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Driftwood Lane: A Nantucket Love Story

Driftwood Lane: A Nantucket Love Story

4.5 24
by Denise Hunter

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Meridith believes she is capable of weathering any storm. But she's never experienced a love powerful enough to uproot her...until now.

Meridith Ward has crafted a carefully ordered life to make up for the chaos that plagued her childhood years. But one phone call upsets all that. Within the span of several minutes, Meredith learns that the


Meridith believes she is capable of weathering any storm. But she's never experienced a love powerful enough to uproot her...until now.

Meridith Ward has crafted a carefully ordered life to make up for the chaos that plagued her childhood years. But one phone call upsets all that. Within the span of several minutes, Meredith learns that the father who abandoned her is dead and she's been named the sole guardian of his other three children. She nervously heads to Nantucket to care for the siblings she's never met with plans to stay until their uncle returns from his trip before relinquishing guardianship to him.

She arrives to find the children living in Summer House, a Bed & Breakfast that's falling apart around them. Meridith wants to move on as soon as possible, but the inn will never sell in its dilapidated condition. Then an itinerant handyman, Jake, shows up with an offer she can't refuse.

Much like the powerful ocean just a short walk from her deck, Jake appeals to Meridith. But she senses he is also capable of pulling her under in a heartbeat. What if the thing she fears the most is exactly what she needs? Can she trust God with the details and relish the adventure?

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A Nantucket Love Story
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Driftwood Lane

A Nantucket Love Story
By Denise Hunter

Thomas Nelson

Copyright © 2010 Denise Hunter
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-59554-800-9

Chapter One

Meridith Ward surveyed the mess cluttering Delmonico's kitchen and shuddered. The staff scurried in quick, jerky movements, but then, it was lunch hour, and a hundred St. Louis business people had to get fed and back to their jobs.

The owner, Angelo Bellini, burst through the swinging door, nearly slamming into Meridith's back. "Please ... we were not expecting you," he said over the din of clattering pans and voices shouting orders.

"That's kind of the point, Mr. Bellini." Meridith opened her notebook and continued the inspection.

The owner discreetly removed raw chicken breasts from the sink, setting them in a nearby skillet. He did not wash his hands.

Meridith made another note on the list of infringements.

"Meridith ..." His accent caressed her name. He flashed his dimple.

She shot him a look.

"Ms. Ward," he continued, "we have had an unusually difficult morning. My cook, he called in sick, my prep boy did not even show up, and I have our host cutting vegetables." He gestured wildly. "He does not even know what he is doing. Such a day!"

Meridith strolled through the kitchen, still writing. The cook staff wove around her as though their moves had been choreographed. Despite the disorder, the savory smells of garlic and roasted chicken filled the air.

"I cannot even tell you!" Mr. Bellini continued. "Please, we can do this another day. I would be happy to show you around myself tomorrow."

Meridith's phone vibrated in her pocket. "Excuse me," she shouted over the whir of a machine roaring to life.

She retreated to a quieter corner of the kitchen and opened her phone, so eager to escape Mr. Bellini she didn't check the caller ID. "Meridith Ward."

A moment's silence made her wonder if she'd missed the reply.

"Hello? This is Meridith."

"Meridith Ward?" A male voice, unfamiliar.

"Yes, may I help you?"

"Do you know T. J. Ward? Terrance James Ward of Nantucket?"

It was a name she hadn't heard spoken in years. A name she tried not to think about, usually with success. The name sucked the moisture from her mouth, set her heart racing, stole the reply from her tongue.


It was just a phone call. She cleared her throat. "Yes, you have the right Meridith. How may I help you?"

"My name is Edward Thomas. I need a moment of your time, but it sounds like I've caught you in the middle of something."

Her excuse to avoid this altogether. She could hang up and never accept another call from Edward Thomas. But problems didn't resolve when you ignored them; they got worse. She scanned the kitchen. Case in point.

She drew a shaky breath and pulled herself to her full five-foot-three inches. "Now is fine, Mr. Thomas. Go ahead."

"I'm an attorney on the island of Nantucket. First of all-and I'm so sorry to relay this over the phone-we've been trying to locate you for two weeks. I'm afraid that your-that T. J. Ward and his wife, Eva, were involved in a boating accident. They didn't, that is ... I'm afraid neither survived, Meridith."

Her racing heart skipped a beat, like the wheels of a tire hitting a speed bump, then continued on its frantic way. They were gone? Both of them, just like that?

She waited for the numbness to dissipate and the wave of pain to wash over her. But it didn't come.

She should feel something. Something other than this cold void. Was there something wrong with her? Maybe she needed time to process. Two weeks ago, he'd said. The funerals were over by now. It was all over, and there was nothing for her to do.


She watched Mr. Bellini continuing his belated cleanup. She remembered her relief at the call and realized now that she'd chosen the worse of two evils.

"Thank you for notifying me, Mr. Thomas. I appreciate your taking the time to locate me, but I really must return to work."

"Wait, Meridith, I-I'm afraid there's more. I handled T. J. and Eva's legal matters."

Of course, there was the matter of his estate. This was a lot to digest.

"I'm sure you're aware that T. J. and Eva ran a bed-and-breakfast-I'm not certain how long it's been since you've seen them."

"Quite awhile." Years, actually.

Mr. Bellini was yelling at the prep guy, making imaginary chops with the side of his hand.

"I surmised as much. Nonetheless, T. J. and Eva were very clear in their provisions, should the unthinkable happen. They wanted Summer Place to go to you. Furthermore, they've named you as guardian of the children."

Summer Place ... the children?

An inappropriate bubble of laughter caught in her throat.

"I know this must come as a shock. I'm not unaware that-"

"There must be some mistake." Her hand worked its way to her throat. The children? Three of them. How old were they now?

What did it matter? This was a mistake. A clerical error.

"I spoke with T. J. and Eva myself. The will was drawn up several years ago, but I've spoken with them regularly since then. We were friends as well."

Then they should've left the children to you! Meridith pressed her fingertips to her forehead. Impossible. What did she know about children? Especially these children?

"I don't know what to say, Mr. Thomas." A gross understatement.

"This is a lot to take in all at once, I understand. But we're in a bit of a pickle here. An elderly neighbor has been staying at Summer Place, caring for the children. As I said, it's taken two weeks to locate your number. Mrs. Hubbard is in poor health, and there's no one else. Your presence is needed rather immediately."

"My job ..."

"Might I suggest a short leave of absence?"

There had to be somebody. Somebody else. Eva had a brother, didn't she?

As if reading her mind, Mr. Thomas continued. "We've been unable to reach Eva's brother. He's traveling, and last the children heard, he was in Georgia, but that's all we know. You should know that he was named as a possible guardian in the event that you declined the task. But again, the need for help is immediate."

She played with her engagement ring. She couldn't leave Stephen, couldn't leave her job, could she? The thought of leaving St. Louis, leaving all that was familiar, even for a short time, brought a tidal wave of anxiety she hadn't felt since college. She drew a deep breath, then another.

"The fact is, the children are in dire need of your assistance, Meridith. Since Mrs. Hubbard fell ill, members of the church have been taking shifts. Very kind of them, of course, but it can't go on. If you don't come quickly, I'm afraid I'll have no choice but to alert Child Protective Services. I'd hate to see the children go to foster care, even temporarily. And there's no assurance they'd be placed together."

Foster care! Meridith imagined suited men coming into their home, carrying them off. She imagined the littlest, a boy, screaming for his mommy.

From somewhere deep inside compassion swelled, followed quickly by a surge of protectiveness she didn't know she was capable of. She had no doubt there were decent foster homes. But the thought of the children being separated seemed cruel when they'd just lost their parents. Besides that, they were orphans. And didn't the Good Book admonish them to look after the orphans?

She had to do something. It was her responsibility, even if she'd never met them, because T. J. and Eva had named her the children's guardian. And because, like it or not, she was their sister.

Chapter Two

"Summer Place Bed-and-Breakfast, please." Meridith buckled her belt, settling into the cab's cracked vinyl seat.

As the driver accelerated, Meridith eyed the pedestrians strolling the brick sidewalks. So this was it. The place where her dad had started a new family with his young wife. It was a far cry from the St. Louis neighborhood that had been her childhood home. No window-barred stores here. No sign of potholed pavement or littered curbs. Nantucket boasted shingled storefronts and pristine tree-lined streets made of cobblestone. How quaint.

She folded her hands in her lap. She didn't want to think about her father today. As it was, her stomach churned, not from the waves that had rolled under the ferry, but from the stress of being away. She hadn't traveled since college, and now she remembered why. She longed for her tidy lawn, her garden window over the porcelain sink, even her nappy rug that welcomed her home.

Soon enough, she comforted herself. After receiving Mr. Thomas's call, she'd decided she'd stay with the children until their uncle returned from his vacation. They had a relationship with him. He was the obvious person for the job, and as soon as he returned, she'd be on the first plane back to St. Louis. Surely that was as far as her Christian duty extended.

A bed-and-breakfast. What did she know about running a business?

Meridith stuffed the fear down. How hard could it be? She knew how to cook and clean and be professional. She'd probably only be there a week or two. Her boss hadn't been happy about the leave of absence, but he'd reluctantly granted her two weeks.

When the driver turned down a pebbled lane parallel to the shore, Meridith read the street sign. Driftwood Lane. She was nearly there. The houses were parted by generous lawns that sprouted barren trees. Skeletal flower beds lined the walks and drives leading to the shake-shingled homes. Come spring, the lawns would probably blossom into a virtual fairy tale, but winter hadn't yet released its cold grip on the island.

"Here we are." The driver pulled into a hedge-lined drive. Gravel popped under the tires as he drove down the lane and stopped by the walk.

Meridith got out, removed a few bills from her bag, then surveyed the house while the driver retrieved her luggage. Like most of the island homes, Summer Place was clothed in weathered gray shingles and trimmed in white. A widow's walk perched on top and no doubt provided a stunning view of the harbor. A shaded porch stretched along the house's front, wide and welcoming. Between the porch's columns, a handmade shingle proclaiming "Summer Place" swung in the breeze. Wasn't this cozy.

Meridith paid the driver and started down the flagstone path, pulling her suitcase. The house looked older as she neared. The white paint was peeling in spots, and the thick vines that crawled up the house hadn't appeared overnight. The porch was not quite level, as if time and gravity had weighed it down.

A plethora of wind chimes stretched the length of the porch, bits of shells, glass, and bamboo tinkling and rattling together. She wondered if Eva had collected them. If her dad had gifted her with the chimes on her birthday, on their anniversary.

The detail made everything too real. Her dad had lived here. His kids were inside right now. Her brothers and sister.

Something thudded hard inside her, and she told herself it was only the echo of the suitcase bumping along the walk. She steadied her breathing as she approached the steps.

A woman's voice leaked through the screen door. "She's here ... Come on, Max. Noelle! Hurry up, honey!"

Meridith lowered the suitcase's pull bar and carried it up the wooden steps. The porch spindles were poorly spaced, she noted. Just wide enough for a child's head.

The screen door opened, and through it came a plump brunette. Her dark hair was cut in a long bob so glossy it looked like a bottle of sunshine had been poured over it. A cluster of faint freckles covered her nose, and a twinkle lit her eyes.

A small body was latched on to her right leg.

"Welcome! You must be Meridith."

A large dog darted out the door and sniffed Meridith's hand.

"Yes, hello." Meridith pulled her hand from the dog's slimy nose and extended it to the woman, but found herself enveloped in a fleshy hug. She stiffened. Her fingers tightened on the luggage handle until her nails bit into her palm.

"I'm Rita Lawson from the church," the woman said, drawing away. "And this is ... Ben, honey, you have to let go just for a second. Give your sister a hug."

Your sister.

The sandy-haired child turned his face toward Rita's waist.

I understand just how you feel, buddy. "That's okay," she said to Rita, then addressed Ben. "Hello there, Ben." Meridith extended her hand, but the little boy only buried himself more deeply into Rita. She saw little of her father in his face. He must favor his mom.

Rita ruffled his short hair. "He's feeling a little shy, I guess," she said, then mouthed Later. "Ben is seven and a little sweetheart, aren't you, honey?" Rita rubbed the dog behind the ears. "And this is Piper. Such a good girl!"

The golden retriever wagged her tail.

"Well, come in, Meridith, you must be tired after a long day of travel." Rita let Piper inside, and Meridith imagined the dog hairs flying around on the loose, getting in guests' food.

She followed Rita, stepping over a high threshold. Tripping hazard.

She noted the wide staircase that undoubtedly led to the room where she'd be sleeping and left her bag at the base. The house smelled of something savory, a hint of lemons, and a faint essence of Old House. The wood floors creaked under her feet as she followed Rita and her extra appendage across a living room that was dominated by a massive cobblestone fireplace. Original, Meridith guessed. Antique furniture circled an oval rug, driftwood sculptures posed on every table, and paintings of beach scenes on the walls reminded guests they were on vacation.

She had a sudden mental image of the apartment where she'd grown up. Sticky carpet and Goodwill furniture, tiny rooms with dirty walls. This was a far cry from Warren Street.

Clomping footsteps on the stairs drew her attention to a dark-haired boy. He had a stout build that probably had him shopping in the husky department and chubby cheeks that dimpled when he smiled shyly.

"Max, come here." Rita encouraged him, but the boy willingly extended his hand.

"Hi." He ducked his head, but not before Meridith saw her dad's brown eyes.

"I'm Meridith. It's nice to meet you."

Rita gestured to one of the vintage mahogany-framed sofas that flanked the fireplace. "Have a seat."

Ben settled into Rita's side on the other sofa, Max beside him. Piper plopped down on Max's scruffy tennis shoes.

"Max is ten," Rita said, looking toward the stairs. "Noelle, honey, come downstairs, please!" She addressed Meridith. "You must have a million questions, and I'll try to answer as many as I can, but I have to leave in about"-she checked her watch-"ten minutes to pick up my daughter from cheerleading practice and my son from wrestling. Then there's homework and dinner, but you don't need to hear all that!"

"Do we have guests at the moment?"

"Not until the weekend, and even then, it's only one couple. This is a slow time for tourism, as you can imagine. Mrs. Hubbard probably knows more about running the place, but bless her heart, she's recovering from pneumonia just now."

"She goes to our church too," Max said.

"Well, I'm certain I'll figure things out. I appreciate all you've done for the children, Rita."

"Oh, it's my pleasure. Max, will you go tell your sister to come along?"

"I already did."

"Well, go get her, please. Ben, you go with him."

After the two boys were up the stairs, Rita leaned closer to Meridith. "I wanted a few minutes to chat with you in private. The kids have had a terrible blow, of course. You saw how clingy Ben is, and Noelle ... well, she's thirteen, and you know how that is even under happier conditions."

Meridith nodded.

"Max is probably the most stable of the group. He likes to talk, build models, and I think that helps him cope. But of course their loss is devastating and their world is suddenly unstable."

Meridith knew all about unstable. "Do the children know I've been granted guardianship?"

Rita nodded. "You might as well know Noelle isn't happy about that-no offense, she just doesn't know you. The boys have been less vocal about their opinions. I left their schedule on the island in the kitchen and wrote down everything I could think of that might be helpful."


Excerpted from Driftwood Lane by Denise Hunter Copyright © 2010 by Denise Hunter. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Denise Hunter is the internationally published bestselling author of more than twenty-five books, including A December Bride and The Convenient Groom, which have been adapted into original Hallmark Channel movies. She has won The Holt Medallion Award, The Reader's Choice Award, The Carol Award, The Foreword Book of the Year Award, and is a RITA finalist. When Denise isn't orchestrating love lives on the written page, she enjoys traveling with her family, drinking green tea, and playing drums. Denise makes her home in Indiana where she and her husband are rapidly approaching an empty nest. You can learn more about Denise through her website DeniseHunterBooks.com or by visiting her Facebook page at facebook.com/authordenisehunter.




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Driftwood Lane (Nantucket Love Story Series) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
MistyNordyke More than 1 year ago
Meridith has to leave her comfortable life in St. Louis to go to Nantucket because she just found out that her father (whom abandoned her & her mentally ill mother when she was a child) and her step - mother has passed away leaving in their will sole guardianship of her three step - sibilings which she has never met and a Bed and Breakfast thats falling apart around them. Meridith plans to stay only long enough to relinquish guardianship to the children's uncle as soon as he returns from his trip but soon she finds herself thinking only of the children and their well being. She also has a fiance back in St. Louis and has to make a decision between her siblings or him. Meanwhile the handyman she has hired to do some work around the inn is driving her nuts and she is feeling things for him that has her questioning everything she is feeling... Things will take a twist and turn everything upside down, can she trust God with the details and find out that everything she has ever needed has been right with her all along ??? I just loved this book and could not put it down. It is full of love, hope & inspiration. Denise Hunter is an amazing writer and knows how to pull her readers in. **I recieved this book for free from Book Sneeze for being a book blogger.**
Jellybean4 More than 1 year ago
This book was one of those books that makes you smile while you're reading it, cheer for the hero and talk out loud to the heroine so your family thinks you're nuts! It's the perfect book for a quick summer read and I really enjoyed how well written it was as well as the fact that although you have an idea of where the story is going (or where you hope it goes....) that it isn't predictable and keeps you wanting to read more when you really should be doing other things. The antagonist of the story could have been a little more written, and I think the cover art might need some rethinking since at first glance, to me, the title bubble makes the lead character appear to be "blessed" in the anatomy department and caused me to take a second look. Overall this book is a great Christian book for the romance reader who likes to believe in fairytale endings, and who doesn't wish for a happy ending?
harstan More than 1 year ago
In St. Louis, as Meredith Ward inspects a restaurant, attorney Edward Thomas calls her to inform her that her dad T.J. and his second wife Eva died in a boating accident off Nantucket a couple of weeks ago. Estranged from her dad for years, Meredith is stunned to learn the couple named her guardian of their three children. She never even knew she had step-siblings and the only other person capable of caring for them, Eva's brother Uncle J remains out of contact. Meredith immediately drops everything to go to the Summer Place Bed and Breakfast on Nantucket to care for her siblings. Her angry thirteen year old sister Noelle wants her to leave. Her brother ten year old Max supports Noelle while seven years old Ben is a bit more welcoming of a big sister whom none of them ever met before, but the trio prefers Uncle J. Jake Walker finally finds a computer in the Georgia wilderness. He reads his niece's frantic emails informing him of the deaths and claiming Meredith is control freak crazy; he fears she may have inherited her mom's illness. He heads to Nantucket where he conceals who he is from Meredith as he plans to prove she is incompetent while posing as a handyman she hires as the B&B needs repair. As they fall in love, his masquerade and her desire for whoever is best for the kids appear to be family breakers. The fourth Nantucket Love Story (see The Convenient Groom, Surrender Bay and The Seaside Letters) is a strong drama as the quintet struggle to forge a new family dynamic. Each of the five principle players are fully drawn as the adults and kids have different issues and fears. Although the ending feels sweetly abrupt, fans of the series will enjoy this fine family drama as Denise Hunter provides a warm tale. Harriet Klausner
More_Than_A_Review More than 1 year ago
Driftwood Lane is a more serious story. The main story line is about a half-sister, Meredith, who is called to be the guardian of her three half siblings who have lost their parents.  I found Meredith and her control freak, by the book personality humorous, knowing that once she became the guardian of three kids, that lifestyle would be forced to change.   The story was realistic in that both Meredith and Jake had real jobs and dealt with money issues.  Meredith was trying to understand how to help the children deal with grief.  The story has a happy ending however I felt that much of the book was sad.   You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug/alcohol use in books.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good clean christian romance! Page turner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
EdgyInspirationalRomance More than 1 year ago
I wasn't three chapters into this book before I found myself browsing for vacation rentals in Nantucket. There is just something about The Nantucket Love Story Series series by Denise Hunter that really makes me want to visit the island. Driftwood Lane is the final title in the series, but only the second I've read. And though I love this author, I refuse to read the last two books (or in this case, the first two) until my feet are buried ankle deep in Nantucket sand. Driftwood Lane is a contemporary romance and a perfect example of why I love this genre. Take one romantic location (a bed and breakfast on an island off Cape Cod), one handsome leading man who's good with his hands (Jake- the plumber slash carpenter) then mix in a little romantic tension (there's the small matter of the heroine's fiance waiting back home) and you have the recipe for a love story that will leave your toes tingly. Denise Hunter is definitely my favorite discovery this year and even though I'm saving her last two books for my summer vacation, I notice she has a cowboy series coming out this spring. I do love my cowboys...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
mmvasquez More than 1 year ago
Driftwood Lane by Denise Hunter is absolutely fabulous! It is book three in her Nantucket Love Story series. The stories are not connected but they all take place in Nantucket. (And they are all wonderful!) The other books in the series are Surrender Bay and The Convenient Groom. They are contemporary fiction stories and when I think of Denise Hunter, I automatically think of stories that grab me by the heart. That's how I would describe her books, including this one. In this story we meet Meridith Ward. She has worked really hard for a career and a home and a stable life. And all of that is about to get turned upside down. She has to face memories from her difficult childhood that she has worked so hard to bury. And her steady, dependable life is not going to be steady and dependable any more. I really love Meridith. She captured my heart from the very beginning and I was rooting for her all the way. She is a character who will stay in my heart long after finishing the book! All of the characters in this book will stay with me for a long time! I very highly recommend this book to anyone! It's a beautiful, heart-warming story and it's got something for everyone. There's drama, suspense, romance and a beautiful message. Once I started the book I could not put it down and when it was over I wanted more!
MichelleSutton More than 1 year ago
Driftwood Lane is another fabulous romance by Denise Hunter. I loved how she made a compelling case for her heroine's fear and used the family pet to illustrate that in a Pavlovian way that made sense to the reader and to the hero. Not that she compared her to a dog, but the fear was the same. Different causes, but same overwhelming need to protect and preserve. Growing up with a mentally ill mother and a father who essentially abandoned her was a key part of the need she had to control everything about her life. The cool thing about true love is the out of control feeling it gives. You love it and it scares you at the same time. This was so well illustrated. You crave what you need and want to run screaming at the same time. Ms. Hunter really laid a solid foundation for these characters and continually put the heroine in situations where she had to let the hero get one step closer. This novel was well thought out and had a forward moving plot despite the slower pacing. I really enjoyed how the tension kept building and how it helped her to see that what she thought was love before was simply settling for security. I am sure that some women who are dating men who are merely "safe" will read this book and rethink what they are doing in their love lives. This story really makes you think about that. True love requires trust and if there is no trust things never go deeper. Unfortunately things started out based on a lie. The author made a compelling case for why he kept his identity from her. Better than most. The foundation was solid as was the many reasons why it never seemed to be the right time to tell the truth. The necessary blowout for any good romance novel was well done. Though the heroine was a new Christian, she handled it like anyone would. Second guessing things, doubting herself, worrying about how this might apply in other ways to trust, etc. But ultimately the problem is worked through. I found this aspect of the novel very believable, too. A lot of times the "dark moment" feels forced or a bit fake. This felt real to me. I know whenever I read one of this author's books that I'll get a solid romance. I have read all of her books in this series to date with the exception of the second book. I need to pull it out and read it soon!
jloubet More than 1 year ago
In the final book of her Nantucket series, Denise Hunter certainly does not disappoint. Once again set in the picturesque Nantucket, this is the story of family, love, and devotion. Meredith is happily engaged and living in St. Louis when she receives a call that will change her life forever.whether she wants it to or not. Her estranged father died and has left her custody of her three half siblings that she has never met. She packs a suitcase and heads to her father's somewhat run-down Bed and Breakfast in Nantucket. She is unaware that the ever present handyman is actually the children's uncle. As always, Denise Hunter gives us a complicated relationship that through love and determination will work out for the best in the end. I loved this book as much as I loved the ones that came before it. It is a must read for anyone.especially those who believe in love and happy endings.
mvl More than 1 year ago
Driftwood Lane was an okay story. I couldn't tell if I didn't really like it, or if it was just that I am tired of reading romance novels. The cover looks breezy and inviting, and the backdrop of Nantucket initially drew me in. A woman named Meredith must move from her hometown of St. Louis to Nantucket to care for her three stepsiblings and a ramshackle old bed and breakfast, all left to her in the will of her deceased father and stepmother. The plot set off right, but then the story began to made me yawn (literally). It just lacked that "spark" that makes me really indulge in a book. Even the more interesting plot elements and "twists" seemed predictable at times. Despite this, I did get a summery feeling from the novel, and I smiled at the family dynamic as Meredith and a certain secretive helper tried to rebuild. I also enjoyed Meredith's character. There was just something about the novel overall that was a bit too dry for me. Disclosure: This was a book that was sent to me by Thomas Nelson Publishers for free in exchange for my honest review. I am never required to write positive reviews of the books that I am sent.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
colleenc More than 1 year ago
I'm a huge Denise Hunter fan! I love how her characters are so real. They have real problems and find the solution in Jesus. Driftwood Lane was a fabulous story, and I loved the chemistry between Meridith and Jake. I could smell the sea and taste the salt on my lips. Loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago