his new home.

And his new life.

Logan West ran his fingers through his damp hair, exhaling as he surveyed the mess in the kitchen.

Shredded paper towels covered the floor like springtime petals from the Bradford pear trees that had lined the streets in the small Missouri town of his youth.

Eggshells were scattered about, the residual whites oozing onto tile that had been spotless when he'd stepped into the shower less than ten minutes ago.

Soup cans, peanut butter jar, bread wrapper, OJ carton, the open container from last night's takeout dinner, and other sundry food packaging items rounded out the inventory — all of them pristine. As clean as if they'd never been used.

Meaning Toby had gotten into the trash.


The happy-go-lucky beagle might be cute as the proverbial button, but he was wreaking havoc on a life already in disarray.

Logan wiped a hand down his face.

What on earth had he been thinking when he'd decided to add a dog to the mix?

Or maybe the problem was that he hadn't been thinking.

Not straight, anyway.

Because getting a dog was flat-out his dumbest idea since the day he'd convinced his kid brother it would be fun to jump off the porch roof into a mound of raked autumn leaves that wasn't nearly as cushiony as it appeared.

Man, their parents had never let him forget that escapade — or the subsequent trip to the ER to get Jon's broken arm set.

Skirting the mess on the floor, Logan edged toward the counter as a familiar sense of panic nipped at his composure.

How could his well-ordered existence disintegrate into such bedlam in a mere four months? ER doctors were supposed to be pros at dealing with turmoil.

However ... hospital trauma centers were managed chaos, with protocols for every kind of emergency, while his new life in this small town on the Oregon coast hadn't come with a procedure manual.

But who would have expected to need one this far away from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco and the complications of big-city living?

Go figure.

All he knew was that based on his first thirty-six hours in Hope Harbor, his dream of a quieter, simpler life in a small seaside town seemed destined to remain just that — a rose-colored fantasy with no basis in reality.

With a resigned sigh, he retrieved a garbage bag and began collecting the debris. Once the kitchen was clean, he'd have to round up Toby and —

A swish of movement in the doorway caught his attention.

Smoothing out the frown more than one intern had deemed intimidating, he straightened up and turned toward Molly.

The five-year-old stared back at him, eyes big, expression solemn, feet bare, her strawberry-blonde hair in desperate need of brushing, her ratty baby blanket clutched in her fist.

"Hey." The sticky goo from the eggshell in his hand leaked onto his fingers, and he tossed the fragment into the trash bag. Or tried to. He finally resorted to shaking it off. "I think you forgot your shoes." He forced up the corners of his lips.

Hers remained flat as she watched him in silence, then stuck a finger in her mouth.

His stomach twisted.

If there was a secret to coaxing a smile out of a grieving little girl, he'd yet to learn it.

He set the garbage bag on the floor, crossed to her, and dropped to one knee. Moisture spiked her thick fringe of lashes, and he swallowed past the lump in his throat.

She'd been crying again. In private — like he and his brother had always done. One more trait she shared with them, in addition to the distinctive cleft in their chin and wide-set blue eyes.

He took her small hand and gentled his voice. "Did you brush your teeth?"

She gave a silent nod.

"Why don't you put your shoes on and I'll tie them for you? Then we'll go down to the beach. Would you like that?"

She slowly removed her finger from her mouth. "Can Toby go?"

Not if he had his druthers. One glimpse of the leash at the end of their outing and the beagle would race off in the opposite direction, sand flying in his wake. After their stroll yesterday, it had taken ten minutes to corral the pup, who seemed to think they were playing a game of tag.

But if Molly's request meant she was beginning to warm up to the new addition to their family ...

"Sure. You get your shoes while I clean up the kitchen." He stood. "Is Toby in your room?"

She shook her head.

A quiver of unease rippled through him, and once again he furrowed his brow. Come to think of it, the playful pup was uncharacteristically quiet.

"Do you know where he is?" He kept his tone casual.

Her gaze slid toward the back door.


"Molly, sweetie" — he dropped back to the balls of his feet — "did you let him out?"

She dipped her chin and wiggled her toes. "He wanted to go."


With his luck, the dog would come back covered in mud and dragging another gangly plant, as he'd done yesterday.

"We talked about this, remember? Toby has to stay in the house unless we're with him. He could get hurt if he runs around by himself."

The finger went back in her mouth.

His stomach clenched.


He was so not cut out to be a single parent.

"I'll tell you what. After you get your shoes, we'll look for him together, okay?"

Unless the dog responded to his summons, eliminating the need for a search party.

Like that would happen.

"'Kay." The soft word found its way around the finger that didn't budge.

She retreated down the hall, trailing the bedraggled blanket behind her.

As she disappeared, Logan moved to the back door and called Toby.

No response.

Of course not.

That would be too easy.

Shaking his head, he shut the door, dampened a fistful of paper towels, and dropped to his hands and knees to scrub at the stubborn egg whites clinging to the tile.

They were stuck as fast as the glue he'd used in the ER to close minor lacerations.

In fact, stuck pretty much described the situation he'd found himself in four months ago.

But he'd made a promise — and he'd honor it.

Whatever it took.

* * *


She'd found her culprit.

Yanking off her garden gloves, Jeannette Mason kept tabs on the dog intent on digging up yet another one of her flourishing lavender plants.

The plants she'd nurtured from tiny starts, potting and watering them with TLC until they were sturdy enough to be tucked into the beds she'd painstakingly prepared.

Based on the pup's location, the lavender now under siege was a Super French.

Lips clamped together, she tossed her gloves on the workbench in the drying and equipment shed and stormed toward the door.

Enough was enough.

If that dog kept uprooting her stock, Bayview Lavender Farm would be out of business less than three years after she'd opened her doors.

And that was not happening.

She'd invested too much effort in this place to let anyone — or anything — jeopardize it.

Snatching a long-handled trowel from the tool rack as she passed, she charged out into the light rain falling from the leaden sky. She should have grabbed her coat too. Now that the sun had disappeared, it was cooler than usual for mid-April.

But coastal Oregon weather could be capricious in any season — a lesson she should have learned long ago.

Brandishing the gardening implement, she sprinted toward the tri-colored dog, weaving through the symmetrical beds.

"Hey!" She waved the trowel in the air. "Get out of there!"

The pup lifted his dirt-covered snout. Started to wag his tail. Reconsidered the scowling woman racing toward him with weapon in hand and skedaddled toward the tall hedge that separated her farm from the adjacent property.

Within seconds, the white tip of his tail disappeared as he wriggled through the dense greenery.

Huffing out a breath, Jeannette gave up the chase. The dog was gone — for now. Her time would be better spent repairing whatever destruction her unwanted visitor had wrought.

She continued to the bed, muttering as she surveyed the damage. Two of the plants had been uprooted, and the pesky beagle had started in on a third.

This was as bad as the last attack — except he hadn't absconded with one of her plants this go-round.

Gritting her teeth, she stalked back to the shed to retrieve a shovel. The ripped-up plants had to be her top priority.

But once they were back into their beds and watered, she was going to march next door and have a little chat with her new neighbors.

Shovel in hand, she retraced her steps to the pillaged bed, casting a dark look toward the hedge that hid the small house on the adjacent property.

She should have inquired about buying that lot too, when she'd purchased this one.

But the three acres she'd bought were already more than her plants and tearoom required. An acre or two would have sufficed.

However ... none of the other parcels of land she'd viewed had had a path at the rear of the property that led to the dunes, which provided access to the vast beach and deep cobalt sea of Driftwood Bay. Plus, the microclimate in this particular sheltered spot was perfect for lavender.

So despite the excess acreage, the location had been too good to pass up — especially since the land on one side had never been developed, and the house with new owners on the other side had been occupied by an older man who kept to himself as much as she did ... and who'd long ago planted an insulating privacy hedge.

She dug into the bed she'd augmented with truckloads of rotted fir bark and aged horse manure, casting another glance toward the shrub border.

Strange how she'd had no inkling her former neighbor had sold the property until the moving van showed up a week ago. And he'd done nothing more than flick her a brief, disinterested look as she'd driven past while he was directing the moving crew from his front porch.

Then again, she'd never gone out of her way to be sociable, either.

A twinge of self-reproach niggled at her conscience, but she quashed it as she resettled the first lavender plant in the fertile earth.

There was no reason to feel guilty. On the few occasions their paths had crossed, he'd barely acknowledged her.

And just because she didn't attempt to engage people didn't mean she was antisocial. She was always polite to her customers at the town farmer's market and in her tearoom, and she smiled and waved at familiar faces in town ... even if she rarely stopped to chat.

But she was never unfriendly to anyone.

Although that was about to change.

She eased the second traumatized Super French into the hole she'd dug and doused the roots with water. If fate was kind, all of the plants would recover from the shock of their abrupt extraction.

Wiping her palms on her jeans, she detoured back to the workshop, snagged her jacket, and cut across the gravel parking area at the front of her property that was empty of customers' cars on this Wednesday morning.

At least the pup hadn't launched his sneak attacks on a weekend, while she was busy serving afternoon tea to a roomful of people paying a hefty sum for a couple of hours of peace and genteel elegance.

She circled around the end of the hedge that lined her drive and strode through the adjacent yard, toward the front door of the small bungalow that could use a fresh coat — or two — of paint and some landscaping.

Maybe it was better she hadn't known it was up for sale. The temptation to buy it — and protect her privacy — would have been strong.

And more maintenance would only have added to her already long to-do list.

As she approached the door, the muffled sound of yapping penetrated the walls.

Apparently the dog was a barker as well as a digger.

That figured.

She stepped up onto the porch, took a deep breath, and pressed the bell. It was possible the new owners would be nice. Apologetic, even.

One could hope, anyway.

Confrontation wasn't high on her list of favorite activities.

But these people needed to get control of their dog — and she intended to make that crystal clear before she returned home.

Whether they liked it or not.


Excerpted from "Driftwood Bay"
by .
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Excerpted by permission of Baker Publishing Group.
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Driftwood Bay (Hope Harbor Series #5) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
PageJunkie 12 days ago
I read the first two books in the Hope Harbor series, so I was excited to receive this ARC of the latest book in the series. Driftwood Bay is a story with characters who are moving through the pain of loss and grief. Over the course of the book we see them each grappling with the effort to move their lives forward. Some are fleeing war-torn countries, others are fleeing memories, some are trying to build a new life thrust upon them. All of them lean on their faith to overcome and move forward in their own way. It's a feel-good story with depth and wise counsel. Hannon does a great job with her characters as she moves them through the emotions of their situation to a point where they are healed and whole again. I love this series and will go back to read the two I missed. Thank you to NetGalley and Fleming H. Revell Company for an advanced readers copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
Nanna51 13 days ago
What a feel-good book this was! If you want a light romance that is clean and heartwarming, then this is the book for you! I love the Hope Harbor books because all of them leave you with a feeling of “Ahhhh, that was just what I needed!” With so much negativity in the world, the books that Hannon writes are full of positive thoughts and love. Is there conflict? Yes, of course, but Hannon does a masterful job of working out all of the thorns by the end so that the reader is left with only roses. Kudos to Ms. Hannon for a well-written book with characters that are real, lively and full of heart! Disclaimer I purchased a copy of this book from Barnes and Noble. The opinions expressed are my own. I was not required to write a positive review.
armom 18 days ago
Another in the Hope Harbor series. It was great to see Charlie back with his famous fish tacos and words of wisdom. Also, Floyd and Gladys, the seagulls! But...if this is your first read in the series, no worries. You'll love it and this one doesn't make you feel like you're missing half the story. It's great as a stand alone. Irene Hannon makes Hope Harbor sound like such a wonderful place that the reader will wish to visit. Jeannette Mason has moved to Hope Harbor a little seaside town to start over fresh, and away from all that was familiar to her, following devastating losses. She has made promises to herself to never allow herself to become attached to anyone. She has a lavender farm and a tea room where she hosts teas. So far, things are going just as she planned...until...she gets a new neighbor. Make that two, three new neighbors if you count the dog that keeps uprooting her plants. Due to devastating losses in his own family, Dr. Logan West is now raising his young niece. He moved to Hope Harbor thinking smaller town and quieter living would be just what his niece needs. Why not add a rumbustious puppy to the new life? Logan hopes a puppy will help pull his niece out of her shell. She is quiet and withdrawn much of the time. As luck would have it, it's due to the puppy's shenanigans in Jeannette's gardens that brings her to Logan's front door with dug up plants in hand. A multitude of circumstances (I don't believe in coincidences) keep bringing their paths together. The child latches onto Jeannette and responds to her in ways she doesn't with her uncle. As Jeannette feels an attraction to Logan, she continues to remind herself of her vows to herself to have no attachments. No attachments means no loss of those whom you care deeply for. Very nice story with a happy ending for all. Who could ask for more? I was given a free ecopy of this to read by the publisher, Revell and Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
debhgrty 18 days ago
Deb’s Dozen: Rambunctious Dog Causes Two Adults and One Girl to Search for Romance Driftwood Bay–just the sound of the words evokes peace. We’ve grown to love and care for an abundance of characters in the other books in Irene Hannon’s Hope Harbor romance series. We remember no one more memorable than Charlie, the omniscient purveyor of delectable fish tacos. Dr. Logan West, an emergency room doctor, has his hands full raising his dead brother’s daughter, Molly, and a rambunctious beagle named Toby–he certainly didn’t need said beagle tearing up his next door neighbor’s lavender plants. And here he’d thought Hope Harbor would be a peaceful, quiet place for all of them. Jeanette Mason escaped to Hope Harbor from a tragedy suffered at home. She started a tearoom and a lavender farm–she bakes delicious lavender cookies. She keeps herself busy and has no intention of getting involved with the community nor the neighbors next door. But that dog! And Charlie, who raises questions in both Logan’s and Jeanette’s minds they can’t answer. Then there’s Molly, quiet and sad since her grandmother died. First her dad, then her grandmother–a lot of losses for such a little girl. Add in a Syrian refugee family the town adopted, a couple of pastors, and the ubiquitous Charlie, and we’re off on another love story with bumps along the way. Engaging characters, a good story, a peaceful setting, and mysterious Charlie draw us in for another Hope Harbor romance story. I love this romance series, and Irene Hannon certainly makes us wish the scene and the people were real. Five stars. Irene Hannon just reached the milestone of over a million books sold under the Revell imprint. Wow! A three-time Rita Award winner, she writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. The Romance Writers of America elected her to their Hall of Fame and RT Book Reviews gave her a Lifetime Achievement Award for the entire body of her work. All of that and she’s a fun, relatable person too. Revell Books gave me a copy of Driftwood Bay, but I was in no way obligated to post a review.
Abold24 20 days ago
In Ms. Hannon’s latest Hope Harbor novel, readers will meet Jeannette and Logan. Jeannette has a comfortable life where she can stay in her own little world. She has friends, but she is careful to not get too close to anyone. After building her life in Hope Harbor after an apparent tragedy, she encounters her new neighbor, Logan. Logan is the newest resident in Hope Harbor where he will be taking over the medical practice there. He has an adorable niece who he is raising. His role as parent is new for both Logan and Molly. This book has many life lessons that we can learn from. One of the main issues is how to handle losing someone you love and how to move forward. The secondary characters and their perspectives are great additions to this book. I have loved reading this series so far! Charley is one of my favorites! He always seems to know what to say and is always in the right place at the right time. I highly recommend Ms. Hannon’s books and do not believe you will be disappointed! I love these novels and her romantic suspense novels as well. ***I was given a free electronic copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review. This is my honest opinion. Even though I received this copy free, I have purchased her books before.
jebsweetpea 26 days ago
In the sleepy town of Hope Harbor, another story is unfolding. Meet Jeannette, the owner of the towns lavender and tea shop. She has successfully built a hedge around her home. Physically and emotionally. She has vowed to keep everyone at a distance as being hurt hurts too much. Her new next door neighbor, Dr. Logan West, though is going through hurts of his own raising his niece of whom he knows nothing about. As these two neighbors' lives intersect, hearts begin to soften. In this sweet story of healing past hurts, you will find some familiar faces from previous books in the Hope Harbor series. Mainly Charley, the taco making, artist town sage who makes an appearance in every book along with his two side kick seagulls Gladys and Floyd. Walk along the shores of Jeannette and Logan's lives as you discover how these two have more in common than meets the eye. The author does a great job setting the scene and developing the characters in a nonsensical way that keeps the reader interested throughout the book. Revell Books sent me this complimentary copy to review for them. Opinions expressed are my own.
ARS8 28 days ago
One of the things that I have been really enjoying about the Hope Harbor novels is the complexity and the weaving of the characters’ lives. No matter where they have come from or what problems they are having, each person is important to the others. Especially in Hope Harbor. This is Jeannette’s story and she has been in Hope Harbor for about three years and she runs the tea shop. She wants to live a solitary life. She works very hard to stay closed off to other people, but as others in Hope Harbor, know that will certainly change. Changes are expected especially when Dr. Logan West and his 4 year old niece Molly, and his rambunctious puppy Toby (whom I found an endearing character in the story) move in next door. Logan and Molly are learning to live with each other and getting to know each other after a few traumatic life events throws them together. Logan was a good father figure and I appreciated his openness to love Molly and care for her even when it interrupted his life. We also have a Christian family who are refuges from Syria and have come out of tragic circumstances themselves. The grandmother, father, and little girl, Elisa are trying to learn a new language in a new country in spite of the horrific conditions they survived. But if anybody can start anew, we know those that come to Hope Harbor can. Charley the fish taco guru and someone who knows things beyond what he should returns and as always helps everyone find their way. As providence would have it, all these characters meet at just the right time and when they open up their hearts miracles can happen and hope grows. I was provided a copy of this novel from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.
TShoemaker 29 days ago
Irene Hannon never disappoints, whether is is a Hope Harbor series book "Where Hearts Heal and Love Blooms," or one of her amazing suspense novels, you will always find yourself unable to put her books down. Driftwood Bay, book five in the Hope Harbor series, is once again a hit for me. I'm always so happy to revisit with Charley the fish taco/artist with his angelic disposition. While new characters are introduced, you always get a little glimpse into how characters from past books in the series are doing - I love that! Irene's series are so great, because they're like stories that just keep going...and I never want them to end. In Driftwood Bay, I was especially touched by Irene's book dedication to her beloved mother. Yes Irene Hannon, I'm quite sure she loved this one - I know I did! Give yourself a reading treat and enjoy this story that inspires, challenges it's characters, has a touch of faith, a little chaos and suspense, and a whole lot of love!
vics49548 30 days ago
This is the first book I’ve read by author Irene Hannon but it won’t be my last. I seriously found myself having trouble putting this one down. The characters are multi-faceted; nothing shallow about them. The scenic descriptions made me feel as if I were in Hope Harbor. The entire story was compelling. A tale of hope after tragedy, of fear turning to faith, and helping others becoming a way of healing, Driftwood Bay is not “fluffy” yet has it’s light moments as you laugh at a naughty puppy. You will fall in love with the characters, I promise. If you enjoy contemporary Christian fiction with light romance then you’ll enjoy this book. I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.
summer_no9 3 months ago
This book was a beautiful writing and compelling to read with that also come with an unexpected and extraordinary of the love story that will be reminding us of how much complicate of life and love had come to this character or us no matter in what situation, in any place that can be crumble to our life or may let you feel down but there is always a hope, faith and fight for new life again. I highly recommend to everyone must to read this book. “ I received complimentary a copy of this book from Revell Reads for this review”.
Teadrinker 3 months ago
Jeannette Mason has moved to the tiny town of Hope Harbor and opened a tea room and lavender farm in Driftwood Bay by Irene Hannon. She is hiding from the world after facing tragedy in her home town in Ohio. Her new neighbor, Dr. Logan West faces challenges of a different kind as he is unexpectedly the guardian of a little girl and got a new unruly puppy before moving to Hope Harbor as the new doctor in the urgent care clinic. Despite their own challenges, they unexpectedly come together to help the new Christian refugee family that the town's churches have been assisting--Miriam, Thomma and Elisa. I have only read book one in the Hope Harbor series so far, but I enjoyed Driftwood Bay and I think it could be read as a stand-alone book even though it is the fifth book in the series. However, some of the characters continue as I have read the first in the series and enjoyed Charley and his fish tacos once again. . .I can almost smell them! As a tea enthusiast and gardening, I was looking forward to a book with a tea room and an herb farm. I am so glad I was drawn in by those things. It has been a long time since I have read one of her books, but I can see why Hannon is an award winning author. The plot was compelling and I didn't want to put this book down. I enjoyed every one of the characters and the complex story-line. I also liked that she included the Syrian family and including their feelings, frustrations and challenges that seemed so realistic to me and current with the times. I have just one complaint about Driftwood Bay--I was hoping for the recipe for the lavender short bread cookies that Jeannette makes and everyone raves about. Even better would have been if one of the characters had passed me a sample and the recipe! I received this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Just finished this book, and I loved it! It didn't disappoint. Loved the setting, and how the different characters of the other books were mentioned there too. Especially Charlie, Floyd and Gladys! Great story of hope, healing and God's love.
PinkGranny 3 months ago
I was waiting for Driftwood Bay to be published since reading the author's tease in Pelican Point, book 4 in the Hope Harbor series. It is like meeting up with an old friend and catching up on their lives. We vacation along the Oregon Coast for about a week each summer and the charm of Hope Harbor resonates with me. Logan is new to Hope Harbor and although Jeanette has been pouring herself into her new business for over a year, she hasn't really connected with many people and that was her plan when settling in the tiny coastal town. Irene Hannon has the gift of creating characters that she can delve into and bring out their best traits and leaves them happy for the changes. Logan and Jeanette do not seem, at first to have any chance of becoming good neighbors let alone friends. I enjoyed the pace that their pasts emerged as they began to change. Charlie, a constant in all Hope Harbor books, has the wisdom and insight that leaves many wondering how he can know their thoughts or what they need. Does he have special gifts or are his words of advice simply coincidence? Either way, he is near when least expected and knows when you "might" show up for one of his famous fish tacos. I recommend this book with 5 stars simply because it is that good. Hope Harbor is a special place in the heart of Irene Hannon's fans. Just enough magic inspired by faith, love and a wonderful location to change the hearts of those who need it most. I am already looking forward to book 6 in this series.
More_Than_A_Review 3 months ago
Driftwood Bay by Irene Hannon has the most appealing characters. The story of Jeanette and Logan was woven together beautifully with that of the family from Syria. the most appealing characters Characters are real, the story line original and the emotional and Jeanette runs a lavender farm and hosts a weekly Tea. You know she has come to Hope Harbor to escape something bad but you are not exactly sure what until much later in the book. Her story touched me because we know a family that had a similar situation happen. The story of Logan and Molly was at moments heartbreaking and other times just precious. I could just see her putting her hand in his. The details of having an unruly puppy were written so well you could feel the frustration right along with Logan. I adored how Hannon used the little girl Molly to share some profound truths. I always finish Hannon’s books way too soon. You don’t want them to end because you fall in love with the characters. Time flies as you are following them on the journey. Hannon did an extraordinary job of revealing the trials of a family moving to the states from a war torn country. Another area that I felt Hannon excelled in this book was ‘showing’ Logan’s character versus ‘telling’. She revealed his character several times in small ways that he handled his patients at the hospital. And extra kudos to the book cover designer for capturing the essence of the story beautifully. I received this book from Netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug/alcohol use in books.
WifeandMomtoFive 3 months ago
I had the privilege of reading Driftwood Bay by Irene Hannon. I really enjoyed this Hope Harbor Novel. Jeanette Mason has settled in to her seclusive lifestyle at Hope Harbor. She is at the seaside town of Oregon and enjoying life on her lavender farm. She keeps to herself. Why is that? New to town is Dr. Logan West. Along with his daughter, or is it his daughter? Why is Jeanette so seclusive? What happened in her past? I really enjoyed Driftwood Bay by Irene Hannon. This was the first novel I had read by Irene. It was captivating and a great read. {Think great weekend getaway book or beach read!!!} I think what I like best is once I finished the novel, I realized that there are other books in the series. However a “pet peeve” of mine is when you have to read the next book in the series to find out the ending or read a book prior to this book to figure out exactly what’s going on. There are additional books in the series but they are not dependent on this book. And vice versa. I really enjoyed Driftwood Bay by Irene Hannon. I would highly recommend this book. I was given a free copy by the publisher for my honest review which I was happy to do.
amybooksy 3 months ago
I found the fifth book from Irene Hannon’s wonderful Hope Harbor series, Driftwood Bay, to be a pretty good read. I found this installment to be an emotional one. It is story of faith and inspiration, hope and overcoming pain and grief. I loved the character of Jeanette. I felt a connection to her from the start. I enjoyed her interactions with Logan. I give Driftwood Bay four and a half stars and recommend it to other readers. A beautiful well written story. I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.
KayleesKindofWrites 3 months ago
My Review: Genre: Romance, a little suspense/mystery. My Rating: 4 stars. My Recommendation: 16 up for romance. My favorite character/s: Logan, I love how he's so kind and loving even when he's eh, ignored or rather pushed away. I did feel bad that he almost lost people he cared about! My Verse for Logan is Luke 6:31  And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise. (King James Version.) My Thoughts: Aw, this story was so sweet! I loved the whole move from the city to a little town and everything. This is my first read by Irene Hannon and I must say I was hooked with the first page. I will be sure to try another book from the author and you should too! Warnings: None. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review and am truly happy to provide it!
kp68 4 months ago
Irene Hannon closes out her Hope Harbor series with Driftwood Bay. Jeanette Mason has decided to start over in Hope Harbor after she experiences a traumatic loss. What she did not expect is for her plans to be upset by Dr. Logan West and his young niece, Molly, who become her new neighbors. All Jeanette wants is a quiet life with no emotional connections! When Jeanette, a former teacher, volunteers to help a Syrian family, who have relocated to Hope Harbor, learn English, she continues to emotionally connect with new people in her world! Hold on to see how God uses these relationships to draw Jeanette out the shell she has made for herself and live the life He has planned for her!
PrincessGlor 4 months ago
Wow, just WOW!!! I don’t have enough words to describe how much I love and adore this book. It was utterly charming in ALL the ways. There are several characters that I fell in love with which makes it impossible for me to pick a favorite character. I just want to hug all of them!! The story was a beautiful tale of hope after tragedy and learning how to live again...as Molly says in the book, “Love is better than lonesome.” How right she is! But how hard to leave the fear behind..This book does as superb job of showing characters choosing love over loneliness. I adored this book and I will read it again and again..this will easily be on my best 2019 reads!! I received this book from NetGalley and was not required to post a positive review. All thoughts are my own.
Carol-Kelley 4 months ago
Driftwood Bay by Irene Hannon is a sweet romance about lost and found hope. Jeannette Mason owns a lavender farm in Hope Harbor and because of an incident from the past, she is stays to herself. Dr. Logan West is the new doctor in town and he and his niece moves in next door along with his rowdy dog. Logan is a new at being a dad and having problems relating to his niece. There are many characters in Hope Harbor who you have met in previous book in this series. A lovely book about learning to connect with life and live again. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher/NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.
WildflowerMom 4 months ago
Another enjoyable story set in the lovely Oregon coastal town of Hope Harbor! A cast of characters from young to old come together to live, learn and love following heavy losses. A refugee family receives help to start over, along with a newly arrived doctor struggling with single parenthood, and a neighbor determined to keep people at arms length. I loved the mix of people in this touching story and how they represented all walks of life. Everyone was grieving a big loss and dealing with major life upheavals. Sweet little Molly and Elisa finding friendship across language and cultural barriers was icing on the cake, along with a tender romance between the adults worked into the story. I was happy to see the return of Charley, the local prophet, who takes center stage in this one, as he doles out his timely words of wisdom at the fish taco stand. Found myself getting a bit impatient for Jeanette's backstory, and for her to open up. Her part of the story was a good reminder to not hold onto fear or keep our gifts bottled up when we are meant to live in community with each other. As Charley said, " Life is a risk...Don't let fear stop you from being everything God intended you to be." Recommend for readers who enjoy contemporary Christian romances. This book easily reads as a stand alone. 4.5 stars (An ebook was provided by the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.)
Traesmama 4 months ago
My favorite Hope Harbor book to date!! Driftwood Bay encompasses a range of emotions fear, loneliness, heartache, and new beginnings as we meet Hope Harbor’s newest residents the Shabos and Logan West with his niece, Molly, and get to know the lavender farm lady, Jeanette Mason. While their stories are unique to each other, circumstances and language barriers do not stop a bond from forming as they each deal with loss. Ms. Hannon draws you in as you walk each of their journeys. Even though I haven’t experienced the same exact situations as they have, I found myself relating to the feelings they experienced and have felt at times myself. We get a glimpse of what they struggle with and get to watch as God works in their lives leading to a building of faith and life changing experiences. Resident sage, Charley, is once again in hand to offer divine wisdom with his fish tacos. While Hope Harbor is a fictional town, I always find myself wanting to move there when I read the book. It is a wonderful book giving you the feelings of home, faith, and love while dealing with daily struggles. This series and Driftwood Bay are must reads! I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.
ganderson523 4 months ago
Hope Harbor is a small town on the Oregon coast where one can go to for a new beginning, become part of a caring community, heal their spirit and find hope. Dr. Logan West and his niece, Molly, are new residents of the town. Logan was living a hectic life as an ER physician in San Francisco until his soldier brother was killed and then their mother died leaving him the sole guardian of Molly. He took the job of physician at the local urgent care center in Hope Harbor for a slower paced life for Molly's sake. She is having a hard time adjusting to life without her Nana. Logan is trying really hard but it is not going well. He even got a rowdy beagle, Toby, hoping to make Molly happy. All it has done is gotten him acquainted with his neighbor, Jeannette, owner of a lavender farm, that Toby has enjoyed destroying. Jeannette is not a stranger to grief either. She is distancing herself from people. If she doesn't care for anyone, she can't get hurt again. Logan would like to get to know her better but she is pushing him away. The caring townspeople have welcomed a refugee family from Syria into their midst, providing them with an apartment, car, belongings and even a job for Thomma, father of Elisa and son to Mariam. The three are all that is left of their family that was killed in a church bomb in their homeland. The family has been Christians for years and persecuted for their beliefs. Mariam is holding the forlorn family together. Thomma misses his wife so much and every time that he looks at his daughter, he sees his wife. Elisa realizes that her father doesn't want anything to do with her. She and Molly become fast friends when Mariam becomes babysitter of Molly and Elisa while Logan is working. This is story of broken hearts that need mending and overcoming the fear of loving again. With God's help and guidance, the characters in the story have to trust and have faith in new beginnings, relationships and healing hurts. Charley, the local taco maker who serves out of his food truck, is very wise and also serves up advice. He seems to be able to see into hearts and give sage advice that is just what is needed at that moment. Hope Harbor is a lovely town that is great to revisit from time to time. Driftwood Bay is a lovely addition to the series. I received a complimentary ARC from Revell through NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions stated are mine only.
tiggeruoSO 4 months ago
When broken people need hope after loss or just finding a place to start over what better place then a town named Hope Harbor. I love the fun characters in this small town of Hope Harbor, no matter what or who needs something it seems like they are always willing to come together and help each other out. I love how the Priest and the pastor are always joking around yet always helping those in town no matter who it is. I think in all the books I have read in the Hope Harbor Series Charley is my favorite character he reminds me of the Bible verse that talks about Entertaining angels unaware. The story in this book just broke my heart about how the little girls lost so much. I had a hard time putting this book down while it dealt with a lot of loss it also had points of laughter and fun. I loved that this book was a good clean read and was so powerful. If you are looking for a really good book you can't go wrong with this series. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley. I was under no obligation to post a review and have given my honest opinion
Ellen-oceanside 4 months ago
DRIFTWOOD. BAY...Irene Hannon Logan was sure he wasn’t thinking when he got a beagle,Toby, seeing the mess, that he had gotten into the trash again. Molly his niece coming into the kitchen, where was Toby she had let him out, without a leash.Being a single parent, he wasn’t cut out for. As a doctor sewing up cuts he was. he was the new ER Doctor. Jeanette in her garden found the culvert of who was digging up her lavender plants, Toby.. The rate that dog was going, her Lavender Farm with the lavender for her tea room, would be out of business. What would Toby do when the tea room was busy. Thinking she came to be neighborly and now he knows what those straggly plants Toby brought home. Both of them struggling over tragedy in their lives, wanting the serenity of Hope Harbor and the ocean. Finding the people cheerful and ready to help. Once again we are back in Hope Harrbor , and meeting with a few new people. Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion by Net Galley and Revell.