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Taylor & Francis
Drilling: The Manual of Methods, Applications, and Management / Edition 4

Drilling: The Manual of Methods, Applications, and Management / Edition 4


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ISBN-13: 9781566702423
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 06/10/1997
Edition description: Subsequent
Pages: 624
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Drillers and Their Industry

Profile of a Driller
Occupational Skills
Drilling Industry Sectors
Drilling Objectives

Drilling Fundamentals

Metric Calculations
Volume Calculations
Flow Rates (Velocity)
Mass, Density, Pressure, Force
Conversion Factors
Strength of Materials
Machine Ratings
Rig Stability
Basic Hydraulics
Planning and Setting Up

Drilling Equipment and Methods

Classification of Types of Drilling
The Connection to the Bit
Pipes and Pipe Threads
Cable Tool and Hydraulic Drilling
Auger Drilling
Rotary and Down-Hole Hammer Drilling
Slim Hole Rotary and Diamond Drilling
Other Drill Strings
Drilling Instruments
Rating Capacity

Rig Mechanics

Rig Mechanics and Maintenance
Hydraulic Systems
Circulating Pumps and Swivels
Compressors and Air Systems
Ancillary Equipment and Drilling Tools
Safe Use and Care of Tools

Geology for Drillers

Benefits of Knowing Geology
Some Geological Basics
Defining Drillability and Stability
Relating Rock Classification & Structural Geology to Drillability and Stability
Occurrence of Pressurised Water
Map Reading and Use

Circulation Fluids and Grouting

Fluids for Cleaning and Stabilising
Drilling Muds
The Circulation System
Stabilisation using Circulating Fluids
Overcoming Lost Circulation using Muds
Rotary and Down Hole Hammer Drilling
Diamond Drilling
Cable Tool and Auger Drilling
Testing and Treating Muds
Stabilising and Sealing Bore Holes with Cement
Cementing and Sealing Casing
Sealing Bore Holes and Casing with Clay Grout

Drilling Operations
Cutting Actions
Cable Tool Bits
Cable Tool Operation
Auger Drilling Practice
Rotary Bits and Tools
Rotary Drilling Practice
Rotary Drilling Tasks
Diamond Drilling
Diamond Drilling Tasks
Reverse Circulation Drilling Methods
Other Hole Making Methods
Handling Drill Strings
Casing-Hole Design

Sampling and Sampling Equipment

Requirements for Sampling and Coring
Chip Sampling
Disturbed Soil Sampling
Core Barrels and Bits
Cutting Undisturbed Samples and Cores
Coring Consolidated Formations
Handling Core Barrels
Special Barrels and Techniques
Handling Samples and Cores
Water Sampling

Tests and Measurements

Depth and Down Hole Measurements
Surveying of Deep Holes
Wire Line Surveys
Cutting Oriented Cores
Down Hole Inspection
Geophysical Logging
Bore Hole Fluid Measurement
Test Pumping Water Bores
Packer Tests
Soil Penetration Tests
Measurement of Sub-Surface Movement
Measurement of Formation Pore Pressure
Testing Soil Samples

Information: Logs, Records and Reports

Recording Information
Drillers Log
Rig Performance Record
Records of Tools
Cost Records
Hole Records
Legal Requirements for Reporting

Drilling Applications
Geotechnical, Engineering and Mineral Applications
Geotechnical Investigations
Foundation Drilling
Mineral Exploration and Investigation
Drilling for Construction and Rock Breaking

Water Well Applications
Water Exploration and Investigation
Water Well Construction
Screen Selection
Artificial Packs
Well Development
Development Procedures
Eliminating Contamination
Well Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Environmental Applications
Environmental Drilling and Sampling

Well/Bore Hole Abandonment

Overcoming Down Hole Problems

Decisions and Problem Solving
Deeper Holes Accentuate Problems
Key Seats and Differential Sticking
Problem Formations
Gas Kicks
Blow-Out Prevention
Fishing Principles
Fishing Tools and Operations

Rig and Crew Management

The Driller's Management Role
Management and Money
Management and People
Drilling Supplies and Support
Moving the Equipment
Defining the Program
Preparations for Drilling
Efficient Drilling


Selected Australian and U.S. Standards Relevant to Drilling
Selected Drilling Industry Associations
Selected Drilling Industry Periodical Publications


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